Sun Moon Stars

I’m so grateful we made it. Our 2020, in its spectrum of ludicrous to loving is both overwhelming while raising relevancy in our relations to each other and our home.

Finding myself having had both positive and negative aspects of rewards, protection, synchronicity, distillation, curiosity and experience, this year has been made do-able because I engage in my daily practice. When a daily practice is created and developed, it astounds in how its perfection is beautifully humbling. My path leads to a point of removing the last petals of rose coloured glasses. In turn highlighting much of my list above and thankfully leaning into more positive outcomes. If you need, in a ratio of 3:1.

On our path teachings and depth, remind of the benefit of learning as an ongoing component in life. Respecting tradition, ongoing learning supports a highlight to new understanding and its ability to serve the present moment. A daily practice within our selves or our spaces, en-lightens. If you consider this as a lightening within you may find yourself on the inside of feeling connected. These practices, Feng Shui, Astrology, Geobiology, Yoga and Meditation are traditions aiding development in enlightenment, with great success.

Success can come in the forms of; rewards, protection, synchronicity, distillation, curiosity and experience. I hope for your release of 2020, you find more of these, peace and much love.

Safe passage.

888 Photo Series 2020 – Playing with Phi

The heat is kicking in here. Australia bakes in the warm months, letting you see the radiant heat. In cooling off as I stepped inside, I decided to take the next few shots in my 888 Photo Series 2020. It’s called Playing with Phi.

In Feng Shui and Geobiology we map the pathways of energy and their influence as we interact with each other and within our spaces. These maps are maths based. In this maths there are auspicious numbers. Phi is considered here in its ratio, addressing auspicious balance, light, symmetry and precise lines with intention.

I have been incorporating patterns, grids and Feng Shui principles into my art for a long time. It started with collages, different in context but the same principle as these shots. A reference of the golden ratio.

In these shots I am thinking about kindness.

Safe passage.


When we are engaged in self care it is important to recognise what activities we consider as self care. For example, having a shower is a part of regular routines but may not fully classify as self care for restoration and healing. If you add some salt and rosemary or eucalyptus to work with the steam, take a longer time and consciously recognise you want to self care and in which light; then this adds another dimension of efficacy. Taking it to a deeper space within adds to your vitality, ability to critically assess and communicate.

This communication aspect works with our inner dialogue as well as with others. Filling your fuel tank, and creating a reserve, then to overflow for others. How would this add to your ability to function, recover, engage at work or home?

Having a boundary of recognition will aid the depth of your self care. Meaning it will do more for your soul, body and mind. When we address the soul for restoration, it serves to work in a space of your feelings. Especially if you are doing this on your own, with no support system. Over time with practise our resilience and comprehension see the benefit. Simple rules are always good, be kind, do small activities if you are beginning or overcoming trauma, have some silence before and after said activity. Keep it gentle.

Overall look for the ratio of restoration : action.
Does your activity create restoration without exertion? Feelings of peace, calm and clarity should be part of your bearing afterwards. Below are some simple options that can add to your self care working better.

888 Self Care Tips:
1. No matter what is taking your fuel, make time to self care. Even 5-10 minutes of silence, no screens and sitting to actively calm yourself will add to your restoration.
2. Utilise what you have. Without exertion can include, not spending; doing activities where you are; not needing you to find energy you don’t feel you have, to do an activity.
3. Be tender with yourself. This can look like, sitting in the waterfall of the shower; waking up and laying in bed stilling anxiety, then rising; drinking water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning; or sleeping nude, aiding the body to repair and have proper rest.
4. Over a few activities, measure how restored you feel.
5. Recognise what chews through your positive energy. Address these in your self care activities. A good cry, intermittent fasting, dietary alterations and releasing activities that leave you in a negative bearing will all support positive energy levels.

Safe Passage.

The Coriander Of It.

If you’re looking to include herbs and add interesting new flavours to your cooking, Coriander is the place to start. Some will say it is a controversial herb. Originally I found the texture a little weird with the bitter flavour. I would eat a raw piece to taste and after this I started to combine coriander with other herbs and spices to help me get used to it.

This herb, mixes well with lemon and salt. Mixing in rocket and lettuce is refreshing in the heat. Added to fresh tomato salsa, divine. As a garnish for lasagne, or mixed on the plate with celery and a light squeeze of lemon juice with a touch of sesame oil. Especially good if you want to allow the bodies fluid cycles to balance. Good for days off, so you can hang out and let the body unfurl, as it digests your food. Supporting drawing full nourishment out of your delicious snacks. Like a little pepper? I would add that to some lime juice and tatziki. Grab a good book or some mellow tunes, maybe the kids. Find a soft place to listen to the day and each other. For as long as the meal digests, let it open your body and sync your rhythms. For this approach, prior to beginning, set up some cushions and a throw so you feel comforted. Enough for everyone there.

