Consultation can be a reading, a walk through, full audit with plans or a phone conversation, depending on your requirements.  As a general overview, 888 services centre around natural remedies, designed in consultation to promote development.  This includes areas of Personal Growth, Professional Advancement, Team Development, Homes & Commercial Properties, for further examples of application, please scan the list below.

  • Peak Coaching
  • Feng Shui Styling – Personal / Proffesional
  • Insight
  • Blockages
  • Awakening
  • Recovery
  • Strategy
  • Market Trends Globally & Locally
  • Interiors
  • Audits – Commercial & Residential Spaces
  • Sales & Market Assessment
  • Packaging & Branding Assessment
  • Product Ingredient Assessment
  • Auspicious Dates & Locations – Renovating/Breaking Ground/Building
  • Site Sanctification [great for in between Tenants or for Property Sale]
  • Personal Consultations relating to Relationships, Family Dynamics, Individual Development & Special Needs.

Health & Enterprise are areas of speciality.

Ruby has a referral network of trusted associates, should your needs require.