888 Crystal grids

We have 888 Crystal Grids in our Atelier. To celebrate Ruby has decided to share a couple of 888 Crystal Grids for free, for you to try them out.

The goal is to help you build your crystal use, knowledge and tool kit. Coming with a body map for where to place the crystals, a mantra to base your intention & meditation focus on, Ruby has aligned them with the month energies. Above you can see we have the 888 Crystal Grid used in March and below for April both in 2022.

When treating yourself by gridding with crystals, an intention gives you a focus point and gently guides the healing direction. You can simply relax, rest, letting the crystals get to pulsing with your auric field. If you meditate, some gentle music or piano instrumentals are a good base for audio and will work with the crystals and your intention activation. Not long term practised at meditating, no problem. Simply rest with your crystals in place, gentle tunes in the background, in a room that lets you have a quiet 30 minutes. Read the intention and allow yourself to contemplate it. What does it mean for you? How can you be kind to yourself in engaging in activating or following the intention? Then let your body soften and breath as deeply as your able. Let all the energies of the moment provide protection and alignment.

Remember to give yourself a moment to re-engage in the space where you are as you close the meditation and grid session. Drink a glass of water and have a small bite to eat. Keeping any foods as natural and unprocessed as your able. This can be a piece of fruit, a serve of home made meals, the key is not to over eat. Eat slowly and with gratitude.

Try these two grids out. Ruby has over 3 decades experience as a Healer and Energy Worker. From this vast experience, she creates the grids to synchronise with the current energy patterns. Meaning they are best used from the dates they are for, not previous. So the 888 March Grid is suitable and aligns well from March 2022 forward. We hope you love using them as much as we do.

A note from Ruby –
“ I started using grids in my 20’s. They let me feel rested, safe and still enough to really let the meditation slow my monkey mind. For several years I was using them on myself, then my kids to help them sleep and synchronise their coordination. As they grew it also developed their ability to articulate and stay calm. Eventually making its way into my Healing practise, working with new Mum’s and their babies, new borns love crystal grids. I have had chefs use them to support physical fatigue as well as staying calm in a busy kitchen during service. Other healers have found them to be so helpful in creating a restored auric field and comprehension of spiritual downloading of information. Now it is my easiest go to for restoration and healing. I use them when travelling also. I really hope you all enjoy these grids as much as I’m enjoying them and creating them for all of you. Much peace and big love”.

888 Water Glass Mantras

888 Sample Mantras.

Welcome to 888 Intel. Having had a short break in posting cycles, it felt like a good idea to share some 888 mantras for you to use at home, work or any old time you feel you want to support yourself in living the life you love.

When working with clients, I channel appropriate energies in support of the client, topic & resonance requirements for the consultation. To maintain good energetic hygiene & enjoy work without exhausting myself or creating illness, I often utilise mantras. These video examples are written on the go, then my water glass placed on top. As you may or may not know, water holds memories. If we look to the work of Masaru Emoto, we also know that water takes on the energetic property of a message in physical contact with the glass. Hence our mantras work for us when we drink them. Adding to our health resonance, as the mantra water in the glass mixes with the water content in our body. Think of it like we are the message we drink.

To breakdown the mantra & its connected intention for the body to process, let’s take a look at todays example.

Our current culture disengages us from our natural circadian rhythms, lowering our immune systems, impacting critical assessment & altering our acknowledgement of the need for legitimate rest. Many have forgotten, how even in stillness there is necessary activity. Remember being still is not doing nothing. Our entire systems require stillness for feeling good. Recent studies have shown direct improvement in brain function with regular intervals of silence. Not having this can create a type of distress internally, causing different types of chaos in our day to day activities. Overall we become like a computer that goes into sleep mode, without ever shutting down (sleeping or resting) to reboot, fresh & with systems synchronised.

This can look like, being in a relaxing activity or space but your mind is still jumping from place to place, a lack of clarity or cohesion & talking negatively. Making it difficult to enjoy the relaxing part of where you are. Taking the rejuvenation that should be part of this moments story.

Letting go of always gotta be doing something – Consider this statement. Can you remember the last time you were still enough to take a look around? Didn’t wonder where your phone was? Even let it ring without answering?

