Roller #426

$45.00 Excl. GST

A beautiful blend for soft and centred awareness. This blend, softly raises central focus, no sharp edges. Softly drawing your conscious energy to your auric field, aiding even and consistent levels. A gentle presence in where and how you direct this energy ensues to support your spirit. It relaxes without you becoming sleepy. Enjoy notes of chamomile and frankincense.

If using for kids, apply and let them have a free play pyjama day. Students will enjoy this while studying, researching and sitting exams. Have your smarts at your disposal with this blend supporting memory and recall. Any adult who feels drained, daunted by entering an environment or if you need to be confident free of ego for a presentation, this is for you. Gently roll along your collar bone, before dressing.

Roller #426 is a 10ml roller bottle, easy to carry and apply as you go. In a base oil of jojoba with a blend of essential oils #426 can be applied to pulse points like inside wrists, back of knee or inside elbow. Please patch test.

Bottle components are recyclable.

Weight.5 kg