If you’re looking to include herbs and add interesting new flavours to your cooking, Coriander is the place to start. Some will say it is a controversial herb. Originally I found the texture a little weird with the bitter flavour. I would eat a raw piece to taste and after this I started to combine coriander with other herbs and spices to help me get used to it.

This herb, mixes well with lemon and salt. Mixing in rocket and lettuce is refreshing in the heat. Added to fresh tomato salsa, divine. As a garnish for lasagne, or mixed on the plate with celery and a light squeeze of lemon juice with a touch of sesame oil. Especially good if you want to allow the bodies fluid cycles to balance. Good for days off, so you can hang out and let the body unfurl, as it digests your food. Supporting drawing full nourishment out of your delicious snacks. Like a little pepper? I would add that to some lime juice and tatziki. Grab a good book or some mellow tunes, maybe the kids. Find a soft place to listen to the day and each other. For as long as the meal digests, let it open your body and sync your rhythms. For this approach, prior to beginning, set up some cushions and a throw so you feel comforted. Enough for everyone there.

If your hanging with your inner circle, crystals inclusions are orange calcite, orange selenite, amethyst, carnelian, fluorite, chrysocolla and malachite. Placed in rooms where; improved sleep is asked for and where people are recovering from surgery or illness. Added to a jug of water in the room, lavender flowers and rosemary sprigs will keep the room and recoveries spirits light with coriander. Refresh the water daily if one is in the very beginning phases of healing.

As always 888 recommends that you consider you current health plans and speak with your combined group of health professionals.

Herbs in general are good in shady, well drained water flow parts of the garden bed. Where does the water run, when it rains? Plant it close to here. Coriander likes some sun, but not all heat, all day. Grows well in a draining pot. They don’t like to sit in water, but they definitely like to be cool in the soil.

If you like broth, coriander is well included in the last 15 minutes of the simmer. With rice and tamari for a simple and quick meal, fried mushrooms sprinkled with coriander, charges you for the day. Aiding focus, stamina and clarity of thought.

If you have markets close by, farm fresh coriander is delicious on a roll with sweet potatoe, corn and pea mash. Remember to add a little sweet chilli sauce in heating the veggies, adding chopped fresh coriander as you assemble the roll.

Sending you good vibes from the kitchen.