If your hanging with your inner circle, crystals inclusions are orange calcite, orange selenite, amethyst, carnelian, fluorite, chrysocolla and malachite. Placed in rooms where; improved sleep is asked for and where people are recovering from surgery or illness. Added to a jug of water in the room, lavender flowers and rosemary sprigs will keep the room and recoveries spirits light with coriander. Refresh the water daily if one is in the very beginning phases of healing.

As always 888 recommends that you consider you current health plans and speak with your combined group of health professionals.

Herbs in general are good in shady, well drained water flow parts of the garden bed. Where does the water run, when it rains? Plant it close to here. Coriander likes some sun, but not all heat, all day. Grows well in a draining pot. They don’t like to sit in water, but they definitely like to be cool in the soil.

If you like broth, coriander is well included in the last 15 minutes of the simmer. With rice and tamari for a simple and quick meal, fried mushrooms sprinkled with coriander, charges you for the day. Aiding focus, stamina and clarity of thought.

If you have markets close by, farm fresh coriander is delicious on a roll with sweet potatoe, corn and pea mash. Remember to add a little sweet chilli sauce in heating the veggies, adding chopped fresh coriander as you assemble the roll.

Sending you good vibes from the kitchen.

Seeking Colour.

This 2020 Photo Series by Ruby, is an idea that came to mind, as a solution to the show that is this year. A look at everyday moments, hoping to catch that moment of colour. To share it. To speak to each of us. To call up a vibration of kindness. A moment of saturation to rain through your vision. To heal. Despite what our ego would have us believe, we all have things that can heal. These photos titled Seeking Colour, is an effort in helping us to restore.

Colour raises our souls and is a warm welcome home, like the flowers, both literally and figuratively. Photographed on a rainy Sunday afternoon. It’s part of my balance to a lot of other very important images right now. Nigeria, New York, Melbourne and Beirut, to name a few.

In the last couple of weeks, I started to ‘Seek Colour’ as a reminder that the world has a myriad of things that are possible. For me the most beautiful of these is nature, wild. I was able to watch the birds in my neighbourhood, flash with bright primary splashes in the morning and by the afternoon, I wanted to soak my eyes with colour to recover, to remember, to care.

I hope you like the colour.

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Retrograde Stepping 2020 Style

Taking the time to have ordered aware thoughts.

As the end of 2020 has a couple of retrogrades happening here are some good ideas to realize the opportunity to review what you have been working on with projects and goals, utilising time to ask: Is there new data? Does any tweaking need to happen? Is your goal the same? Where am I including time to restore myself?

As you slow down into the retrogrades, feelings can include fatigue, indifference, cravings, irritability and lack of appetite. In support of addressing these feelings to maintain a positive emotional and mental perspective, remember to keep exercise scheduled regularly, to drink water, to stretch out of long held postures; for example sitting at your desk working on the computer, opening up the front of the body if you drive a vehicle for a living, or laying on the floor with hips even and placing legs up and over the couch to invert, if you work on your feet. All of these are simple additions into your day beginning or end that help to reset the body, keep the mind open and the heart light.

To compose energy on the go, breath exercises are great, portable and easy to adapt to available time. Key tip, a full round is one full deep breath in, a pause, a slow complete breath out, and another pause. Repeat a full cycle on its own if time is short and for a few full rounds if you have more available.

It is recommended within the last few months of 2020, not to push. Utilise rhythm to have some ease and flow to any aspect of tweaking, critical assessment of data and viewing goals. We really step into function over form in this section of the year. It’s got to work before we address how it looks.

In our pursuit of goals, from hitting targets to finding a new gig, gratitude frames real information, grounds us and serves in all aspects of a retrograde. As we bring together a calm, clear focus we are able to build the path ahead. Retrogrades help us to step forward with clarity, free of excess stagnant energy and with gratitude.

888 Activities that support a healthy you at any time in retrogrades:

  • Remove clutter.
  • Leave some open spaces in the room/office/reception/kitchen.
  • Add colour. Auspicious colours in 2020 are blue and green. Less of yellow and brown tones till February 2021.
  • Smudge.
  • Clear labels in storage areas. Keep it tidy.

As we always recommend at 888, eat seasonally and as fresh as you’re able. The better you eat, the clearer your body functions. Being in a position to properly code your food as fuel can reduce cravings, support proper rest and aids mental agility. Our expression from ourselves and in our spaces, creates a vitality that reassures and makes life worth living.

Safe passage.

So Good for Right Now

Any one of these ingredients are, so good right now. They smell and taste delicious. Our food is the most immediate option for fortifying our presence. Be conscious of how you fuel your system. Is it good right now?

A simple addition to any routine, is to choose any one of these ingredients and add it into current moments. If you like tea, lemon, fennel seeds, lime, lavender in an infuser will aid your immune system, nervous system and cleanse organs. If you don’t drink a lot of tea, consider which ingredient, except carrot, would you like to smell in a cup of warm water on your bedside table as you settle to sleep? Allowing the cup to cool overnight and in the morning, can be poured into composte or the garden bed. If you would like to combine a few ingredients, a pot of water on the stove with, for example, bay leaves, fennel and lemon smells lovely extending through the house in aid of restoring appetite, stamina, settling the nerves and supporting respiratory health. If you have a few dollars, fresh twigs from the tree and lavender flowers can be a lovely welcome home.

