888 Heart Project #11

$2,500.00 Excl. GST

The 888 Heart Project is about finding grace in our current global climate. Finding the spirit of love in our day to day, from a painting in our home or office and to a larger scale in how we look at our world, all wildlife, including us and making it better. Addressing how we treat each other. Wanting it to be and foster from love. Ruby works from this premise when she is healing, writing and painting. Also when doing the inner shadow work of who we are and our relationship to ourselves.

10% Of each sale from the 888 Heart Project is donated. These donations range from the RSPCA, to Women’s Legal Services and the Fred Hollows Foundation. As always we appreciate your support.

The 888 Heart Project is about bringing our hearts into our day to day lives so we embody living in love. Each piece is an abstract beginning with the love heart as its centre theme.

This work is acrylic on canvas. Unframed.
Dimensions –  20.2 x 20.2cm.
All works are photographed as true to colour as possible. Variations may appear as these are hand made works.
Sale does not include purchase of Copyright.

Weight.15 kg
Dimensions20.2 × 20.2 × .05 cm