Our full moon in April, brings increased pressure around how we feel, restrictions & energy draining, illness, addictions, over sensitivity especially around medications, mistrust, suspicion & paranoia.  To address the energy flow & navigating I recommend grounding the body, stand barefoot in the yard, garden, let the sun touch your skin while you have a break from work.  Crystals to add to your calm include blue lace agate, citrine, selenite, emerald, lapis lazuli, amethyst, orange calcite, green calcite for the unwell – wash once a week for general flu, every couple of days for stronger illness, special needs children & elderly.  Moonstone, hematite & tibetan quartz to soften the enormity of what we are all processing.

Keeping spaces, alters & storage tidy will diminish troublesome vibes, adding to calm indoors.  Gardening in the morning or late afternoon, will support release deep breathing for meditation, grounding & a relaxed awareness for processing.

As we reach a peak in pressure, actively remind yourself to be kind, speak calmly & allow everyone dignity, including yourself.  Take a moment to consider responses & circumstances.  This can include email over phone calls, mail gives you time to construct your response from a neutral position, to continue to communicate & progress.  Think about how to make it possible to include everyone in looking after each other to feel connected.  As we reprioritise, be patient, willing to let go of what is no longer a high priority & concede to the evidence of what is a new priority.  Staying fluid in your approach, suspending judgement & respectful kindness will serve us all well.

This full moon’s energy will ripple for 2 weeks.  Safe Passage.









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