Of course these can be added to meals, and I speak especially of carrot, although the oil, if you have access is delicious on the skin. Regenerative and good for skin health, loaded with anti oxidants, carrot oil can be added to your moisturiser for an at home pamper session. Be aware of taking a beat before going into the sun with this oil. Let it fully absorb into the skin. Almond oil is a good base for some drops of carrot oil. Patch test if you haven’t used oils before or a lot.

When adding these to our meals, any 1 of the above go well with rice, in salad and dressing, with a little salt and pepper a little goes a long way here; it is recommended that diet and health programs already in progress should be considered. Check with your current people.

In my experience, each one of these is great in any remedy, comments on these collectively from clients have included:

  • The freshness has reignited in my stamina.
  • A settling of my mind that help me feel content in my decision making.
  • My body softened and I slept well.
  • My ambition showed me how I really wanted to be a better communicator.
  • I loved the carrot and the lavender, I ate them together. I couldn’t stop smiling, people at the party kept telling me how happy I looked.

Incorporating small measures in a step by step fashion, help to establish new rhythms. Especially good when repairing or building neural pathways. Allowing a more general cohesion between thought and action. Supporting the energy for reframing of outmoded niche perspectives. Promoting understanding, calm, reason and active listening feeds into a better foundation for growth. These ingredients are an investment in your well being. Take your moment, to provide for your complete self. Engage in the unique power of you. Allow dignity and find your balance.

Safe passage.

Navigating Our End of 2020.

With a couple of retrogrades happening within the end of this year, its worth mentioning a couple of points for consideration, to ease your path. Our illumination continues on in regards to social issues, authority and leadership, expression and justice. These impact and influence us all, raising to the top what has not yet been fully addressed. Primal urges called out in our behaviour, ask us to think before acting and speaking, with taking time out for considerations around maturing and evolving.

Fear and isolation may add to what you are positioned to navigate, with power struggles and confrontation in the mix. Our opportunity to keep our path forward towards success is firstly to understand that blocks and challenges are a sign to slow down, even to back off to avoid making major mistakes. Patience and small, slow steps are going to aid reaching goals.

Integrating with the Age of Aquarius energy, brings these aspects into the spotlight; self expression, sexuality, gender, innovation, collective well being and health, logical thought and growth. These apply to personal and professional environments and conduct. In business this includes industries like, technology, finance, communication for example social media platforms as well as psychology, the arts and social services. Personal feelings will be raised in professional environments. Concentrating on maintaining is relevant for project outcomes as well as profits. Including employees and client bases would also be wise in your considerations here.

This is an opportunity to tidy up, mature and resolve recurring issues and energies from past life experiences. As in Feng Shui, what is imperfect is a moment of choice. Our choices find us where we are and offer alternate options, if you can be in the moment, in the space, to respond out of victim or perpetrator mindsets to learn how to safely express Mars energy. Mars relates to anger, rage, negative energy left unchecked. Learning to utilise better expression of these characteristics once navigated can bring relief, more options for outcomes and aids us in feeling safe in vulnerability and risk assessment for balanced actions in the future.

For this I would recommend utilising the words in the image as your touchstone for quiet contemplation, aiding you in continuing towards yours and our success.

Safe passage.

A 888 Meditation Moment is a light portal into stillness based around a contemplative verse. Take a breath in between each phrase, pausing in between the inhale and the exhale. If unpractised let your mind wander, noting from a distance what comes to mind. Remember the breath. Bare foot for this one is also a good idea, if you can while standing in your yard.

Have a wonderful and peaceful weekend.

Safe passage.

I wanted to remind you today of magic, play and power. My day has been full of tech issues leading me to feel stagnant, like I’m taking steps backwards. I meditated and was reminded of how quiet helps. As well as even when its challenging, it is the very time to remember these aspects of our essence and that no matter what is going on for you today, tomorrow, next week these are essential to our well being.

The crow is an exceptional bird, highly perceptive they use tools, are fast learning, able to construct, solve problems and are adaptable. As well as recognising the importance of play. Magic can reinvigorate us, reconnect us and ground. Earthing our souls in the physical plane is crucial for clarity, building trust and remaining open in our agency of self. All supporting decision making and manifesting. Magic can help us step into the new, the unknown, carrying our faith, even if only in ourselves, into the future.

Beautiful dolphin, brings to us a sense of community, communication and playfulness. Giving our essence space to play aids our ability to be willing to engage. Enhancing solving problems while increasing creativity. Playfulness can allow us to try new things, to be in a learner mindset. Willingness aids us to have an open portal into our purpose.

