Sun Moon Stars

I’m so grateful we made it. Our 2020, in its spectrum of ludicrous to loving is both overwhelming while raising relevancy in our relations to each other and our home.

Finding myself having had both positive and negative aspects of rewards, protection, synchronicity, distillation, curiosity and experience, this year has been made do-able because I engage in my daily practice. When a daily practice is created and developed, it astounds in how its perfection is beautifully humbling. My path leads to a point of removing the last petals of rose coloured glasses. In turn highlighting much of my list above and thankfully leaning into more positive outcomes. If you need, in a ratio of 3:1.

On our path teachings and depth, remind of the benefit of learning as an ongoing component in life. Respecting tradition, ongoing learning supports a highlight to new understanding and its ability to serve the present moment. A daily practice within our selves or our spaces, en-lightens. If you consider this as a lightening within you may find yourself on the inside of feeling connected. These practices, Feng Shui, Astrology, Geobiology, Yoga and Meditation are traditions aiding development in enlightenment, with great success.

Success can come in the forms of; rewards, protection, synchronicity, distillation, curiosity and experience. I hope for your release of 2020, you find more of these, peace and much love.

Safe passage.

Navigating Our End of 2020.

With a couple of retrogrades happening within the end of this year, its worth mentioning a couple of points for consideration, to ease your path. Our illumination continues on in regards to social issues, authority and leadership, expression and justice. These impact and influence us all, raising to the top what has not yet been fully addressed. Primal urges called out in our behaviour, ask us to think before acting and speaking, with taking time out for considerations around maturing and evolving.

Fear and isolation may add to what you are positioned to navigate, with power struggles and confrontation in the mix. Our opportunity to keep our path forward towards success is firstly to understand that blocks and challenges are a sign to slow down, even to back off to avoid making major mistakes. Patience and small, slow steps are going to aid reaching goals.

Integrating with the Age of Aquarius energy, brings these aspects into the spotlight; self expression, sexuality, gender, innovation, collective well being and health, logical thought and growth. These apply to personal and professional environments and conduct. In business this includes industries like, technology, finance, communication for example social media platforms as well as psychology, the arts and social services. Personal feelings will be raised in professional environments. Concentrating on maintaining is relevant for project outcomes as well as profits. Including employees and client bases would also be wise in your considerations here.

This is an opportunity to tidy up, mature and resolve recurring issues and energies from past life experiences. As in Feng Shui, what is imperfect is a moment of choice. Our choices find us where we are and offer alternate options, if you can be in the moment, in the space, to respond out of victim or perpetrator mindsets to learn how to safely express Mars energy. Mars relates to anger, rage, negative energy left unchecked. Learning to utilise better expression of these characteristics once navigated can bring relief, more options for outcomes and aids us in feeling safe in vulnerability and risk assessment for balanced actions in the future.

For this I would recommend utilising the words in the image as your touchstone for quiet contemplation, aiding you in continuing towards yours and our success.

Safe passage.

I wanted to remind you today of magic, play and power. My day has been full of tech issues leading me to feel stagnant, like I’m taking steps backwards. I meditated and was reminded of how quiet helps. As well as even when its challenging, it is the very time to remember these aspects of our essence and that no matter what is going on for you today, tomorrow, next week these are essential to our well being.

The crow is an exceptional bird, highly perceptive they use tools, are fast learning, able to construct, solve problems and are adaptable. As well as recognising the importance of play. Magic can reinvigorate us, reconnect us and ground. Earthing our souls in the physical plane is crucial for clarity, building trust and remaining open in our agency of self. All supporting decision making and manifesting. Magic can help us step into the new, the unknown, carrying our faith, even if only in ourselves, into the future.

Beautiful dolphin, brings to us a sense of community, communication and playfulness. Giving our essence space to play aids our ability to be willing to engage. Enhancing solving problems while increasing creativity. Playfulness can allow us to try new things, to be in a learner mindset. Willingness aids us to have an open portal into our purpose.

