What if like this tree, with its beautiful extras, we are growing and textured. On first glance a tree your walking past. No biggie. For some reason you look up. Your stopped, a gasp escapes you. You think about walking right past it. But can’t. We are all compelled to look. Closer.
Up close, it’s a mix of colour tones, shapes, layers. There thriving, unhindered. 

When did you last feel unhindered? Not the day dream version where challenges and difficulty stops and we all frolick. I’m talking about where you are fully centred, aware of current bearings and seeing the challenge, understand and engage with it, in full knowledge of how it helps you?
When the mind is truly still, and you feel like no matter what is happening, you have inner scope and space. Do you remember your mind being still? Not making lists, replaying events, an ongoing undercurrent dialogue. How long has it been since you were connected and reflecting yourself in this manner? Do you remember why its valuable?

Where is the open ended play? The no judgement zero sum game? While you may scoff and tell yourself that doesn’t exist anymore, nor is it needed. Can you answer why and still feel good, connected and fully aware and present in self. Uncharged by what ever it is you are being either caught up in or engaging with. Can you hold it till its a win, win?

Can you hold momentum, presentation, development and successive achievements? 888 Clients can. Each in differing ways, stages and growth patterns. Different layers, yet all of them are discovering, developing and continuing with these differences. Embracing them and having them serve. Part of my work favourites includes getting the call that yet another client, got the promotion, handled the situation, spoke clearly and eloquently in ‘that’ space. I feel joy to my very bones, smiling and happy for them. The change my work supports in the lives of others is marvellous. It is healing. A win, win. Beautiful in difference, layers and colour.

One of my most recent calls, was to here that a client got the promotion. Well deserved and a great achievement. Working together we have doubled this clients direct salary income in a few years. Yes consistently before and through covid‘s climate. Other clients call to express their relief at the end of a pattern and to share their excitement at what that means we work on next. A call can be about the furniture arrangement and how within 24 hours, bookings were gaining. A shift in the types of people booking and their demeanour creating new vigour in my 888 clients. This is part of the rewards for me. Part of my joy.

Today, I’m asking you, would you like more joy? Would you like to transform the understanding your currently working with to an updated version that works better. Allowing you to transform where you may feel stagnant. Yes there is work, be it moving the furniture, letting go of an outdated definition and its emotions or relief and easier breathing because it feels better. Work in this way, is not heavy or tiring. It’s stepping through a doorway that you already know is there. A dance with the universe. Growing in layers, textures and colours. More joy. More win, win.

With intentional touch comes healing.
Safe Passage, R. 

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