Bee, our guide for pollinating our purpose with personal power. When we combine power with magical play, we are potent and fruitful. By utilising our essential unique approach, achieving our goals taps into a deep strength that is cosmically connected.

Finding our path forward, despite how we feel and doubt, is always served when we include magic, play and power. Step out of the immediate desire or call to have a fearful reaction. Create a space to play with your power and magic. Find your way to manifesting.

Safe passage.

Peaceful Prosperity

Our minds and words are part of our peace and prosperity, connected with health being our first wealth. When we feel challenged, overwhelmed or fearful it is wise to address our mindset, to continue towards our goals of peaceful prosperity being integrated with our health.

Our thoughts are what become. Our words carry vibration. Centred in personal agency and power, it is inevitable that what we think and say impacts, ourselves and those around us. Inciting or inspiring?

As we step forward into a time and space of serving for greater cause, peace and prosperity are formed and sustained through thoughts and words. Education grows to include self knowledge, including the shadow self, as well as this aspect of our societies and systems. As illumination continues, our understanding and education around where and how we have lived, comes to the surface.

In navigating through what has been in shadow, now coming into light, it is wise to ground, stabilise as best as able and consider. What are you creating? How are you engaging? What and who, do these serve?

Feelings of uncertainty, ask us to find a source of inner strength, compassion and discernment, in turn supporting immunity, right place right time, being articulate and a sense of fulfilled service for greater cause. Beginning with filling ourselves and expanding in expression, to include others.

888 Tips for settling self.

1. Clean, your space, person, pets. Tidying externally, cleans out negative thoughts and allows space for clarity.

2. Drink water. More, more, more. Water the garden bare foot.

3. Meditation, keep it simple. This can look like a gentle walk at sunset, yoga, a cup of tea in a quiet space. If you have young children, sleep when they sleep.

4. Read. Grow your perspective. This does not have to be work orientated materials. Do you read for pleasure?

5. Step out of routine. Where your able to without dismantling the home / work balance. Repetitive routines slow our thinking and can distance us from our emotional base.

Foremost be kind. Keep it simple and uncomplicated if the above is a little to much for where you are right now. Be kind. Start with yourself and as you overflow, you can discern who to share with.

Safe passage.


When your reading the 888 Meditation Moment above, I would ask for you to consider each ‘in’ from a point of view you would normally not. Ask yourself to relax and stretch your conscious-ness. Small can also be read as light. However if your practise includes speaking it out loud, use the word small. Have a clear line of sight on the word light and what that means to you.

Loving where your living, transverses the micro to the macro for and around us. It can be your favourite tea cup, to hiking in nature, to engaging in politics. When we engage in calm, our scope can expand from breath control to responding over reacting with a person, place or thing trying to tempt us into triggering a familiar event.

What if you didn’t?

In awareness, loving where we live is about how we resonate. Where do we resonate? How do we foster a healthy step forward into better resonance? Why is this relevant? It offers clemency. A moment to breath, to think, to feel, to consider and to reply. Awareness is an opportunity to be the you that loves where you live.

In love. In kind. In harmony. In sync. In.

Your balanced feelings will serve you and those around you to love where we live. Enjoy your 888 Meditation Moment.

Safe Passage.

In our 888 Meditation Moment this week, it is wise to consider, how major shifts can create a new foundation for how we behave and who we like to hang out with, even how we hang out.

This mantra centres within us, for a love base around how we treat ourselves, how we speak to ourselves and by extension to others. Meditation is wonderful for restoring our energies as well as giving us access to our portable safe spaces. This is a valuable tool. It supports all levels of our bodies, our outlook, our embodiment of life. For me its vital to keep my soul acknowledged for me to hear my calling to endeavour to embody life. For this mantra, crystals in hand can include, clear quartz, kyanite, sodalite, turquoise and lapis. This weekend is a good time to ground crystals like hematite, tourmaline, jet, smoky quartz, lepidolite and emerald. If you’re looking to add an essential oil these are good suggestions, considering aspects of new thoughts, courage and being pro active; jasmine, galbanum, cedar wood, chamomile or lemongrass.

Enjoy giving yourself some support, no matter how the week has been. Safe Passage.

August 19/2020.

In our cards for today and into the end of the week, we are looking at Eagle in regards to strength and Peahen regarding nurturing.

When we meditate on strength let’s consider that true strength is displayed in the recovery process, not the initial action. Ongoing and taking strength into your day to day is what develops your relationship to yourself and through extension into your community.

Considering nurturing, your actions display the tone you wish to be treated with. If we combine these two aspects of ourselves, how can we utilise this to build, recover and help others? Perhaps right now it is good to start within, to clarify, gain stillness and to then engage. From kids, to colleagues, if this is in your tool box, what can you create?

Safe Passage.

Our Vibe for August 2020 is soft stepping.

In general terms, this relates to allowing an ease in all measures of stepping forward. These for example can look like; completing as much preparation as your able for a meeting, in the moment presence in an old situation, reminding yourself of forgiveness value, giving yourself proper rest. Stepping forward is a peaceful declaration within self to redirect energy for a longer term goal and or better use. Consider function before form.

