It’s been a minute since I posted and today I want to take a moment to speak with you about joy. As we feel the push of moving forward, countries and businesses opening up for trade and travel, it seems there is an unspoken panic at play. A low volume vibe that puts us all a little closer to feeling less than in control, wondering what the implications and unknowns will be and if it’s all going to be okay.

Delving into the notion of joy whether having it while others don’t or when there are so many wrongs happening; how can we enjoy joy, when others may not even have safe. Cultivating our bearing with a mindset of surrendering what we know to gain new understanding, it feels important to do the simple things that help us have balance. This can look like a walk around the block, yoga, drawing or eating a meal in silence. Even breathing more consciously, more deeply and slowing our inner sphere. Simple actions allowing centring and slowing of our monkey mind.

As we slow our mind, even our heart beat and deepen our breathing, I ask you to consider  surrendering your old definition of joy, suffering and discomfort. In the space in between fully releasing these and before the next definition starts, I would ask you to consider; in the current moment, what would feel joyful?

Take a moment let the noise and dust of life settle. What would help you feel joy right now? Truly? Having done this myself recently, I realised my answer had changed. My definition of safety, had changed. So yes as I wanted safety for everyone, it no longer stopped here. I thought about how would safety make me feel joy? I felt I wanted safety to include moving freely with no risk of life injury to myself or others was in my minds eye. As was kindness for each of us to feel healed. To be able to forgive and trust. For many people to have their own agency. For the trampling of Indigenous people and places to cease. This is my new bearing for joy.

What do you feel would make life better for you and those you share the space with? Home, work, world. Perhaps its the space to express a lack of perfection. Maybe its the scope for someone else to expand beyond what you and they think is possible. Where in your immediate can you add joy to our world? How do we find joy without normal?

Flow. Finding flow in the dance of life is a measure of joy that assists all of us and does not require getting things, superiority or cruel and unkind. Flow is accessible in literally any space. Flow is the transport of joy that transforms us out of a harming or harsh environment. Within us or outside of us.

Again I ask you to take a moment. In order to move from any discomfort, think about a feeling of joy. Pure and calm, visit this thought. Time and again. Each time you will in your environment find a moment of flow. Connect with it, engage with it, be joyful in it. Even a single moment. Then revisit the thought and find it again. Step by step keep going. Every breath, each moment of joy. Even when it is just a thought.

It is not that challenges stop, its that you through surrendering what you know, can resonate with understanding in something new. A new joy. A new part of you, of us. Step by step.

I wish you safe passage, as always. Step by step.