888 Vibes May 2021.

Our vibe for May is one of take a breath and seek sanctuary.
As we contemplate our global and local associations and relationships, it’s a wise choice to release where we are attached to, that is false and unhealthy. Unhealthy for one is unhealthy and negative for us all. If your beliefs include a position of it’s over there or that won’t happen to me, you are engaging in a false relation.

Some aspects of culture are heavily engaged in an addictive state of being that promotes status, non empathy and discolouration. It’s costs us heavily. In the immediate sense false beliefs can promote an ideology of, what does not work for some will not be used against me. I am within, safe, considered. Time and again we are actively seeing, where this is only true until it does not serve the time and place of decision makers where resources are no longer viable, available due to over consumption, due to depletion of work force, fractured communities and instilling of ego lead outcomes as best practise. These can look like conditioning, out of date practises and hollow feeling outcomes.

Unlearning is a vital part of stepping into a world that includes you and those who don’t directly mirror. Living in a state of auto pilot, leaves us all empty, struggling with rude awakenings and confused as to how to restart and learn anew. This transition is inherently disrupted when we seek ongoing convenience. Yet we still find that at varying points, we are all now facing starting again in some aspect of how we are living.

Rebuilding is not what we are in the midst of. This is a global cultural coming of age, centric to earthed practises and ways of living, cultural identity and education, compassion, prevention versus cure. Thriving is being redefined and not by only a few. It is not truly possible that only a few will determine this update, as universal energies are shifting. In May 2021, our key for navigating is to fortify our own health, to have presence in the update of our culture. Whether this is the culture of ourselves, our home, our community, our work.

Embracing ease, as in the 888 Meditation Moment [pictured], is as simple, true and gentle as the breath. Like the butterflies wings, it does not need to be overwhelming to be effective. When gentle the breath still reaches from outside the body to deep into the lungs. Feeding our entire system. Feeding the culture of the body. This is done through quality of air, open posture, regularity of practise and willingness to try. Our sanctuary can be the mind, the body, the spirit, the spaces. You take your breath with you into thinking, feeling, sensing and your home or work. What is its quality. When we release attachments, we are creating space for options and opportunities. When these are heart centric, there is literally and figuratively space, health and prosperity for all of us.

In Feng Shui, it is recommended that if an item in your sanctuary does not illicit a happy memory or sense of joyful associations, it is best to remove it. This in turn shifts the energetic association when you are in the space. It can be as simple as sleeping without electronics turned on, or even in the room. Leave the phone in the lounge. Give yourself a break. Step away from social platforms or news if you are feeling tired, are having memory issues or can’t seem to raise interest. Cook at home, picturing love pouring into your meal as you cook. Use fresh herbs to boost immunity and vitality. Stretch before sleep, surrendering the day and opening the body for sleep repair.

Choose activities that reflect the sanctuary you seek. In your body, your mind, your spirit and your space.

Safe passage.



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888 Meditation Moment.

Right Place Right Time.
This 888 Meditation Moment, is about considering that you in fact are in the right place at the right time.
I would ask you to challenge yourself in a positive way to cultivate the idea, that any current parts of where you are, actually are in alignment with your higher self and universal synchronicity.

Yes this includes all major imperfect challenges, parts or yourself your not fully in love with and things that annoy you. These elements of current time and place are a part of what needs to be addressed. Even the very key to change with ease. The universe will repeat elements ignored by us, until we address them. Our aversion to the discomfort of wading in to navigate is not irrelevant. It is to be acknowledged. However its not a reason to stop. To sell yourself short or to distract.

With this meditation moment I ask you to consider the benefits of learning how to address not the challenging event or person, but to address yourself and how you engage. Meditation gives up a moment to look within finding intuitive solutions to new and old challenges. Building trust in ourselves. With this trust new opportunities avail themselves and from here we are in a position of choice.

Amber crystal, is made from natural resin, solidified. See how when light shines through, we are able to grasp the inner beauty. Illuminated and available. We have inner beauty. To illuminate and utilise it as a benefit, gentle consideration serves. Take a moment to think about a current challenge. What does it call forth from deeper within? Ideally how would you like to address this?

When working with clients, meditation is encouraged to support working on the soul spirit to enhance a fluid presence. This benefits day to day activities from work to emotional iq. As well as active listening, creativity and joy.
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888 Photo Series – Camellia.

My photo series started in 2020, under lock down. I’m naturally an introvert so spending more time at home with increased work from home was fine by me. After mid year, I was coping, but looking for creative inspiration. I turned to my camera.

For a long time, several years in fact, I had been ticking on our obsession with mobile phones. I grew up with a rotary dial. No I will not discuss age. Really I want to talk about the changes mobile devices have brought in, how I kept seeing my kids and others, joined at the hip to their phone. I don’t do it. Happy to have my phone in another room, I will often go out to garden and leave it inside. I text more than I call, unless its a booking with a client. Because I leave it in other rooms and always miss people calling me.

Finding it hard to comprehend the reliance on devices, it got me thinking about how I use mine, the differences in how I see other people, often with phone in hand and in a big circle of thought coming around to art. I landed on the thought that I would probably only carry mine in hand regularly when using it as a camera. As I mentioned I ticked on this for a few years, with the eventual idea setting for a photo series. I wanted to take pictures solely on my phone camera, on the go, moments in ordinary days, with ordinary objects, through an unordinary gaze. Mine.

In this Intel, I have chosen some night photos I have taken. I pretty much always rely on natural lighting, some soft lights in this series as it was about 8pm and inside. Ambient light, no direct focus on the prop. From the very beginning what fascinated me about art was how it appeared in natural light. Photosynthesis blew up my curiosity and my art. Watching charcoal drawings age on paper left in the sun. Science and art, what a combination. When I’m editing, manipulation is not the name of the game, its usually more in line with cropping to frame the shot.

This camellia was from my garden, had a glorious fragrance and it inspired me. I have used the gentle lighting and black background, a piece of glass from my Grandmothers duchess, to imply the fragrant scent of camellia as it danced into my body and lit up my heart. Excited I took the flower inside, no I didn’t pick it, it had fallen, ripe, to the ground. So delicious. I hope you enjoy and can feel encompassing comfort of my 888 Photo Series – Camellia.