When we are engaged in self care it is important to recognise what activities we consider as self care. For example, having a shower is a part of regular routines but may not fully classify as self care for restoration and healing. If you add some salt and rosemary or eucalyptus to work with the steam, take a longer time and consciously recognise you want to self care and in which light; then this adds another dimension of efficacy. Taking it to a deeper space within adds to your vitality, ability to critically assess and communicate.

This communication aspect works with our inner dialogue as well as with others. Filling your fuel tank, and creating a reserve, then to overflow for others. How would this add to your ability to function, recover, engage at work or home?

Having a boundary of recognition will aid the depth of your self care. Meaning it will do more for your soul, body and mind. When we address the soul for restoration, it serves to work in a space of your feelings. Especially if you are doing this on your own, with no support system. Over time with practise our resilience and comprehension see the benefit. Simple rules are always good, be kind, do small activities if you are beginning or overcoming trauma, have some silence before and after said activity. Keep it gentle.

Overall look for the ratio of restoration : action.
Does your activity create restoration without exertion? Feelings of peace, calm and clarity should be part of your bearing afterwards. Below are some simple options that can add to your self care working better.

888 Self Care Tips:
1. No matter what is taking your fuel, make time to self care. Even 5-10 minutes of silence, no screens and sitting to actively calm yourself will add to your restoration.
2. Utilise what you have. Without exertion can include, not spending; doing activities where you are; not needing you to find energy you don’t feel you have, to do an activity.
3. Be tender with yourself. This can look like, sitting in the waterfall of the shower; waking up and laying in bed stilling anxiety, then rising; drinking water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning; or sleeping nude, aiding the body to repair and have proper rest.
4. Over a few activities, measure how restored you feel.
5. Recognise what chews through your positive energy. Address these in your self care activities. A good cry, intermittent fasting, dietary alterations and releasing activities that leave you in a negative bearing will all support positive energy levels.

Safe Passage.