Bee, our guide for pollinating our purpose with personal power. When we combine power with magical play, we are potent and fruitful. By utilising our essential unique approach, achieving our goals taps into a deep strength that is cosmically connected.

Finding our path forward, despite how we feel and doubt, is always served when we include magic, play and power. Step out of the immediate desire or call to have a fearful reaction. Create a space to play with your power and magic. Find your way to manifesting.

Safe passage.

Letting in Light.

In listening to your inner celestial navigation, like the Moth, you support a straight line of flight. A distillation of distraction.

It sounds complicated like this, lets break it down, so you can have an easier time navigating our world and all that it encompasses, centring around this week. If you picture the landscape above as a landscape in your minds eye. Standing on the field with the most sunlight, sunshine on your face, open your lungs and breath in deeply. Thinking, I breath in peace and breath out love. Two or three times is good. As the sun begins to warm you till you smile, softly feel where you can find this warmth in your day to day. Let the warmth foster in your body all the way to your toes. Drop your head to your chest and feel the warmth on the back of your neck. Let peaceful inspiration find you, in the light. Softening your breathing allow light to enter your minds eye. Lighting corners where you feel more light can come through, but may have a block in front. Gently remove the block, picture it dissipating into miniature star drops of light. Falling back to the sunlit ground, earthing and neutralising. Begin to deepen your breathing. Breath in peace, breath out love. Feel comfortable in the Golden Path that will support you in finding this peace unblocked in your day to day, for the whole week. Reimagine yourself in the field with gentle sunlight on your face. Slowly come back to your day, breath in peace, breath out love.

Remember, visuals are good for helping to turn down the volume on the monkey mind. Animals behaviours and vibrations are part of the planet, communicating all the time. Tuning in to the volume of nature improves our vibration, state of mind and distills fears, supports courage and clarity. When we transition from one story to a more inclusive vibration, we release and distill into a different volume. Altering what attracts to us. Our thoughts are paramount here. Clear the clutter and imagine your Golden Path. Visuals are a way to stay grounded while feeling into new navigation, for better outcomes.

Moth helps us here. Other aspects enlightened by moth; pace, true inner bearing over arrogance or bravado, lightness of touch and awareness in illumination. Sending you good vibes and much peace.

888 Annual Forecast 2019

Ruby Brown 888

Annual ForecastYear of the Earth Pig 2019. New Year February 4. 

Positive Aspects / Auspicious. Colours – yellow, grey, brown and gold. Flowers – hydrangea, daisy. Directions – SW, E. Dates – 17th + 24th each month. 2, 7, 10, 11 month. Numbers – 2, 5, 8. Personality Traits – trusting, helpful, diligent, calm with trouble, generous, high concentration, responsible, careful, compassionate. 

Negative Aspects / Inauspicious. Colours – red, blue, green. Directions – SE. Dates – 4, 9, 12 month. Numbers – 1, 7. 

The overall aspects to consider this year include, self care, integrity, sharing of differences and communication, creativity, resourcefulness, true perceptions, application of resources, consideration, wisdom, governance, humility, equal exchange, distillation of processes, clarity and transparency, recognition of capability.  There is prosperity within 2019, there may be small setbacks to begin, keep in mind these will be clarifying and with purpose, and will ease as you move forward.  The end of the year brings fulfilling goals with a sense of achievement.  Keep your eye on the prize. 
As our planet shifts, so does our climate, in the Southern Hemisphere, February is traditionally our hottest month, beginning in 2019 that month will shift to January, bringing a wetter February moving forward.  This looks to add to a return or balancing with nature of tropical climates.  Get ready for some old school humidity at the beginning of 2020.
New social orders open up in 2019, as a response, but also as action is now the primary tool, this moves out of the ranges of ‘some’ to ‘all’ with a more conscious way of living in tune with nature, each other & with a mindset of being of service and leaving all better than we found it.  As certain demographics in our societies become willing to address changes in behaviour for safety and fulfilling the position of care-taking our people & our planet.  Consideration begins to come back in trend.  A growing relay of action around systems emerges with specific attention to food, tech and energy.  New inventions and platforms create openings for traction in improving the problems we create and with direct links to mental health, altering patterns and working environs and schedules for our improved health, bringing in greater compassion & empathy. This will include a transition out of might is right, an altering of our bullying mentality and predominance.  The beginning will be slow, as Pig likes to consider up front, to have less to rework later, a strong foundation, means miner tweaks as we see adjustable imperfections & course corrections. This includes an addressing of knowing our Shadow Self, demanding a seat at the table.  Adding to creative industries, practises & leaps in development across our masses.  A little of realising the cost, as Pig is the gentlest we will get this.  Addressing ego in our culture, as well as its decrease with some devastation in the transition.  A revolution of consciousness with action.

