888 Vibes May 2021.

Our vibe for May is one of take a breath and seek sanctuary.
As we contemplate our global and local associations and relationships, it’s a wise choice to release where we are attached to, that is false and unhealthy. Unhealthy for one is unhealthy and negative for us all. If your beliefs include a position of it’s over there or that won’t happen to me, you are engaging in a false relation.

Some aspects of culture are heavily engaged in an addictive state of being that promotes status, non empathy and discolouration. It’s costs us heavily. In the immediate sense false beliefs can promote an ideology of, what does not work for some will not be used against me. I am within, safe, considered. Time and again we are actively seeing, where this is only true until it does not serve the time and place of decision makers where resources are no longer viable, available due to over consumption, due to depletion of work force, fractured communities and instilling of ego lead outcomes as best practise. These can look like conditioning, out of date practises and hollow feeling outcomes.

Unlearning is a vital part of stepping into a world that includes you and those who don’t directly mirror. Living in a state of auto pilot, leaves us all empty, struggling with rude awakenings and confused as to how to restart and learn anew. This transition is inherently disrupted when we seek ongoing convenience. Yet we still find that at varying points, we are all now facing starting again in some aspect of how we are living.

Rebuilding is not what we are in the midst of. This is a global cultural coming of age, centric to earthed practises and ways of living, cultural identity and education, compassion, prevention versus cure. Thriving is being redefined and not by only a few. It is not truly possible that only a few will determine this update, as universal energies are shifting. In May 2021, our key for navigating is to fortify our own health, to have presence in the update of our culture. Whether this is the culture of ourselves, our home, our community, our work.

Embracing ease, as in the 888 Meditation Moment [pictured], is as simple, true and gentle as the breath. Like the butterflies wings, it does not need to be overwhelming to be effective. When gentle the breath still reaches from outside the body to deep into the lungs. Feeding our entire system. Feeding the culture of the body. This is done through quality of air, open posture, regularity of practise and willingness to try. Our sanctuary can be the mind, the body, the spirit, the spaces. You take your breath with you into thinking, feeling, sensing and your home or work. What is its quality. When we release attachments, we are creating space for options and opportunities. When these are heart centric, there is literally and figuratively space, health and prosperity for all of us.

In Feng Shui, it is recommended that if an item in your sanctuary does not illicit a happy memory or sense of joyful associations, it is best to remove it. This in turn shifts the energetic association when you are in the space. It can be as simple as sleeping without electronics turned on, or even in the room. Leave the phone in the lounge. Give yourself a break. Step away from social platforms or news if you are feeling tired, are having memory issues or can’t seem to raise interest. Cook at home, picturing love pouring into your meal as you cook. Use fresh herbs to boost immunity and vitality. Stretch before sleep, surrendering the day and opening the body for sleep repair.

Choose activities that reflect the sanctuary you seek. In your body, your mind, your spirit and your space.

Safe passage.



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888 Meditation Moment.

Right Place Right Time.
This 888 Meditation Moment, is about considering that you in fact are in the right place at the right time.
I would ask you to challenge yourself in a positive way to cultivate the idea, that any current parts of where you are, actually are in alignment with your higher self and universal synchronicity.

Yes this includes all major imperfect challenges, parts or yourself your not fully in love with and things that annoy you. These elements of current time and place are a part of what needs to be addressed. Even the very key to change with ease. The universe will repeat elements ignored by us, until we address them. Our aversion to the discomfort of wading in to navigate is not irrelevant. It is to be acknowledged. However its not a reason to stop. To sell yourself short or to distract.

With this meditation moment I ask you to consider the benefits of learning how to address not the challenging event or person, but to address yourself and how you engage. Meditation gives up a moment to look within finding intuitive solutions to new and old challenges. Building trust in ourselves. With this trust new opportunities avail themselves and from here we are in a position of choice.

Amber crystal, is made from natural resin, solidified. See how when light shines through, we are able to grasp the inner beauty. Illuminated and available. We have inner beauty. To illuminate and utilise it as a benefit, gentle consideration serves. Take a moment to think about a current challenge. What does it call forth from deeper within? Ideally how would you like to address this?

When working with clients, meditation is encouraged to support working on the soul spirit to enhance a fluid presence. This benefits day to day activities from work to emotional iq. As well as active listening, creativity and joy.
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888 Photo Series – Camellia.

My photo series started in 2020, under lock down. I’m naturally an introvert so spending more time at home with increased work from home was fine by me. After mid year, I was coping, but looking for creative inspiration. I turned to my camera.

