What We Can Do.

In our final case study for this mini series, we are looking at a Reading for a Client.  Looking to improve their work situation, they had a skill set and a desire to build a small business, but were unsure on how to proceed and what type of business was the right kind.

As our discussion developed we unpacked the Clients skill set, past experiences and hesitations around starting a business and where they were lacking in practical knowledge and strategy.

Our outcomes were for the Client to advance their love of gardening and re-align there current work into a new small business idea, with strategies around how to get it off the ground on a small budget with key points addressing grants and industries that would fit for a regular client base.  The Client had an epiphany during this discussion understanding and seeing where their skill set would work easily, into opening a gardening and maintenance business with the main focus for clientele being the child care sector and schools, in which their wife had experience and he had experience with gardening and landscaping.  This business was up and running within 6 months and greatly added to their confidence and income.

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Enjoying Your Rewards.

If you follow our Instagram you would have seen the card for the week…  the 9 of Pentacles.  With the 9 of Pentacles comes the mindfulness around gratitude for rewards of hard work, dedication, skill and perseverance.   Looking at this, it is important to have in your mindfulness an aspect of gratitude, even when things are not in an ideal position.  You are present, turning up and a work in progress, I would dare to say perfection is overrated.  Consider perfect imperfection, it sits well with aspect of being fluid for this year.  

If your in a long distance plan you understand the hard work, yeah it’s what it takes.  However over the long run, it can still fatigue and dry your creativity, be sure to restore your inner vision with new inspirations.  

With dedication, skills and perseverance, remind yourself where you are doing better, where you are at a point of difference that is positive and state out loud that you are more capable and willing even than you know or remember.

Stay grounded and be your own cheer squad.  I’m off to refuel with some art 😉




Be Magical…

Be Magical… 

It’s a good statement, a nice thought, but what does it mean day to day?

Being magical, is understanding the uniqueness of each day and the enjoyment that comes from it.  It is being aligned with your will and engaging in you purpose.  It can also be connecting with another person, strangers, who are generous enough to stop and ask, ‘Are you okay’?

It is also seeing the wonder of our world and working the natural energies to support you body and soul.  For me magic is the relief in someones eye after a healing, the joy of receiving information in a clairvoyant consult, the breathing space added to someones home after a feng shui consult.  It is the information that comes through when working on new born babies and how this can clear the body and give everyone more sleep.  It’s when intention and breath combine to create a new space and more options for peaceful and progressive resolutions.  

At the end of the day its the peace that rests within me, that answers all the hard steps to get to where I am now.  Its the wonder of being the person who is in the position of offering options that make a difference.  When your stretched beyond recognising who and where you are, and are then able to use that to serve something bigger, magic.

Everyday I work to bring magic to peoples everyday, its glorious, it heals, it supports, it saves.  I am grateful for being chosen to bring magic.

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