More Joy. More Win, Win.

What if like this tree, with its beautiful extras, we are growing and textured. On first glance a tree your walking past. No biggie. For some reason you look up. Your stopped, a gasp escapes you. You think about walking right past it. But can’t. We are all compelled to look. Closer. Up close, it’s […]

Surrendering What You Know.

It’s been a minute since I posted and today I want to take a moment to speak with you about joy. As we feel the push of moving forward, countries and businesses opening up for trade and travel, it seems there is an unspoken panic at play. A low volume vibe that puts us all […]

Art Precinct Walking.

The August sun is beautiful in the afternoon. Walking through Southbank in Brisbane I got my art fix and while walking around took candid photos. The light play, shapes and contrast of old Brisbane with the new strikes me and finds a new appreciation for watching the art scene as well as the changing landscape […]

August Transitions 2021.

Transition is such a part of our lives. Right now it feels like everything is moving and yet standing still at the same time. Old boundaries and parameters no longer seem to apply or be the right fit. In this light, 888 is changing as well. I do hope you enjoy our updated portal. Bookings, […]