A Little Alchemy.

This piece is titled, Stars and Water. An alchemical depiction of nature in transition. This work is about surrendering to change. The star in the centre is still a star, yet everything around it keeps moving, in and out of form.

The colour palette for this piece is particular to the warmth of dignity, stretch and communication. Similar in example to the 曆butterfly effect; in that small adjustments in the flow of the star, filter through surrounding energy, swirling with both light and dark. When mixed and transformed, the star is still a star. Astrology, healing, clairvoyance all teach us, that we are an interaction with the universe, through each other, our planet, our stars and the cosmic body it sits in, the Milky Way to the larger Cosmos. Our essence as humans in balance, naturally vibrates in and out of ideas, places, perceptions. Valuing the interaction of us with the universe as opposed to us ‘ruling’ the universe, creates a moment within our mental landscape to adjust without lack, sacrifice or misconception. Supporting the star to move and hold its essence.

Silver in this palette, was chosen with bronze wax, to show the beauty before joining, the elements igniting a creative spark. An illumination around the star.

I’m sharing this work today, in support of your creativity, day to day, step by step, toward healing solutions and integrity for our communities. Interact with care, grace and awareness for us to have better treatment of ourselves and each other.

Peace for you today and the universe around you.

Feng Shui in Rental Properties

Feng Shui is great for rental properties as it adapts to each site and the specifics of what is at play in how the space looks, feels and gives. Whether its for an owner of the property looking to renovate internally or in the landscaping around a house, Feng Shui can add to several aspects that benefit. Today however, we are going to look at an example for tenants.

This study is for a kitchen, looking to improve aspects of skills and knowledge. If your working from home, have students in the house or are working at learning a new skill these are included in what we are looking to support in this quick study.

Kitchen before rental remedy placed.

Strong feelings of pride, lose of appetite and drive were noticed in the occupants. Learning had taken on aspects of drudgery and derision and nourishment issues had also increased. Students were in the house, as were adults looking to increase their skill sets for professional reasons. Use of the kitchen was steadily declining. This is considered the heart of the house. A slowing pulse is not the best energy for us here.

Keeping in sync with colour tones for this room and the connecting spaces, as well as beneficial for the current year, age of the house and outcomes, orange was the colour for change in a positive direction. As this is a rental property, we kept in mind that remedies needed to be removable and cost effective.

First stage of remedy in place, with light on.

Integrating an orange border into the corner, facilitating a balance for yang energy, to revitalise this room and its use within the house. An extension to the remedy was added the following day.

Second stage with an extension of orange, going up the line of the pantry entrance.

Noticing the kitchen had been used overnight, was our first visible shift from working remedies, as cooking had been on a rapid decline. The second line of orange raises the eye up, facilitating ‘looking up’, supporting a positive mindset and lifting the emotional response on walking into the space. Following were improvements in focus, appetite and self awareness. A steady increase in academic results and a willingness to self assess were also mentioned in relation to the house and this room specifically. On the outside wall, hanging decorative fish were removed as they were the incorrect element for this area of the yard, adding to discordant energy before remedies.

This is a small remedy creating lasting and steadily improving results for all occupants in this rental property. As skills and knowledge developed, finances also improved, promotions were achieved and sharing of responsibilities became more balanced. Overall, a lifting of habitual discrediting of valid information created space for focus to be restored, aiding tenants to grow as well as gain.

Feng Shui, aiding us in thriving.

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Foundation with Jabiru Spirit

Tuesday June 9/2020, mid morning. Having coffee, of course, and pulling cards for the day. Today we have Jabiru bird lending support in the area of Foundation. As we are moving through turbulence from the Tower being active in 2020, it reads like eruptions, yang energy, honesty and foundation, where do things go from here and what does it mean?

Being part of the Earth element staying grounded will be important throughout the two weeks after our Strawberry full moon. Nourishment is important to include; considering points of how we nourish, where and who with? For some, do you nourish? For those of you in business, this can apply with; do you pay yourself first? Catering even to those saving, working to finance a goal, from playstation to degree. Where do you invest? Is this nourishment agreeable? Are you participating in nourishing all of our souls, from person to planet? Do you include nature in your nourishment?

Jabiru speaks to aligning priorities to lay the foundation for a well balanced and peaceful life. Creating space for joy and victory in your path, those you interact with and the nature you care for. As we tire, prioritising, clearing and cleaning the current state of affairs, hold to the why; balanced and peaceful living. What we want and deserve. Crystals to support here include Calcite, Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Malachite, Clear Quartz. Essential oils for meditation; Cypress, Rosemary, Lavender and Thyme.

Before venturing wildly into the day, consider Jabiru’s message; run before you fly, consider your priorities and purpose, before new pathways and adventures. Strong foundations aid success, remember your why and appreciate the rewards of time and energy invested. Respect the wonder of independence and commitment.

Top tip, reduce clutter, organise and keep the body warm and watered. Think before you speak. Allow everyone, including yourself dignity. Much peace.