Our cultural extreme fatigue leaves a lot to be desired. Much unfulfilled. Even if you love the hustle, a battery running 24/7 eventually stops. Letting go of always… lets you come up for air. This provides valuable subconscious synchronising throughout your bodies systems, physical, emotional & mental. Sometimes the nothing is the something your doing. How would you like to feel more cohesive, internally, with your environment, with others?

You can use the mantras above, write one of your own or find a quote you have a positive physical response to. Place your paper under the glass, allow it to sit for a couple of moments & enjoy. Cheers to you having more peaceful moments.

888 Intel.
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HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2022 Year of the Water Tiger.
Each 888 posts an annual forecast. This year most of this info is in the video above. Keep reading for a few extra details to help you navigate for 2022.

A few of the emotional aspects to be activated in 2022 are ambition, competition & recklessness. Cultivating communications & equal exchange is going to help stretch perspectives. Colours to help you breath deeply & ease into the stretch include; green, blue, red & yellow. As an accent utilise gold & white. Brown is no ally this year.
Into crystals? Then look to clear quartz, pearl, selenite, amber & citrine. The last two are direct support for health & abundance. Place with intention on your altar or still space within the home or office. Where possible place to catch some natural light, sunlight will keep the energy light & issues illuminated.

Everyone will take a turn at feeling uncomfortable this year. This can play into communications, within & externally. As a collective how people respond & feel is on the move. First step is to stay calm, then clarify emotions. When addressing kids, ask questions, create space for them to know it’s safe to share & listen. In addressing yourself & the shadow inner, be kind. Often we starve ourselves of inner knowledge due to fear based thinking & judgement. Be kind to yourself here, soften the judgement & let your soul have breathing space.
For business, senior executives & international trading, demands of terms are your focus throughout. Know where you can flex & where you need to stand fast. Do your due diligence on the numbers, be clear about properties of products in manufacturing & keep your integrity all the way through from concept to user experience. Hidden agendas will not be able to play to fruition in 2022.

Segregation in communities is looking for the opportunity to push boundaries this year. Consider this from a global scale as we see on the news, there is a lot in play. Also look to your local community, we are all stressed, recovering from illness & the shift from what we all considered our normal. Check in to your community. Ask if people are okay. Offer to help where you feel is appropriate for you. Be respectful. This as we move through the months, will connect into new perspectives, how you want to action them & new connections. Remember learning is a priority this year.

Releasing the urge to push & demand results will increasingly be viewed as toxic, generating the related responses. Our 2022 is here to give us an opportunity to act differently. To create space to see things in a new perspective. To educate our memories out of same as it’s always been. This can be very healing, especially when our ego is humbled willingly.

True power is in being present. Connected to the moment. Collaborating with ourselves & universal energies brings alignment this year. Harmony in movement, comprehension & expression. Calling forward new options, beginnings & healthy transitions. How can you care & engage in a more healthy manner?

Eating less processed & more fresh foods. Moving the body, without adding to its stress levels. Bringing an aspect of joy, relaxation & soft awareness to your days improves the bodies immunity, vitality & brain function. Cleansing the physical space does the same. Whether that’s smudging or removing clutter, adding easy storage for kids to self organise or changing out that old mattress for a new one. For work, look at explicit language, contracts, healthy cultures where there is engaged conversation & active listening have less gossip. This alone lifts morale, reduces sick days & slows high staff turn over.
Generally speaking, seek to understand nuance, be patient & cultivate spaces of light & shade, meaning, difference through nuance can add to your success.

2022 Has the cards above in its energy, adding to our insight.
Wild & pure hearts come with clarity, addressing freedom, innocence, authenticity, acknowledgement & integrity. How do you feel about rescue, hope, dreams & possibilities.
The counsel of crystals for me is always happening. I don’t really leave my house without them. I’m actually holding a piece of turquoise in the video. Crystals represent & engage earth elements, grounding & support stability. They when used in with meditation & healing aid thinking before acting. Nourishment of the body, mind, spirit & space. Power & care combine in crystals. Attending to dreams, desires, balance, justice, integrity & honesty. As well as freedom from cruelty.
Being light of heart, does not equal careless. Think in terms of care free. Free from burdens, unrealistic expectations, habits that don’t serve anymore. What will create a better tomorrow for you? What does care free, worry free look like to you? Is it financial freedom, a new job, what do you need to learn about to reduce your stress? Cultivate the lightness within. Acts of integrity lead to peace, transformation, clarity & self awareness. These can lead to ease, healthy challenge, less aggression & war mentalities. Fostering peace in disposition, actions & mindset lead to knowing joy.
Facing your shadow relates to knowing yourself & walking in your truth. Allowing permission for function before form is part of being kind to yourself. Creating space for more than what has come before.

