Today is our October transition point.
To help us move through the stretch, of walking through this movement, I’m sharing part of this mornings meditation note in hope of helping us to find daily peace.

First consideration; it seems immature to consider violence as any kind of solution. Including demand.
Second; as we stabilize through the current transits, be kind. Care consciously.
Part of transitions are the stretch. The held breath. Meditation and or chanting will activate the hum in our vagus nerve. If your not feeling natural at it, repeat the word Aum, (pronounced Om). In support of your nervous system, heart and circulation.
Within this space of deep breathing, consider in your heart felt self:
How would I want to be received? How would I hope others would extend mercy to me, my children? You and your children, our inner circles?
For me, this is where my thoughts moved to… If war (hate) is real, then so is love. As all things have innate balance. This can be used to steady the ship. Breath in rights of gratitude, presence and peace-full. Secure heart felt care and share in it. Steadying the water elements in body, mind, soul and space.
This is carried with me into the day, no matter how well I do that.
Much care and peace, R.

Use this singing bowl soundtrack from Ruby for October 2023, Transition Points_888 Meditation Moment.
888 Meditation Moment

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