With this in mind, how do you want to take forward steps? As most of us are also in a readjusting of values sphere, take a beat and consider. Softly engage with the future you are walking towards. Be kind, utilise manageable chunks of information and take breaks from being ‘on’.

Sending you good vibes and safe passage throughout August.

Tips In Your Pocket

If your having moments of feeling overwhelmed, think of these 4 steps as a carry all that you can hold in your pocket. Each step is an action, helping you to address the moments when you feel you don’t have complete faith in yourself.

1. Listen. To people, your pets, the garden, intuition. Slow down and hear.

2. Feel. Check in with your emotions. Name them, using the name of the emotion over demonstrating it aids positive outcomes and feeling safe.

3. Bearing. Be centred in your internal positioning. Grounded, strong, flexible, present.

4. Engage. Be pro active in creating a path that is function over form. This means, how it works is ahead of how it looks.

Many people I work with use these steps and find that it supports improvements in; communication, sleep, decision making, career path, finances, feeling connected and moving in a positive direction.

Be like the incense smoke in my photo and flow. Safe passage and good vibes.

Friday Afternoon.

Happy Friday Everyone. This is a sunset shot from earlier in my week. As we enter the weekend, I’m writing to remind you to surrender the day and the week. Letting the body, mind and spirit recalibrate adds measurements of ease to us. Let yourself settle through the weekend. Listen to some music, dance, sit, draw, cuddle, what lets you soften?

Keep in mind how important proper rest is. Give the body and mind time to repair and centre in support of your spirit. Your circumstances will be served by giving yourself a moment or weekend to restore your energy supplies. Adding resilience to the week ahead. Listen and silent are spelt with the same 7 letters.

For me it’s going to include, walking bare foot as I garden. However you look around this weekend, from me to you I send vibes of calm, kind and warm. Safe passage and enjoy drinking it in.

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A Little Alchemy.

This piece is titled, Stars and Water. An alchemical depiction of nature in transition. This work is about surrendering to change. The star in the centre is still a star, yet everything around it keeps moving, in and out of form.

The colour palette for this piece is particular to the warmth of dignity, stretch and communication. Similar in example to the 曆butterfly effect; in that small adjustments in the flow of the star, filter through surrounding energy, swirling with both light and dark. When mixed and transformed, the star is still a star. Astrology, healing, clairvoyance all teach us, that we are an interaction with the universe, through each other, our planet, our stars and the cosmic body it sits in, the Milky Way to the larger Cosmos. Our essence as humans in balance, naturally vibrates in and out of ideas, places, perceptions. Valuing the interaction of us with the universe as opposed to us ‘ruling’ the universe, creates a moment within our mental landscape to adjust without lack, sacrifice or misconception. Supporting the star to move and hold its essence.

Silver in this palette, was chosen with bronze wax, to show the beauty before joining, the elements igniting a creative spark. An illumination around the star.

I’m sharing this work today, in support of your creativity, day to day, step by step, toward healing solutions and integrity for our communities. Interact with care, grace and awareness for us to have better treatment of ourselves and each other.

Peace for you today and the universe around you.

Feng Shui in Rental Properties

Feng Shui is great for rental properties as it adapts to each site and the specifics of what is at play in how the space looks, feels and gives. Whether its for an owner of the property looking to renovate internally or in the landscaping around a house, Feng Shui can add to several aspects that benefit. Today however, we are going to look at an example for tenants.

This study is for a kitchen, looking to improve aspects of skills and knowledge. If your working from home, have students in the house or are working at learning a new skill these are included in what we are looking to support in this quick study.

Kitchen before rental remedy placed.

Strong feelings of pride, lose of appetite and drive were noticed in the occupants. Learning had taken on aspects of drudgery and derision and nourishment issues had also increased. Students were in the house, as were adults looking to increase their skill sets for professional reasons. Use of the kitchen was steadily declining. This is considered the heart of the house. A slowing pulse is not the best energy for us here.

Keeping in sync with colour tones for this room and the connecting spaces, as well as beneficial for the current year, age of the house and outcomes, orange was the colour for change in a positive direction. As this is a rental property, we kept in mind that remedies needed to be removable and cost effective.

First stage of remedy in place, with light on.

Integrating an orange border into the corner, facilitating a balance for yang energy, to revitalise this room and its use within the house. An extension to the remedy was added the following day.

Second stage with an extension of orange, going up the line of the pantry entrance.

Noticing the kitchen had been used overnight, was our first visible shift from working remedies, as cooking had been on a rapid decline. The second line of orange raises the eye up, facilitating ‘looking up’, supporting a positive mindset and lifting the emotional response on walking into the space. Following were improvements in focus, appetite and self awareness. A steady increase in academic results and a willingness to self assess were also mentioned in relation to the house and this room specifically. On the outside wall, hanging decorative fish were removed as they were the incorrect element for this area of the yard, adding to discordant energy before remedies.