For a long time, several years in fact, I had been ticking on our obsession with mobile phones. I grew up with a rotary dial. No I will not discuss age. Really I want to talk about the changes mobile devices have brought in, how I kept seeing my kids and others, joined at the hip to their phone. I don’t do it. Happy to have my phone in another room, I will often go out to garden and leave it inside. I text more than I call, unless its a booking with a client. Because I leave it in other rooms and always miss people calling me.

Finding it hard to comprehend the reliance on devices, it got me thinking about how I use mine, the differences in how I see other people, often with phone in hand and in a big circle of thought coming around to art. I landed on the thought that I would probably only carry mine in hand regularly when using it as a camera. As I mentioned I ticked on this for a few years, with the eventual idea setting for a photo series. I wanted to take pictures solely on my phone camera, on the go, moments in ordinary days, with ordinary objects, through an unordinary gaze. Mine.

In this Intel, I have chosen some night photos I have taken. I pretty much always rely on natural lighting, some soft lights in this series as it was about 8pm and inside. Ambient light, no direct focus on the prop. From the very beginning what fascinated me about art was how it appeared in natural light. Photosynthesis blew up my curiosity and my art. Watching charcoal drawings age on paper left in the sun. Science and art, what a combination. When I’m editing, manipulation is not the name of the game, its usually more in line with cropping to frame the shot.

This camellia was from my garden, had a glorious fragrance and it inspired me. I have used the gentle lighting and black background, a piece of glass from my Grandmothers duchess, to imply the fragrant scent of camellia as it danced into my body and lit up my heart. Excited I took the flower inside, no I didn’t pick it, it had fallen, ripe, to the ground. So delicious. I hope you enjoy and can feel encompassing comfort of my 888 Photo Series – Camellia.




Getting Into Our 888 Vibe for April 2021.

To help navigate and cultivate our way through April 2021 Vibes, the picture on the left includes 3 crystals for a 888 Meditation Moment. Tiger Eye, Chrysocolla and Labradorite. If you find yourself a little out of sorts, tired, confused or feeling like your out of luck, this photo is a visual aid. Start with 3 deep breaths, fully expand your lungs, letting your mind slow down its cycles. No need to stop thoughts, slow them. If your able, find a quiet spot to do this. If your in a busy space, pop on your head phones and listen to some nature sounds or classical music. For me at the moment, Yo Yo Ma playing Bach, is a go to.
Back to deep breaths. Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth, slows thoughts and aligns body rhythms. This sync aids immunity, clarity, heart health and centres the soul with an element of comfort in the body physical. A full cycle is a full inhalation with a pause, then a full exhalation with another pause, in 3 rounds.

In this 888 Meditation Moment we are understanding through active listening, active feeling and active attunement. A reconciliation within. A comprehension of self in the moment. A perception shift to include intuitive information. Comprehension. Keep in mind this may mean, that you see differences in what is said, the current working definition or belief and what you feel is happening.
When in this space, it is important to keep a calm bearing. Deep breathing continually supports calm. As you view a wider scope of awareness, know it’s beneficial. The information is to aid comprehension with clarity and calm to support pro active responses.

In using these 3 crystals in your space, on your body or as an image you are supporting the following:

Tiger Eye – the brown wand in the image.
A confidence boosting stone, that helps to illuminate and strengthen our mood and mental scope.
Supporting manifesting tiger eye also assists with money. A good thought to start with is; how can I balance my finances leading to current and future stability and growth? Write down your thoughts after the meditation is complete. For now, just let thoughts ebb and flow.

Chrysocolla – the blue with green inclusions in the top, underneath of the image.
Letting insight happen and flow, is part of this stones beauty. Aiding honest communications and strength. This is a tool for cycles, flow and the reconnection of heart and words. Calling in calm cleansing with wisdom for inner journeying.

Labradorite – the multi coloured lavender stone with black inclusions, bottom underneath of the image.
A personal favourite, this is a stone for joy, creation and vitality. Aiding spirit in natural rhythms and cycles, recognition of magic and a connection to it. Helping us to move between states as well as in and out of differing environments. Releasing judgement to allow focus to flow to a state of you doing you. A bearing of magical protection comes with labradorite. Part of centring self in meditation is to include self respect by seeking protection in alignment with universal vibrations. Overall this will uplift; immunity, clarity, attunement, active resonance with listening, thinking and doing.

