Oroki January 8/2010 – September 19/2018.

Last week my beautiful compadre Oroki left.  He had been working with me for nearly a decade.  We lived together, swam, ate, played together & with that in mind a few points come with new clarity. Lets share about grief.  Because it would be remiss of me not to.

As he was such a sweet soul, who literally went where I did, people find me in the office, by seeing him.  They would also stop by the office, not to see me necessarily but to visit with Oroki, he calmed us all, treated us with excitement and vivacity.  Reminding us all what ever the bother, it would be alright, as cuddles and connection with him allowed us to breath easier, smile more & play.

If your grieving right now, for a place, person or job or thing, a memory, a time held special in your connection to it.  If you don’t feel like letting go, like its not supposed to be time, unprepared to move forward without a love being part of the picture, please consider the following.

You are now a newer version of you, carrying in your centre a love that is intimately entwined into your life, untouched by any drama or trouble, any point of false importance, if you can allow it.  I’m no advocate for it being easy & it will call on every ounce of willingness you can muster, but if you can hold on to the purity of the care, affection & love you have, it will be okay to move forward.  

I want to leave space for more love & kindness to come into my life, how else will I survive?  I want the freedom to hold dear the one that I miss, uninterrupted.  This will require that you create time for being present in the space of now without them.  Recognition.  Of what is missing, how I truly feel & loving myself enough to give myself what I ask for to recover, as time passes.  Not so fast though, that I disrupt or fade my memory.

Keeping it simple lets me process & I recommend finding your way to do this.  When they leave, an energy is left for us, from a base of love, connect to this energy, feeling, memory enjoying the gift that was given & allowed you to be.  I think of him all through the day, he was completely embedded into my life.  All that washes over me now is a sense of love, fully open and joyful, with a vision of clarity that the true priority is love, as a base, as an expression, as a gift.  He was a gift in my life.  How grateful I am to have had him.

If you are grieving right now, I wish you big love, ease of acceptance & great kindness. R xx.