Apricot Kisses

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This downloadable product is Ruby’s first book of poetry.
Addressing life’s major transitions of starting a family, in 1996 through to early 2000’s. All art in this book of poetry are original images by Ruby, covering several mediums including painting, photography and hand drawn. These poems are dear to her heart as they allowed her to express and handle a time of immense pressure from becoming a mother to expanding her family and the ending of her marriage. All while navigating an enormous expanse of unknown territory. Often feeling vulnerable, alone and healing her past to be the woman and mother she imagined. These poems are snapshots of her emotional landscape during this period.

‘I decided to publish this work now, as my children are grown and have context. There seems to be much pressure in the world at large right now and I hope that these poems, while seeming abstract can facilitate a companionship for those who read them. When I was writing them I was very much on my own. No large support group or community, I would go for anywhere between 3-4 weeks without speaking to other adults. It was a time of delving deep into who I was, where I was and walking myself into a healed future. I wanted that for myself and my children. It was the least we deserved. I very much wish the same for you’. Ruby Brown.