A note to navigate through May’s energy. Cultivate your thinking and feeling together. Compartmentalising may have served once a upon a time, but much like that phrase, it now, is a little out of date and comes with some fantastical connotations. They won’t serve you.

When addressing our old vibration and seeking a new frequency, it pays to remember perceptions change. Meaning, depth is not the same. Measurements are not the same. Authenticity calls on a different number… a new frequency.

No need for bugging, instead, try to digest the thought that you are not loosing. You are living.

Living is an evolutionary process. Stagnation is our ego working to preserve a state of being with claims it is ideal, protective or best. Yet you yearn. If not aware like the bug in amber, preservation works, and eventually makes you a beautiful fossil. I urge you to invest in cultivating being present in your evolution.

Best to keep it simple, here are some 888 top tips to stay present in evolving.

  1. Get grounded. Get barefoot, touch some plants, play with your dog, look after your bird, water your plants. Repot them and get your hands in the dirt.
  2. Keep your humanity. Release the old and stay human in your approach, to yourself and other beings.
  3. Enact random kindness.
  4. Get some silence.
  5. Step out of being hectic.
  6. Breath consciously and deeply.
  7. Ladies, get rid of underwear that cuts into you.
  8. Gentlemen, be that – gentle men, start with self and flow from there in gentle love.
  9. Catch yourself in judgement. Stop. Listen and watch.
  10. Book a 888 consult. Insight, is one of the best ways to understand what you know is there, yet are not quite comprehending. In session, I help you to understand and be strategic in healthy ways that align for your individual purpose, health and prosperity. In regards to teams at work or homes and office spaces, these principles and modalities are extrapolated, interpreted and correlated to allow strategies for synergy. This supports aspects like: decreases in personnel sick days; a light and uplifting work environment; lower personnel turnover; improved personnel engagement, strategy and success in communications; promotions; improved profits; smooth course correction and decreased obstacles.

Add to the culture you want to live in and support creating personally and professionally. We are all seeking a life with ease, contentment and pleasure. Are you getting these right now?

Safe passage.




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