Full Moon December 12/2019.


For our full moon this month, on December 12 at 4.12pm AEDST, it would be wise to consider finalising, completing and consolidating what you have been working on and towards.

As tensions build to create adjustments based on behaviour, karma and adjustments being made, keep in mind being patient, renewed respect and commitment for your goals.  This moon brings energies of clearly seeing relationship dynamics that are negative & unhealthy creating disharmony.  There will be uncomfortable and unpredictable tensions to tip for karmic balance to restore.

There are karmic consequences for manipulating, guilt tripping and subversive tactics.  If you can meditate or have subconscious awareness, it will decrease the emotional and energy drain, as well as over coming obstacles supporting impartial and balanced views, especially around intimate relationships.  Be aware of feelings of jealousy, possessiveness, infatuation, spying, even falling for negative or dangerous people as instant attraction has active potential.  Give openly with no catches or hidden agendas in support of calling in what you desire.

Call in patience and determination as we are in a phase of lesser resources and time, for extra responsibilities that can land unexpectedly.  Forcing us to look at what is not working.  Learn what to let go of, as loss, hardship and disappointment come in, if its broken fix it or release it.  With critical points creating events to restore balance, especially around relationships, can look like an argument to affairs, internal imbalance around body image and self love.  As cravings rise keep in mind its best not to over indulge, as actions have karmic repercussions right now.  Cultivate thoughts around mothers here, to help resolve overall during this time.

Emotions heightened are emotional coldness, guilt, fear, heavy work load, emotional vulnerabilities, personal and professional imbalance, your needs and the need of others and imbalances.  Self control is tested as is patience, dedication, trust, loyalty, forgiveness however they can if addressed, create a renewed commitment and restoration.

Female warrior energy is amplified for your needs right now, bringing courage, energy, renowned and eminent friends, fighting spirit, strategic talents, quick decision making, advance and success.  Particularly on the 12th, be aware of aggressiveness, belligerence, tendency to fight futile or lost causes and danger of sudden dishonour.  Supporting female energies brings in, good fortune, assertiveness, a mighty tongue, be aware to men this can appear as nasty and bad tempered aggression.  Stay as grounded as possible.

Overall what we are working on is our perspectives around being strong, dignified, self controlled, constancy and inconstancy, arrogance, violence, impiety, danger of treachery and prosperity in trade especially by voyaging national or internationally.  These aspects all relate to our nourishment, hence the mother aspects to be considered.

There is luck in hunting, wealth, military prowess, traitors and deserters, revolts, borders and boundaries disputes, positive outcomes in regards to construction, think a good time to sell your property, development etc.  We are addressing our structural culture as a people, in regards to male dominance, patriarchal systems, power and success from forethought and strategy to rapid moving conditions.  Adaptability is a female base in energy, strength with flexibility, calm considerations, speaking from truth with compassion, allowing time required for actual change and dealing with the uncomfortable.  These are shifting to karmic balance, keep it clean to keep your good karma and fortune in play.

Keep it fluid, light stepping, a little goes a long way.  Much love for your full moon.

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A Midas Touch with 888.


Midas Touch if you haven’t heard of it, is from Greek mythology.  Referring to King Midas of Phrygia part of the ancient Kingdom of Anatolia.  It was the dominant kingdom in Asia Minor from c.1200-700BC.  Having Persian and Roman borders at the time.  Centring on the Sangarios River, eventually being part of the conquests of the time.

Phrygian power reached its peak late in the 8th century under King Midas.  His story is a tale of avarice.  He was granted a wish from Dionysus for finding Silenus sleeping in Midas’s rose gardens.  The following morning, after being granted the ability to turn whatever he touched to gold, King Midas understood the warning around his wish.  His food turned to gold, as did his daughter on embracing her.  Adoring of his daughter the King became distraught, in fear and despair he prayed for the wish to be removed.  Dionysus directed him to wash his hands in the Pactolus River, returning his hand to normal, as did all things he touched.  This resulted in a great shift within King Midas to love and appreciation.  He grew to become more generous and grateful.

Not being able to recognise what is a blessing or a curse is often a central part of how we try to process and create solutions.  Midas was blinded by desire that he did not willingly control.  This in turn lead to what could be called an imbalanced negotiation.  The results on him became devastating, through the mercy of a second chance he was able to see clearly what was of real value to him.

If your looking to engage and give yourself a second chance, there are several gratitude actions to support your goal.

  1. Look after something else, water plants, play with your pet.  Responsibility supports learning.
  2. Fuel your body mind spirit.
  3. Release guilt and shame.  Spend time in gentle sunlight.
  4. Be kind to yourself.
  5. Drink lots of water.  Staying hydrated supports clear thought, as does Flourite crystal.  Hold the crystal as you drink your water.

When we are building habits that step us into our Golden Path… our Midas touch, we are best served by keeping things simple.  Simple planning, thoughts, words, actions and appreciations.  Where do you see value in your world?

