Seer, Fortune Teller, Psychic… I like Clairvoyant.

We are the ones who are gifted with an ability to peak beyond the veil that supports this world and spirit.  As time flows by, it is our agents who assist with smoothing understanding, translating messages and following threads.  Delving into time and space for our adelphi [brothers and sisters], is a time honoured tradition.   If you have not partaken in this tradition or perhaps aren’t sure about how it can support you or your business, take a look at a couple of case studies in this 3 part mini series.

Case 1.

Working with this Client, included reading the political landscape, shifting market trends for business development plans, building personal confidence  and addressing work life balance to align with a promotion.  This included assessing position descriptions for successful outcomes, interview insight, language and body language descriptors, competition and negotiation.  Our outcome was an increase of $30 000 to the core annual income with bonuses and superannuation on top.  This within 12 months of the previous successful promotion through working with RB888.

RB888 is always happy and excited for our Clients success.  Together we work to your better future.

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