In deciding to grow, we are declaring a position of loosening our grip on the wheel, so to speak. Allowing the unfolding to happen, so we can add to our knowledge base. Looking at our options in light of learning, we are making the decision to grow. To step beyond our immediate view.

Firstly lets look at our definition of growth. Growing is not striving for an unspecified goal to the point of exhaustion. There is no satisfaction point following this method. However, if we include in our definition that grow mindsets actually start with relax, we offer ourselves a balance of stability and open thinking. This in turn lets us breath deeper. More vital, clear, calm.

To add to success, keep in mind that you can start small. Be playful. Don’t force yourself to get it all right perfectly first or once. If you are successful in growing, you may want to repeat this practise.

Our key tips for southern hemisphere autumn to winter are; proper rest, stretch before lying down; proper nourishment, don’t over indulge; communication, with self then with others. Allow yourself to know where you stand. From here you can find success.