What We Can Do.

Seer, Fortune Teller, Psychic… I like Clairvoyant.

We are the ones who are gifted with an ability to peak beyond the veil that supports this world and spirit.  As time flows by, it is our agents who assist with smoothing understanding, translating messages and following threads.  Delving into time and space for our adelphi [brothers and sisters], is a time honoured tradition.   If you have not partaken in this tradition or perhaps aren’t sure about how it can support you or your business, take a look at a couple of case studies in this 3 part mini series.

Case 1.

Working with this Client, included reading the political landscape, shifting market trends for business development plans, building personal confidence  and addressing work life balance to align with a promotion.  This included assessing position descriptions for successful outcomes, interview insight, language and body language descriptors, competition and negotiation.  Our outcome was an increase of $30 000 to the core annual income with bonuses and superannuation on top.  This within 12 months of the previous successful promotion through working with RB888.

RB888 is always happy and excited for our Clients success.  Together we work to your better future.

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Change of Address

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Dear 888’s,

I’m so happy to let you know our new website is up and running.  Woohoo!

We are now publishing the 888 Blog from the site itself, bear in mind it is in the early stages, so we will be adding and updating as we step forward.  You can check it out here. Our new home online is where you can find all our social media, contacts and up to date info for RubyBrown888.

We at 888 love that you follow along either by popping back or adding us to your email subscriptions.  Please continue to do so by clicking over to our new site.

We greatly appreciate your continued support.  R.


It’s Autumn.



I love this time of year, the summer heat is softening, cool breezes start to find you at night and in the early morning & I get to wear scarves.  The other part of this time of year is boosting my immune system and adding to my house hygiene to ward off sniffles and the glums that can lead to dis-ease.

Here are a few of my Autumn tips to keep it light, bright & healthy.

  • Wear scarves, everywhere 🙂
  • Place a cut onion in the toilet and bathroom & in the room if someone is sick.  They absorb bacteria, keeping the air quality fresh & hygienic.  They can be hidden, change as they discolour.
  • Smudge, keeping your intention for health & throw in mindfulness for protection also.
  • Wipe down the kitchen with eucalyptus in water, again antibacterial & it smells delicious.
  • Air & sun pillows, cushions & couch throw rugs.  If your able let them get rained on after washing, they dry super soft.
  • Add a small amount of eucalyptus to your washing instead of softener, it is cheaper, makes clothes soft, has them smelling great, is antibacterial & is good for pretty much all fabric types.
  • Get out in the sun, a little Vit D is great for your health.
  • Drink tea & lots of water at room temperature.  Personally I love ginger & lemongrass, peppermint, chamomile – great for busy days when you don’t get a moment to centre & green tea with jasmine or lemon.
  • Moisturise your skin, olive oil, macadamia oil & coconut are good for all ages, with the first two especially good if your skin is dry.  Of course you can add essential oils, consider chamomile, lavender, rose or lemon verbena.  Be sure to patch test if your new to using oils.
  • Remember to laugh & dance 😉

That’s it for today, I’m off for a tea… green of course 🙂   R.