Welcome to 2020 Year of the Metal Rat.

Annual Forecast by Ruby Brown 888.

Our Rat characters are quick witted, resourceful, smart, versatile, kind and lovely, intuitive, curious, great learners, beautiful in positive aspects.
Negative aspects can include quick or heated responses, lacking in courage, narrow mindedness and defeatist.

Auspicious                                                         Inauspicious
2, 3.                                                                    5,9
Blue, Gold, Green                                             Yellow, Brown
SW, W, NW                                                        S, SE
Lily, African Violet


Our charts for 2020 Year of the Rat, indicate for work, a serious approach will be beneficial, eye on the prize, keep focus without anxious burnout. Don’t allow the little things to gnaw away at you. Mindful of details, be meticulous & address fussy issues. In regards to health it is obvious to advise look at diet & consistent exercise, but would be more helpful this year, would be to address with kindness what causes you pain. Address any area of sabotage you are able to, but make a start. In supporting your diet, eat more salad & vegetable combinations.

Proper rest will go a long way to feeling you can navigate your path.
In relationships, if you want exclusivity keep eyes open for infidelity, sudden break ups & new romances. New friends are on the horizon in 2020.

Good opportunities for increasing income & profits for this year. Economies have an opportunity to grow, displaying aspects of greed, disrupting patterns & growth. Loyalties & expectations are also under the scope, be as clear as possible with communications, contracts, terms & conditions. Educate, read, ask questions, knowledge adds to success, do your homework.
This also means, that it is possible for pitfalls and loss, keep home secure.

As you have all seen the Coronavirus by now, hygiene is crucial this year. As illness enters from the East. Boost your immunity by cutting white onion in half and placing in rooms where people are sick, recovering as well as spaces where any decor product is off gassing for example new paint; new synthetic carpet, upholstery treated & scotch guarded; plastic tubs; public spaces like foyers, receptions & doctors surgeries etc; babies room; bath and toilets. Change out when full.

Time acts as a tide, this means, energy transforms, this includes our perception of time, timely and on time etc.
Slowing down to gain perception, depth and accuracy are good choices throughout the year. Supporting cooling quarrelsome energies. Wise when in situations that require diplomacy.

This years energies include an evolutionary adaption on mass, re-education around biases, assumptions, prejudices & proclivities. A reluctance to relinquish control presents on a global scale, following through from last year. Be aware of the company you keep, along with any lingering influences. Practicality gains value for all ages. Growing the understanding that practical is wonderful for benefits & rewards. This can add to a mass shift of not being able to pretend, resulting in discomfort for some.

While it does look as though things will be getting somewhat worse before they get better it is important to understand, more will awaken & more needs to be seen for it to change.
Sending good vibes, safe passage & loads of luck for your year of the Rat.