Remember hold the crystal while drinking your water.

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Breakfast with Ita Buttrose AC, OBE


The joy that is Ita Buttrose AC, OBE.

On walking into the room, the warmth of spirit embraced you.  Adding to the morning’s surprises were friendly faces and moments to catch up.  Citing the guest of honour, was a quick moment that is embedded in my brain, part clarity, part blur.  There are few people that stand out through presence & legitimate bearing, Ita Buttrose is one of them.



Her stories are generous, inclusive & delightful.  She is warm, immediately engaging, a fountain of knowledge her stat’s were amazing, from her days with Cleo; with sales from approximately, 860 000 a week, to now, magazines in print combined selling 300 000 on average per month.  You become very aware of the scope of knowledge at Ita’s disposal.  She is encouraging, motivating & honestly delightful, I was a fan before, but it wasn’t long into her speech when I realised I had fallen in love with Ita.  When I saw that her notes were hand written I was smitten.  Obviously I’m a fan.  It seemed to me, that each person in the room was grateful & appreciative of being in company with Ita.  With an ease & grace that was relaxed & highlighting of her comic timing, Ita is relatable, hilarious, discerning, playful & a true representative of & for our country.

An icon for her career & achievements, Ita Buttrose is good company to start the day with.  Simplicity with honesty & integrity spot the story lines, displaying the depth of her character.  Humbling to say the least.

If you get the opportunity to listen to Ita Buttrose, stop, be present, listen & recognise the joy & greatness you are in the presence of.  Bow down to Ita Buttrose.

Ita if you read this, Thank you for the photo.





An abridged list of Ita Buttrose’s accomplishments.

  • Women’s Editor the Telegraph at 23.
  • Woman’s Own, Great Britain, national magazine.
  • Telegraph on returning to Australia.
  • 1971, Founding Editor Cleo magazine.  Launched in 1972, with a sealed section & the first nude male centrefold, Jack Thompson.
  • 1975-76, Australian Women’s Weekly.
  • 1976-78, Editor in Chief Cleo & Australian Women’s Weekly.
  • 1979, Officer of the Order of the British Empire, OBE.
  • 1978-81, Publisher of Australian Consolidated Press Women’s division.
  • 1981-84, Editor in Chief Daily Telegraph & Sunday Telegraph.
  • 1984, Board of News Limited.
  • 1980, Television appearances.
  • 1984, Variety Personality of the Year.
  • 1984-88, Chairwoman National Advisory Board on Aids [NACAIDS].
  • 1988, Officer of the Order of Australia, AO.
  • Launched Capricorn Publishing & ‘Ita’ magazine.  As well as being Chief Executive Officer.
  • Variety Clubs Personality of the Year.
  • Australian Academy of Broadcast Arts & Sciences Most Promising Newcomer to Radio.
  • 1993, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.
  • Australian of the Year.
  • Amarant – National Menopause Foundation.
  • Sydney Women’s Festival.
  • Safety House.
  • National Institute Secretaries & Administrators.
  • K G Murray Leisure Group.
  • Director Australian Advisory Board.
  • Director Prudential Corporation Trust Australia.
  • Director Television & Telecasters Pty Ltd.
  • Awarded the Hartnett Medal.
  • President Chief Executive Women.
  • President National Opera Festival.
  • Buttrose & Dominguez Design.
  • Ambassador & patron to Women of Vision, World Vision Australia, University of Third Age.
  • Member Federal Government Conference for Older Australians.
  • Chairwoman of Australian Services Nurses National Memorial Fund.
  • Director Smith Family Australia.
  • Member Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code Complaints Adjudication Panel.
  • GST Customer Advocate Woolworths Supermarket Chain.
  • Director Terraplanet Ltd.
  • Inducted into the Victorian Honour Roll of Women.
  • Chairwoman Terraplanet Ltd.
  • Television appearances between 1990 & 2016 across all major networks in Australia.
  • 2001, Inducted into the Victorian Honour Roll of Women.
  • 2003, Centenary Medal.
  • 2011-2014, President Alzheimers Australia.
  • 2013, Australian of the Year.
  • 2014, Honorary Doctor of Letters Macquarie University.
  • 2015, Second Honorary Doctor of Letters University of Wollongong.
  • 2017, Kennedy Awards, Outstanding Lifetime Achievement for Excellence in Journalism.
  • 2018, University New South Wales Honorary Doctor of the University Degree.
  • 2019, Appointed Companion [AC] in General Division Order of Australia for eminent service to community through leadership in the media, the arts & the health sector as a role model.
  • 2019, Chairwoman Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

As you can see Ita Buttrose exemplifies the mantra of working woman, leading the way, breaking ground & raising others as she goes.  I look forward to her embodiment of the ABC Chair & the inevitable advancements that will follow.