With Ruby’s Art practice, she steps into an abstract perspective to address areas of life that have us readdress our perceptions, conditioning & beliefs.  Her work is never really the same as she endeavours to have Freedom, Originality & Life in her works.  Having lived in urban & rural environments, colour & perspective look to imply the moving components of life, with a bent for the understanding that we are a moment in time.

Internationally exhibited from street markets to galleries, here is an example of how others view her work…
‘In each work the author’s inner spiritual world becomes manifest, and she genuinely reveals herself… Translating the external objective reality into an inner subjective one… Inviting the audience to surrender without reserve and undertake a stimulating, imaginary journey, open to reflection and dialogue… She confronts us with a reality that can shelter us from the one in which we are imprisoned and that we often find too hard to face…  She drives us towards a knowledge that is not acquired through learning, but that is only gained by daring to commit to introspection, in search of the truth which, concealed behind secret thoughts, resides into our inner selves, and to effectively communicate it to others’.
‘… By living in contemporary society, which is increasingly detached from genuine values, incapable of pausing to reflect and, even more to dream. Her paintings are not only performance and pursuit of colours and spaces, but they also transform ideas into images and emotions in the mind of the observers. Brown’s paintings remind us that only by diving into our inner soul and accessing our purest spiritual dimension can we find a peaceful place’. Paola Trevisan.

Art viewings are by appointment.

Please call or drop us a line &  we will arrange a time that suits you.

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