If your looking for a mantra to include or recite try the following:

Interested in including general Feng Shui, you can place these crystals on an alter, a desk or the family spot where everyone eats. This doesn’t have to be a formal dinner set up, it can be the coffee table in the room where you all sit and watch TV, if that is where you usually eat. For a business in general terms top left corner of your desk or the reception desk. Out of sight from clients if you have a traditional reception desk with a wall of some sort. It will work just the same, with a primary intention of being for those working in the space ahead of visitors. Be clear about your intention when you place it, meaning have a clear and simple thought or statement in mind. You can use the affirmation above in capitals if your a little unclear. Once you find a spot, does it look and feel right for the intention? If so wonderful, if not adjust and do another sense check.

April energies bring with them the recognition that normal is changed. In this change we shift out of following, the societal myth. This is the myth or story we follow as a group to function as a society. In light of this we begin our sense check. What we believe, how we express this and how we relate to each other. Boundaries will move and we may feel like the sure footing of the past has evaporated. While change can be confronting, it also serves. Transitioning from out of date to a reinterpreted or freshly created modern includes phases of illumination. An ebb and flow of seeing what is not working, to address why and to redefine our how in moving forward. Calm and critical thinking in combination with an intuitive response supports healthy and positive outcomes for everyone. We are all here and all need to be included.

How we relate is a major part of this universal shift in consciousness. Relation to our inner selves in terms of dialogue, kindness and healing create a healthy transition to external expression and the relationships this connects. The old perceived boundaries of us and them are moving. As are family, neighbourhood and community at large. Culturally we see the implications in every news cycle. In settling into a calm and clear bearing internally and peacefully through meditation, we organically grow our understanding and connection to universal flow. Ease comes with every breath and peaceful action creates positive change. In knowing our inner, shadow selves we understand balance and see actions of those who are un-healed. If you wish to create a future of thriving and care, meditation is a beautifully nurturing and intrinsic step.

Start with self and overflow to others, in love.

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888 – 2021 Outlook Year of the Ox.


Welcome and Happy Lunar New Year 2021, our year of the Metal Ox.
This year starting on February 12.

Aspects – North, South.
Numbers – 1,4.
Colours – white, yellow, green.
Flowers – peach blossom, tulip.

Aspects – South West.
Numbers – 5,6.
Colours – blue.


Characteristics of Ox include; strength, determination,  diligent, honesty, loyalty, ideals, ambition, conservative, patient, steady progress, positive work ethic, educated, consistent, detailed, strategic, vitality. Characteristics they may need to work on include; weak communications, stubborn, insistence, tradition before adaption.

Family and work are primary areas to address in 2021. Utilising consistent effort Ox’s have great patience and a desire for progress. They persist with doing things in line with their ideals and capabilities. Ox’s are detailed and strategic, with the ability to put their strength behind progression toward outcomes. While this can be beneficial it can become stuck when new ways are evolving. Creating situations that ask for evolving communications.

April and November will be challenging months for Ox. With July and September being luckier.

The Ox heralds movement combining the will of tradition as primary. In contrast with the weight of baggage pulled behind. Meaning because you may be able to pull a heavy load, this does not mean you are supposed to, nor should you. As we look at family, loyalty and definitions of success, the time has come to address cost, well rounded outcomes and resistance to evolve. This year brings in energies that put us in the position of addressing our feelings to illuminate what has been ignored. As well as what is adverse for those involved and how tradition fails in remaining the same ongoing. What works from its origins deep in the past, may not serve a modern context.

Let’s do a quick summary for each of the areas of life for 2021.

Family, starting here as this is of particular focus for Ox. It is wise to remember this year that our success lies in navigating through; not demand for what has always been. Tradition serves only when it is timely. As we moved forward into our age of Aquarius, tradition is highlighted in needing to be of service in a modern context. After all this is how tradition came to be. Being present with family creates opportunities of healing, updated context and a renewed emotional connection. Transitioning from demanding fulfilment of familial legacy to an open ended dialogue. Although at times uncomfortable, even clunky, with consistent effort can lead us to a deeper connection, timely comprehension and a stronger unit for all members.

In terms of socialising, starting with family to create a more stable centre can overflow to social connections. Taking the time to decipher where and when to be social is primary for ongoing health, stability in stamina and pace, as well as presence especially in areas of social justice. This includes hot topics of race, sex and socioeconomic influences. Communicating with your wider community will incorporate a new approach to replace stand and deliver tactics for getting to know one another. Calling on us to actively listen, address our own beliefs with a view to growth and to continue talking to educate ourselves and those in our communities. This is with a world wide view as interactions are now playing in a global system.

In terms of health and socialising, discrepancies continue to be highlighted, with a renewed view on our global home and the necessity for a mantra of being healthy for all. Due diligence is a highlight for 2021 in all areas, however I add it under social aspects to remind us it is always a good idea to ask questions, seek out true information and weigh your options for the desired outcome. Especially in health.

