888 Crystal grids

We have 888 Crystal Grids in our Atelier. To celebrate Ruby has decided to share a couple of 888 Crystal Grids for free, for you to try them out. The goal is to help you build your crystal use, knowledge and tool kit. Coming with a body map for where to place the crystals, a […]


HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2022 Year of the Water Tiger.Each 888 posts an annual forecast. This year most of this info is in the video above. Keep reading for a few extra details to help you navigate for 2022. A few of the emotional aspects to be activated in 2022 are ambition, competition & recklessness. Cultivating […]

2022 Year of the Tiger.

We are in preparation for 2022, Year of the Water Tiger here at 888. Currently we are in the beginning and transitional energies. The key point to remember and enact is no pushing, of any kind. Cultivate going with the feeling of the moment. Stay grounded and keep communications going as best you can. To […]