This is a small remedy creating lasting and steadily improving results for all occupants in this rental property. As skills and knowledge developed, finances also improved, promotions were achieved and sharing of responsibilities became more balanced. Overall, a lifting of habitual discrediting of valid information created space for focus to be restored, aiding tenants to grow as well as gain.

Feng Shui, aiding us in thriving.

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Foundation with Jabiru Spirit

Tuesday June 9/2020, mid morning. Having coffee, of course, and pulling cards for the day. Today we have Jabiru bird lending support in the area of Foundation. As we are moving through turbulence from the Tower being active in 2020, it reads like eruptions, yang energy, honesty and foundation, where do things go from here and what does it mean?

Being part of the Earth element staying grounded will be important throughout the two weeks after our Strawberry full moon. Nourishment is important to include; considering points of how we nourish, where and who with? For some, do you nourish? For those of you in business, this can apply with; do you pay yourself first? Catering even to those saving, working to finance a goal, from playstation to degree. Where do you invest? Is this nourishment agreeable? Are you participating in nourishing all of our souls, from person to planet? Do you include nature in your nourishment?

Jabiru speaks to aligning priorities to lay the foundation for a well balanced and peaceful life. Creating space for joy and victory in your path, those you interact with and the nature you care for. As we tire, prioritising, clearing and cleaning the current state of affairs, hold to the why; balanced and peaceful living. What we want and deserve. Crystals to support here include Calcite, Sapphire, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Malachite, Clear Quartz. Essential oils for meditation; Cypress, Rosemary, Lavender and Thyme.

Before venturing wildly into the day, consider Jabiru’s message; run before you fly, consider your priorities and purpose, before new pathways and adventures. Strong foundations aid success, remember your why and appreciate the rewards of time and energy invested. Respect the wonder of independence and commitment.

Top tip, reduce clutter, organise and keep the body warm and watered. Think before you speak. Allow everyone, including yourself dignity. Much peace.

Strawberry Moon June 5/2020.

It’s a Strawberry Moon this evening; here is a little detail for you to navigate with as much ease and grace as possible.

In this strawberry moon, emotions will rise, testing even those with strong relationships. Bring patience and unconditional love to the table to find measures of ease in communications and actions. Carrying omens of war, it is wise to listen, consider calmly and then respond. Focusing on home, family and intimate relationships, dynamics and tensions are made visible. Clearing emotional baggage of the last 6 months, this moon allows an opportunity to align with an emotional reset. Wants versus needs will be part of an energetic play out for about two weeks.

Destabilising aspects will influence here, with earthquakes part of the physical pull of this cycle. Translating in our day to day to a feeling of unsure footing, or ground moving beneath your feet, this will add to feelings of simmering anger rising to the surface. There is a warning of the dangers of risk and impulsive actions. It will not serve you to hold onto anger or resentments, step towards releasing these emotions in a controlled way. Avoid being defensive and mean, when feelings are being shared, call on your courage to listen and communicate.

Laziness, gluttony, carelessness with money and love indiscretions rise testing your resolve. Keep this in mind, especially over the weekend. Look for healthy and positive options to channel intense emotions and energies. This focus will also include drives for gaining power.

This full moon is visible from Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. Also called the Honey moon, Mead moon, Rose moon and Hawthorne moon or the moon of Horses. As it lands a few days before the Solstice on June 21, keep in mind to clear clutter, clean and organise calling in the best version of this full moon possible. Remember to charge your crystals, place them in the light of the moon. Leave overnight if able. Good for on your person through the full moon, smoky quartz, clear quartz, rose quartz, kyanite, white howlite and moonstone. Wishing you good vibes through this full Strawberry Moon.

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Letting in Light.

In listening to your inner celestial navigation, like the Moth, you support a straight line of flight. A distillation of distraction.

It sounds complicated like this, lets break it down, so you can have an easier time navigating our world and all that it encompasses, centring around this week. If you picture the landscape above as a landscape in your minds eye. Standing on the field with the most sunlight, sunshine on your face, open your lungs and breath in deeply. Thinking, I breath in peace and breath out love. Two or three times is good. As the sun begins to warm you till you smile, softly feel where you can find this warmth in your day to day. Let the warmth foster in your body all the way to your toes. Drop your head to your chest and feel the warmth on the back of your neck. Let peaceful inspiration find you, in the light. Softening your breathing allow light to enter your minds eye. Lighting corners where you feel more light can come through, but may have a block in front. Gently remove the block, picture it dissipating into miniature star drops of light. Falling back to the sunlit ground, earthing and neutralising. Begin to deepen your breathing. Breath in peace, breath out love. Feel comfortable in the Golden Path that will support you in finding this peace unblocked in your day to day, for the whole week. Reimagine yourself in the field with gentle sunlight on your face. Slowly come back to your day, breath in peace, breath out love.

