The joy that is Ita Buttrose AC, OBE.

On walking into the room, the warmth of spirit embraced you.  Adding to the morning’s surprises were friendly faces and moments to catch up.  Citing the guest of honour, was a quick moment that is embedded in my brain, part clarity, part blur.  There are few people that stand out through presence & legitimate bearing, Ita Buttrose is one of them.



Her stories are generous, inclusive & delightful.  She is warm, immediately engaging, a fountain of knowledge her stat’s were amazing, from her days with Cleo; with sales from approximately, 860 000 a week, to now, magazines in print combined selling 300 000 on average per month.  You become very aware of the scope of knowledge at Ita’s disposal.  She is encouraging, motivating & honestly delightful, I was a fan before, but it wasn’t long into her speech when I realised I had fallen in love with Ita.  When I saw that her notes were hand written I was smitten.  Obviously I’m a fan.  It seemed to me, that each person in the room was grateful & appreciative of being in company with Ita.  With an ease & grace that was relaxed & highlighting of her comic timing, Ita is relatable, hilarious, discerning, playful & a true representative of & for our country.

An icon for her career & achievements, Ita Buttrose is good company to start the day with.  Simplicity with honesty & integrity spot the story lines, displaying the depth of her character.  Humbling to say the least.

If you get the opportunity to listen to Ita Buttrose, stop, be present, listen & recognise the joy & greatness you are in the presence of.  Bow down to Ita Buttrose.

Ita if you read this, Thank you for the photo.





An abridged list of Ita Buttrose’s accomplishments.

As you can see Ita Buttrose exemplifies the mantra of working woman, leading the way, breaking ground & raising others as she goes.  I look forward to her embodiment of the ABC Chair & the inevitable advancements that will follow.