I wanted to clarify where to get in touch with 888.
We no longer accept enquiries through our social media accounts. You are welcome to touch base and message on these platforms, however, we do not guarantee a timely reply.
If your enquiring about bookings, blends, events and interviews please be sure and drop us a line.
You can get in touch by clicking the email link below, underlined and in bold.
Or you can visit our home page for 888 and click the link at the bottom of the page.
Like getting your updates to your mail box? Please click the link top right of the page for a drop down menu, add your details and Intel comes direct to you.
888 Appreciates your understanding that, we as a boutique business are not available to monitor socials due to prioritised bookings.

Here is a quick break down of our fee structure. All bookings are paid prior to booking for it to start.

Email Consult – Ask 3 questions. Cards are picked and photo added to email. The clock starts as Ruby begins writing.
There is no loss of accuracy for this type of consultation.
$95 [excluding GST].

Phone Consult – A 1 hour booking. Great for personal consultations and executives. The majority of 888 consultations are done in this manner. Be sure to mention any time differences and add your contact details; email, time zone and phone. No Sunday consultations.
$250 /hr – Personal [excluding GST].
$500 /hr – Executive [excluding GST].

Remote Healing – Healings are done as they would be were you attending in person. Starting with a 5 minute phone call to link, we then hang up and begin your healing. Photos of the crystal grid and after care tips are personalised to your healing and emailed after. At end of healing a second 5 minute phone call with you to bring you back to your surrounds. Please choose a quiet and undisturbed space to recline in for duration of entire healing consultation. Most clients find remote healing is stronger than an in room healing, this is due to the fact that there are no jarring sensations from exiting into public or hectic spaces as well as for example no driving or public transport immediately after. A much gentler experience, with a deeper outcome.
Time frame 1 hour.
$350 /hr [excluding GST].

Other options:
Teams, Corporate, Events – P.O.A.
Include in your Brief – Contact Name, Email and Phone, Website, Publication Name and details relevant for application.

If you have any further enquiries, 888 looks forward to hearing from you.

Get in touch with 888

Safe Passage.