The key to health this year is balance. Management of your actual energy levels and taking time to ground and disengage from electronics, stress & excess.  Listen to how the body responds, not just at time of eating, but for the following morning, a couple of days.  Spending time in or by water soothes the soul and fortifies clarity.  Fermented and light foods, with texture and herbs for flavour are a good place to start.  Eating in line with exertion is important, meaning an awareness of how actually hungry you are is good.  Herbs like ginger, dill, coriander, mint, greens, and citrus, juice or rind.  Roots and vegetables are good inclusion for meals this year.  Honey tea at the end of the day, to support the body through fasting overnight will add to feeling composed, vital & happy.

Our head space is going to require some work for focus, clarity and taking the time to think things through, consideration.  This can look like meditation, time out in silence, watching something hopefull or meals without electronics, delaying when you look at your devices first thing in the morning.  Have you taken your morning coffee with neighbourhood birds, singing in your morning.  A walk around the block at sunset. Think relaxed inner vision, with space and time, literal and figurative.  Look for ways to spend time with beauty, Pig has an appreciation for the loveliness of life which can help us heal and remain balanced in terms of mental health.  The shadow self is not our hinderance, it is one of our greatest powers, when known.

Emotions this year will be supported by practical engagement, reduce the mountain to a mole hill and give your self a chance to deal.  Be forthright in addressing your feelings and give yourself moments of cool reflection to understand what you are witnessing. Consideration is key as each scenario will have unseen factors.  Processing of information is with an understanding that we are more than our history, and not all repetition means the same thing.  Keep your hopes up and creatively connected.  Look for reasons to engage, especially with challenges around those who are valuable to you. 

The job; is an asset and it is worthwhile reminding yourself its a tool that adds to your life, style, manifestation.  Gratitude and willingness will pull, as you are called upon for fluid adaption within moving parts.  Pace and stamina will play an important role.  Build your network, the Pig is a social animal and this bodes well for adding to connections. As does her calm with impromptu situations.  Think longer term, add practicality to planning and remember to see the challenges lesson, when you are underway. Connect with how you can be of service.

Finances have room to grow, be conservative with spending.  Rethink where you allow money to flow and address the long nagging thoughts about what you would like to do, but have not yet put into action.  Keep it simple, it may be dropping one take away meal or coffee a week, with the caveat of putting that cash into the fund of choice.  This year is a great opportunity to change up your finances.  Focus on the thought of paying self first, this can be small change into a bowl, the coffee example or reducing credit card debt, completion of loans, even an extra payment to put yourself ahead.  Think light on your feet here, through lessening stress.  Be brave and address what you are willing to action for change.

Socialising this year is good, keeping it selective to suit energy patterns, available resources and engaging over distracting yourself.  Consider social aspects as part of your reward system for  the focus of keeping pace.  This is where you can let your hair down, restore, share & connect.  Spend time with people who have you feeling calm, secure and who support your ways of wanting to improve.  A great opportunity this year to step out of any ruts around being social.  Be a little experimental and ask some lovely friends to come along.  Inclusion is a working aspect here.

Family have us discussing real terms, whats working, what is not & feelings.  Cultivate finding a grounded approach here, Pigs have great hearts, but this can challenge boundaries.  Remember why you have them in place, and remind yourself of the worth of putting self care ahead of others care.  Concentrate on authentic representation, of your inner voice, dreams, ambitions & desires.  Try to avoid procrastination, if unsure, create small steps to action with a check in before moving forward.  Keep communication going when it is relevant, considered & with respect, from and for you.