Remember, visuals are good for helping to turn down the volume on the monkey mind. Animals behaviours and vibrations are part of the planet, communicating all the time. Tuning in to the volume of nature improves our vibration, state of mind and distills fears, supports courage and clarity. When we transition from one story to a more inclusive vibration, we release and distill into a different volume. Altering what attracts to us. Our thoughts are paramount here. Clear the clutter and imagine your Golden Path. Visuals are a way to stay grounded while feeling into new navigation, for better outcomes.

Moth helps us here. Other aspects enlightened by moth; pace, true inner bearing over arrogance or bravado, lightness of touch and awareness in illumination. Sending you good vibes and much peace.

Growth Mindset.

In deciding to grow, we are declaring a position of loosening our grip on the wheel, so to speak. Allowing the unfolding to happen, so we can add to our knowledge base. Looking at our options in light of learning, we are making the decision to grow. To step beyond our immediate view.

Firstly lets look at our definition of growth. Growing is not striving for an unspecified goal to the point of exhaustion. There is no satisfaction point following this method. However, if we include in our definition that grow mindsets actually start with relax, we offer ourselves a balance of stability and open thinking. This in turn lets us breath deeper. More vital, clear, calm.

To add to success, keep in mind that you can start small. Be playful. Don’t force yourself to get it all right perfectly first or once. If you are successful in growing, you may want to repeat this practise.

Our key tips for southern hemisphere autumn to winter are; proper rest, stretch before lying down; proper nourishment, don’t over indulge; communication, with self then with others. Allow yourself to know where you stand. From here you can find success.

Crab Spirit


When we are placed in the position of growth, like now, when we may least feel like it, when trust is tested.  Crab energy shares the wisdom of vulnerability being the most direct path in regards to growth.  A symbol of tough exterior and defensive behaviour, Crab also teaches that while resilience is important its equally important to honour our soft, malleable and delicate self.  Crab also due to its particular anatomy avoids oncoming threats and obstacles with ease.  Communicating through their pincers, sharing the perspective that while others are here, ready to lend their support, only you can truly help yourself move through challenges arising from life’s changes.

A reminder of protecting our whole selves, even though we move internally through emotions, mentally through perspectives and externally from place to place, to trust in the process of universal energy to survive and thrive.  Aligning us to a vibration that helps us realise where we have outgrown familiarity, where we would be wise to move on and that we learn and continue to grow.

Aligning in self protection Crab supports us wherever we choose to move, in becoming the best version of ourselves.  Our crystals of service when we are looking to grow are smoky quartz and flourite.

My last note today is, whatever your struggling with, befriend yourself, listen to what you need, internally and then support yourself in creating the space to give yourself what you need externally.  No negotiating, hear what your inner you needs and start.  Be gentle, be kind and be loving to yourself.  Then look, consider your challenge and how you feel you would be wise in growing when you feel not yourself.

Much peace.









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888 Meditation Moment.


This week we look to Gecko, whose spirit we call on in meditation to support us in thriving and staying positive in times of adversity.  Teaching us about losing our sense of danger or reality to our sensual sides.  This includes where we leave our heads and follow our hearts to express what we desire.  Trusting in our ability to survive, even when analysis shows things stacked against us, is part of experiencing freedom and our sensuality, vulnerability and honesty.

Helping us to address being fearless, being bold in our passion and present in sensuality, awakening prioritising pleasure, self care and connection.  Gecko’s key message is based on the understanding that to attract the right person or path into our life, manifesting our desires, we choose to show our full colours and sing our own song.

When aspects of ego are unaddressed, we start to stretch our true nature into directions that can alter how we are perceived, responded to and our own interpretations; all influence what we manifest and how we feel.  Living up to what our ego sets up for us is different to what we can and do manifest.

In a simple view Gecko is about how we treat ourselves and others.  What state are we in and what state do we bring that becomes part of the collective interactions?  Is it pleasurable?  For everyone?

In taking a meditation moment, consider what feels good, where you feel good, where do you bring joy?  Breath deeply thinking about how you find pleasure in your care of self and care in regards to others.

Sending you peace.

What The Health


Components of my work have an anchor in the mindset and lifestyle of, prevention versus cure.  In light of that I what to mention a film I watched, ‘What the Health’.  A look at our health thoughts, diet and systemic issues with our food systems.  Available on Netflix, Kip Andersen, takes a look into health, diet and how we work in regards to bio accumulating factors in us and in the environment, a great cross section of stat’s and professional dialogue.  I’m left with an old sentiment, we are what we eat.

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Flower Moon In May


Full moon known as the Flower Moon, is on May 7, 2020.  Its a super moon, meaning the perigee & full moon combine.  Perigee is the point closest to earth in the moons orbit.  Signalling in the northern hemisphere the explosion of blooms in spring, while in the southern hemisphere it relates to ignition of preparing for hibernation & introspection into winter.  This years full moon is in the house of Scorpio.