Our health aspect connects with abundance in 2021. Hence socioeconomics of health are part of the play through. Health is our first wealth. Supporting us to a new view of social traditions and systems. Asking the question how do we have a more rounded approach in creating true healing. Stepping us into, healing of deep wounds, with both communities and individuals. As mentioned previously stamina is an issue.

Proper rest and self recognition relates to health in light of the following;

Do address your social meter in terms of health?

Do you spend time in places that invigorate and help to maintain your immune system?

Do you support and actively influence culture with health in mind?

Do you act from kindness and compassion in terms of what you require with your specific personality? Including how this relates to and influences others.

We are currently building bridges to releasing arrogance, unhealthy ego, narcissism and changing the view of the shadow self from negative to a positive aspect in a truer understanding of what shadow is and how when utilised as a knowledge base, is of great service. A vital aspect to balance in our health for body, mind and spirit.

Emotionally, this supports balance in large numbers for mental health, adding to creativity, opportunity and our belief in having a future, as well as stability. This is where steady progress is fortifying and allows new habits and perspectives to flourish through regular engagement free of the negative connotations of discipline. Opening a more vital approach to how we relate internally, for a healthier external expression. Leading to manifesting for ourselves and relating to others, in support, releasing out of date emotional pedestals that hinder true understanding and challenge to our systemic and cultural  definitions of tradition. This provides opportunities for courage in regular sense checking and tweaking behaviour as you go. Aiding to improve connections, with self and those in our care.

Emotional integrity finds a new sense of self as in large numbers we see the in real time benefits. In turn helping us to recognise what is not healthy and a quicker uptake in releasing it.

Work wise 2021 can have ongoing energetic elements of being hectic, calling on lots of brain power to problem solve, due diligence – be sure to check your work, technological influences creating major dynamic shifts through industry, work force utilisation and culture. To be on the front foot is to continue education, be it new systems and platforms, formal education programs or group discussion aimed at openly raising what is not working and workshopping to find solutions. Patience in trial and error can be a positive add in when you comprehend there is no right or wrong, merely learning.

Hierarchy and authority will go through several phases of movement throughout the year. Hence stamina and health self care are important. If you are in an authority position it is wise to understand your personal why. Coming from this space to address calls of integrity and responsibility to multiple sectors of communities will help you find the words and actions that are well received.

Finance is a major focus as a pinch point in terms of hierarchy, platforms and true cost to planet and beings. Sustainability takes on a stronger focus not only for environment but also for us in maintaining the demand of greed. Unrealistic demands and expectations will be put under a different and deeper scope, a linking of historic building and bridging culminating in current systems. As the long term influences of these systems are more accessible and documented. The phrase, their own words comes to mind as the power of what we speak either haunts or helps. Be aware of what you are willing to do and say in name of greed under the guise of success.

This is why integrity comes into focus with a modern interpretation enacted throughout years end and into 2022 end of financial year implications. The global movement of workforces the cut and run end of contracting changes in favour of localisation and a grounded definition. Not all multigenerational plans land as expected, with more than anticipated being illuminated. As more people bear the true cost, the voracity of peoples blatant opinions has hard outcomes as we all declare and work through our conditioning around value and worth as well as what we want, what we need and desire to thrive. These blatant declarations can be the launching pad for education and evolution for redesigning all our futures.

Spiritually speaking, Ox energies highlight temperance. What we feed upon to nourish ourselves and the inherent value of all beings in line with what we all actually need to survive and then thrive. True thriving comes when we are connected, committed and willing to actively listen to our inner calling. This calling educates our soul selves about direction. Creating mandates that are harming to ourselves or others, is destruction. Not survival to thrive. History and the systemisation of our beings brought into open forums for more than one opinion and resonance, cycles in and out through the year. Individually it is wise to continue devotional practices. Communing with nature, kindness and growth are key components to focus on in prayer or meditation. Draw on stillness and quiet time for strength. Create calm space within to overflow in service of our wider community. Including nature and allowing the wildness in us to have freedom of breath, supports navigating through the cycles that challenge us to grow, with as much ease and grace as possible.

In summary, micro steps are progression. Keep your learner mindset on for your active listening. Allow self and others dignity, especially in making decisions. Cultivate awareness of traditional benefits and hinderances. Utilise the mantra of ‘works for all’ aligned with transparent simplicity to put out fires and to create good, positive, healthy, widely defined options and solutions.

Safe passage and wishing you a healthy, wealthy and wise 2021.