Body, Mind, Spirit, Space with 888

888 Addresses environmental accords in people and places utilising traditional modalities of Feng Shui, Geo-biology, Building Syndromes, Astronomy, Astrology and Clairvoyance. Aligning remedy design and consultation for health and prosperity: in personal, professional and spacial contexts.

Consultations and Retainer Packages are designed around however not beholden to the following:

Peak Performance – Life of Career Development.
Feng Shui – Domestic and Commercial Spaces.
Renovation and Building Projects.
Auspicious Dates and Locations.
Personal Consultation Reading. Email or Phone.
Remote Healing. We follow current health guidelines.

Looking for your booking or want to order a blend; drop us a line. Include relevant details using the email link below, 888 will email you asap. If your an international client, or interstate, please be mindful of time zone differences.
888 Prioritises your request.


We appreciate your patience as we build our shop and update 888.