To help navigate and cultivate our way through April 2021 Vibes, the picture on the left includes 3 crystals for a 888 Meditation Moment. Tiger Eye, Chrysocolla and Labradorite. If you find yourself a little out of sorts, tired, confused or feeling like your out of luck, this photo is a visual aid. Start with 3 deep breaths, fully expand your lungs, letting your mind slow down its cycles. No need to stop thoughts, slow them. If your able, find a quiet spot to do this. If your in a busy space, pop on your head phones and listen to some nature sounds or classical music. For me at the moment, Yo Yo Ma playing Bach, is a go to.
Back to deep breaths. Breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth, slows thoughts and aligns body rhythms. This sync aids immunity, clarity, heart health and centres the soul with an element of comfort in the body physical. A full cycle is a full inhalation with a pause, then a full exhalation with another pause, in 3 rounds.

In this 888 Meditation Moment we are understanding through active listening, active feeling and active attunement. A reconciliation within. A comprehension of self in the moment. A perception shift to include intuitive information. Comprehension. Keep in mind this may mean, that you see differences in what is said, the current working definition or belief and what you feel is happening.
When in this space, it is important to keep a calm bearing. Deep breathing continually supports calm. As you view a wider scope of awareness, know it’s beneficial. The information is to aid comprehension with clarity and calm to support pro active responses.

In using these 3 crystals in your space, on your body or as an image you are supporting the following:

Tiger Eye – the brown wand in the image.
A confidence boosting stone, that helps to illuminate and strengthen our mood and mental scope.
Supporting manifesting tiger eye also assists with money. A good thought to start with is; how can I balance my finances leading to current and future stability and growth? Write down your thoughts after the meditation is complete. For now, just let thoughts ebb and flow.

Chrysocolla – the blue with green inclusions in the top, underneath of the image.
Letting insight happen and flow, is part of this stones beauty. Aiding honest communications and strength. This is a tool for cycles, flow and the reconnection of heart and words. Calling in calm cleansing with wisdom for inner journeying.

Labradorite – the multi coloured lavender stone with black inclusions, bottom underneath of the image.
A personal favourite, this is a stone for joy, creation and vitality. Aiding spirit in natural rhythms and cycles, recognition of magic and a connection to it. Helping us to move between states as well as in and out of differing environments. Releasing judgement to allow focus to flow to a state of you doing you. A bearing of magical protection comes with labradorite. Part of centring self in meditation is to include self respect by seeking protection in alignment with universal vibrations. Overall this will uplift; immunity, clarity, attunement, active resonance with listening, thinking and doing.

If your looking for a mantra to include or recite try the following:

Interested in including general Feng Shui, you can place these crystals on an alter, a desk or the family spot where everyone eats. This doesn’t have to be a formal dinner set up, it can be the coffee table in the room where you all sit and watch TV, if that is where you usually eat. For a business in general terms top left corner of your desk or the reception desk. Out of sight from clients if you have a traditional reception desk with a wall of some sort. It will work just the same, with a primary intention of being for those working in the space ahead of visitors. Be clear about your intention when you place it, meaning have a clear and simple thought or statement in mind. You can use the affirmation above in capitals if your a little unclear. Once you find a spot, does it look and feel right for the intention? If so wonderful, if not adjust and do another sense check.

April energies bring with them the recognition that normal is changed. In this change we shift out of following, the societal myth. This is the myth or story we follow as a group to function as a society. In light of this we begin our sense check. What we believe, how we express this and how we relate to each other. Boundaries will move and we may feel like the sure footing of the past has evaporated. While change can be confronting, it also serves. Transitioning from out of date to a reinterpreted or freshly created modern includes phases of illumination. An ebb and flow of seeing what is not working, to address why and to redefine our how in moving forward. Calm and critical thinking in combination with an intuitive response supports healthy and positive outcomes for everyone. We are all here and all need to be included.

How we relate is a major part of this universal shift in consciousness. Relation to our inner selves in terms of dialogue, kindness and healing create a healthy transition to external expression and the relationships this connects. The old perceived boundaries of us and them are moving. As are family, neighbourhood and community at large. Culturally we see the implications in every news cycle. In settling into a calm and clear bearing internally and peacefully through meditation, we organically grow our understanding and connection to universal flow. Ease comes with every breath and peaceful action creates positive change. In knowing our inner, shadow selves we understand balance and see actions of those who are un-healed. If you wish to create a future of thriving and care, meditation is a beautifully nurturing and intrinsic step.

Start with self and overflow to others, in love.

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