Retrograde Stepping 2020 Style

Taking the time to have ordered aware thoughts. As the end of 2020 has a couple of retrogrades happening here are some good ideas to realize the opportunity to review what you have been working on with projects and goals, utilising time to ask: Is there new data? Does any tweaking need to happen? IsContinue reading “Retrograde Stepping 2020 Style”

In our 888 Meditation Moment this week, it is wise to consider, how major shifts can create a new foundation for how we behave and who we like to hang out with, even how we hang out. This mantra centres within us, for a love base around how we treat ourselves, how we speak toContinue reading

August 19/2020.

In our cards for today and into the end of the week, we are looking at Eagle in regards to strength and Peahen regarding nurturing. When we meditate on strength let’s consider that true strength is displayed in the recovery process, not the initial action. Ongoing and taking strength into your day to day isContinue reading “August 19/2020.”