These are a few of the words I associate with women.  As the women I see & speak with, it’s obvious to me are amazing. It really does not seem to matter how large the stage they stand on, challenges & lessons come, polishing us to shine.

Leading.  Not managing, not following, not unconscious truly no matter what is thrown.  Each morning we wake & find our why to follow the day.  We gather ourselves, when able we gather others, understanding that life has value & is not best under control, strangled until extinguished.   In light of the great spirits of sisters who came before me, I say keep stepping Ladies, I applaud you.

Alchemy, we are magical.

Victorious, we create victory & survive.

Inherent, we are permanent, essential & characteristic in life & our cultures.

Aware, of our feminine essence, its protection & nourishment.  We are connected.

Traveller Tidda’s, I want to pay respect to my indigenous sisters across our globe.  I recognise the divine in you.

Rich, in essence & in dollar dollar bills.

Creative energy personified.  We are resourceful.

Evolutionary, we survive & thrive.

Successfull.  ‘Nough said.

To the Ladies in my life day to day, you all help me be a better woman.  Thank you.

A post note, the artwork above is by Paul McGregor, & great artist who gave me this piece after I modeled for him.  We can all be feminists. R xx.