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Ruby Brown is an accomplished Executive Coach, In House Counsel, Feng Shui & Clairvoyant Consultant. Being professionally active in these fields for 3 decades. An internationally exhibited Artist, she has extensive curatorial scope. Ultimately bringing a clarifying confidence into all areas.

Called the healers healer, Ruby is an Energy Master. Her proclivities are at the forefront of accuracy, with consistently auspicious and successful outcomes. This energy translates into all her endeavours.

These include painting, clairvoyance, energy codices with a speciality of translating and coding them. Applying to people, animals and physical sites both domestic and commercial. Mapping energy in a quantum field with exceptional dexterity is why Ruby is given access to round table situations.

If your sincerely ready to activate your life codex, be it through buying an artwork, having a consultation for you in personal or professional contexts or decided in actioning remedying a site, you are in the right place at the right time.

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Email is our preferred contact. Share your contact information and clarify your interest in consultation type. Are you an individual looking for a personal consultation? A professional or executive? A corporate entity? Send us a brief of what your looking for. Are you having an event & want Ruby to be a part of the celebration?

‘In this last decade, I have served my clients by cultivating a thriving landscape as I was receiving information of covid and the shifting governance issues that were to come. The downloads for that started in 2011.  Geobiological movements have created an increase in sigil designs and activation artworks with specific colour palettes. These are for sustaining prosperous health and providing consistent information, aiding them to stay profitable, adapt and find the doorways of auspicious invitation. Addressing interpersonal dynamics has supported many clients in expanding their healing, communicating and dealing with an assortment of issues relating to changing environments and lockdowns.
Therefore avoiding pitfalls many of their contemporaries are not. Through my personal ‘work’, now my lifestyle, I am holding integrity, healing and development on mulitple fronts.
I love that my clients reciprocally benefit. We are currently preparing for 2022, Year of the Tiger’.
Ruby Brown 2021.

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