The Pig will expect that you are speaking your word and know how to keep it, bear this in mind when reaching agreements. Overall while the Pig likes continuity, it is grounded enough to understand that rolling with life is often advantageous as well as fun.  Pig likes being playful, cute and cheeky, but can also be relied upon to stay calm, endeavour to work out what works & always includes the array of life and its beauty, inclusion.  Be honest about where you want to be included and endeavour to be of service in that light.  Ritual has a seat at the table, to keep centred bearing and as a celebration through aspects of devotion.  Understanding that real time is required for real change & stability. The Pig attracts success in all spheres of life.

The Animals of The Zodiac in the Year of the Earth Metal Pig.

– In 2019 is in a place of being able to set goals high, prosperity & new opportunities are around for you, eyes open.  July and October are great months this year.  Remember with team work, the key is to keep it simple, no over thinking and include the team, to create a cooperative climate.
Ox – this year looks good with aligned prospects for money and career shifts.  Be confident & flexible in your thinking when presented with challenges.  Your ability to be considered will serve you when presenting your position.
Tiger – has a mixed year, asking you to be considerate of others.  Keep your temper cool, as you find your way with being generous for the sake of it.  Be aware any slowing down is in line with avoiding burnout.  October & November are good months for you. Cultivate your relationships with consistency & listening.
Rabbit – Hop to it, this is a good year, no major obstacles, find ways to manage stress and anxiety.  Time out can help here, recognise when & action soft ways to restore. There are opportunities for you, ears open.
Dragon – Find your remedies, allow yourself enough space to flow.  Your efforts will be rewarded.  There is an aspect of small delays towards the end of the year, plan accordingly, give yourself some wiggle room.  Give yourself what you actually need, from your shadow self.  Find what comforts to support calling in success.
Snake – Find your ambition and begin to cultivate towards your desire becoming manifest.  Keep your head & wits about you, to stay on track.  When coming across delays, shed the old & outdated, even when it is within.  Being sure to rest for what the body requires over time available.  Grow.
Horse – 2019 looks to be a better year than 2018.  Attention towards energy levels and full recovery from events from last year are a good idea.  Look for improvements in relationships, keep company that allows you to address your needs as well as theirs.  A two way street approach to relations is a good bearing.  Amethyst crystal will support consistency for you.
Goat – A mixed year, but with your agility there are no major problems.  Keep your temperance even, try not to be combative as the only way to resolve issues and keep communications open, for ease and understanding to develop and grow.  Setting high goals is a good option, you will be able to achieve your outcomes, keep a steady climb, and adjust as you go.
Monkey – Try not to think of discipline as a dirty word, where you can have it you will find you are better situated for actual results.  Keep it real as you address issues and don’t let your imagination run away with you on every topic.  Keep imagination for areas that it is not a distraction, but a tool to call in your success.  Team work is a great option for added success this year.
Rooster – Your goal is to pay attention this year.  Money is good for this year.  Health is an area to address, while a sun up, sun down clock works well, keeping you engaged without exhaustion.  Don’t over estimate your energy reserves.  Call it as you see it, with a minds eye on working within a frame work of people, places and time.
Dog – This year asks for your effort, be of service, companionship may be at the Universe’s discretion, over what you would like.  Keep your health even by getting enough rest.  Lazy days can be good days, allowing opportunity to include inner circle to grow bonds & appreciation.
Pig – Our emblem for the year, allow & receive help for joyful outcomes.  The support will add to less stress and more recognition for your efforts and abilities.  Your calm nature will be called upon & challenged, stay grounded, engage in exercise, while managing your energy levels.  Diet will play a large part here.  Consider what your body needs over indulgence.  Moderation is an entry point for expansion in other areas aligned with goals, over your waistline.  Keep boundaries engaged to restore your reserve & increase prosperity.  You are seen.  

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