This forecast is an example of some aspects or working with 888. We address body, mind, spirit & spaces. Working with senior executives & high worth individuals, as well as our extended community. If your engaged & wanting greater results in being an agent of change get in touch with 888.
Let us know your points of interest for your consultation.

Safe Passage in 2022.

2022 Year of the Tiger.

We are in preparation for 2022, Year of the Water Tiger here at 888. Currently we are in the beginning and transitional energies. The key point to remember and enact is no pushing, of any kind. Cultivate going with the feeling of the moment. Stay grounded and keep communications going as best you can. To give our body mind soul the biggest reprieve, silence. Spend time with your thoughts, then let them fade, making space in the moment.

Key tips into the new year…
~ no pushing or demanding.
~ centre yourself in the idea of collaboration.
~ create time in silence.
~ find small ways to daily integrate ways of being better: eat better, gentle exercise, look after your spaces, tidy & eat as cleanly as possible.

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More Joy. More Win, Win.

What if like this tree, with its beautiful extras, we are growing and textured. On first glance a tree your walking past. No biggie. For some reason you look up. Your stopped, a gasp escapes you. You think about walking right past it. But can’t. We are all compelled to look. Closer.
Up close, it’s a mix of colour tones, shapes, layers. There thriving, unhindered. 

When did you last feel unhindered? Not the day dream version where challenges and difficulty stops and we all frolick. I’m talking about where you are fully centred, aware of current bearings and seeing the challenge, understand and engage with it, in full knowledge of how it helps you?
When the mind is truly still, and you feel like no matter what is happening, you have inner scope and space. Do you remember your mind being still? Not making lists, replaying events, an ongoing undercurrent dialogue. How long has it been since you were connected and reflecting yourself in this manner? Do you remember why its valuable?

Where is the open ended play? The no judgement zero sum game? While you may scoff and tell yourself that doesn’t exist anymore, nor is it needed. Can you answer why and still feel good, connected and fully aware and present in self. Uncharged by what ever it is you are being either caught up in or engaging with. Can you hold it till its a win, win?

Can you hold momentum, presentation, development and successive achievements? 888 Clients can. Each in differing ways, stages and growth patterns. Different layers, yet all of them are discovering, developing and continuing with these differences. Embracing them and having them serve. Part of my work favourites includes getting the call that yet another client, got the promotion, handled the situation, spoke clearly and eloquently in ‘that’ space. I feel joy to my very bones, smiling and happy for them. The change my work supports in the lives of others is marvellous. It is healing. A win, win. Beautiful in difference, layers and colour.

One of my most recent calls, was to here that a client got the promotion. Well deserved and a great achievement. Working together we have doubled this clients direct salary income in a few years. Yes consistently before and through covid‘s climate. Other clients call to express their relief at the end of a pattern and to share their excitement at what that means we work on next. A call can be about the furniture arrangement and how within 24 hours, bookings were gaining. A shift in the types of people booking and their demeanour creating new vigour in my 888 clients. This is part of the rewards for me. Part of my joy.

Today, I’m asking you, would you like more joy? Would you like to transform the understanding your currently working with to an updated version that works better. Allowing you to transform where you may feel stagnant. Yes there is work, be it moving the furniture, letting go of an outdated definition and its emotions or relief and easier breathing because it feels better. Work in this way, is not heavy or tiring. It’s stepping through a doorway that you already know is there. A dance with the universe. Growing in layers, textures and colours. More joy. More win, win.

With intentional touch comes healing.
Safe Passage, R. 

Would you like to know more? Make a booking for a phone consultation, remote healing or strategy session? Get in touch with 888.