Bringing introspection into focus can bring a heightened sense of all feelings.  Bring to the table options for solutions & accountability.  With calm as a purpose, discuss boundaries with context, stay fluid in your perceptions, agree to action based in wisdom.  The work will be worth it as you are able to set up parameters in intimacy, communication & creativity.  If you are in a faith ritual like Ramadan, sunrise to sunset fasting, awareness will have a very particular focus.  Our Flower Moon also known as Frog Moon for the Cree & Ojibwa or Anishinaabe in North America has a complete context around the environment.  Staying grounded & spending time in nature or the garden will support positive navigation of topics this month.

In our 2020 year of the metal rat, in the house of Scorpio for our full moon, our honesty is called out along with wit & random actions.  Pay attention is our credo.  Playing out over an almost two week period, put down ego, petulance, cruel behaviours.  Stem your panic & listen.  Quietening negative inner dialogue, will create space for you to be still within, giving you time to repair & re engage.   Overall this month remember the years mantra, dignity for ourselves & others throughout.



Much peace & big love.












A Note On Understanding


Each morning I start work with some light research.  From here, meditation for my clairvoyant download takes around an hour and a half to two hours.  Today’s meditation led me to think about intimacy & as I surrender the day, sunset hushes all the days conversations.  This is where I’m writing to you from. Remember the good it does you & me when we slow our fears, at least out of running.  Take a breath or 3, listen to the stillness within, listen to the whisper of its ancient wisdom.  This is the voice that sparks my genius in the cool evening.

As we muster ourselves, it dawns what a position this is.  Yesterday I saw this…

In my surrender of the day today, I am brought back to this image.  The jackass sentiment got me, as did the image.  It was a reminder of compassion when things are unsure.  This in turn lead me to the word that captures me the most from the image above, understand.  Its understanding our parameters, that impact decisions, feelings, appetite, prosperity or lack of it.  All these facets of our planet, world, politics, all the way down to what colour we wear influence appetite, sexuality, kindness or lack of it.  When we include understanding in our mindset, we also see in this image; the intimacy, companionship, space between people, a dangerous element in multiples [landmines], as well as acceptance of helping another.  Of being of service.

In this image I see love.  With a base line of compassion in our perspective it does not matter whether furry friend or human friend, love & understanding are captured in this life & death moment.

Here is where we live.  In the moment.  Educating ourselves about who we are, light & shadow, is understanding, unseen in the image, like love, it influences.  It awakens our mind to kindness, compassion & acceptance that we are not all the same & that’s wonderful.

Difference is the very glue of our world.  Flowers are different in colour, smell, lean, root system.  As are we.  Different is good.  Depth in our mindfulness is good.  Consideration of where we find ourselves is good.  I know it feels like its too much, too tight, not enough space or breathing room, but, when we still; becoming quiet & aware, we begin to allow our natural rhythms & personalities to hear our intuition.  Seeing a possible step forward, feeling our first glimmer of living with freedom of spirit, finding a connection with inner encouragement; a knowing within stirs.  Convenience is not natural, however awareness is.  Natural is important as it is our essence, courage & bravery, supporting our wellbeing.  Being afraid keeps us in another’s story.  When here, we have no power, the story does.  This can be devastating to our spirit.  With the first story you notice, trust yourself to heal with the purpose of proper understanding & balance within.  So if we choose, we are in a cohesive position to graciously overflow in being of service.

When we are sitting in alignment with the universe, being of service is essential to our reason for living.  Love of ourselves literally shifts our rhythms to match with the harmonic & magnetic frequencies that emit cosmically around us.  Harmony creates balance, subsiding that which is unhealthy.  As we mature & have a wider definition for insight, love & being of service, stories show themselves for what they are.  They are a memory of an experience we have not reconciled, usually painful, emotionally distressing or bringing on a fearful state which is uncontrolled internally; leading to misrepresentation externally.  These memories are our keys to re sequencing our rhythms to their natural state.  In working harmony it is possible to fold in information to serve health.  A super power if you will, boosting immunity through the mind, body, spirit connection.

In 30 years I am yet to see a person or situation that does not benefit wildly from this change.  A lot of people will succumb to panic here.  However, if you support yourself through this, after a couple of practices it is a transition, that will eventually be a reward.  Starting small can help you build up the courage to take another step.  Cut yourself a break from the old story.  Give yourself a chance.

Safe passage.









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Full Moon April 7/2020.


Our full moon in April, brings increased pressure around how we feel, restrictions & energy draining, illness, addictions, over sensitivity especially around medications, mistrust, suspicion & paranoia.  To address the energy flow & navigating I recommend grounding the body, stand barefoot in the yard, garden, let the sun touch your skin while you have a break from work.  Crystals to add to your calm include blue lace agate, citrine, selenite, emerald, lapis lazuli, amethyst, orange calcite, green calcite for the unwell – wash once a week for general flu, every couple of days for stronger illness, special needs children & elderly.  Moonstone, hematite & tibetan quartz to soften the enormity of what we are all processing.

Keeping spaces, alters & storage tidy will diminish troublesome vibes, adding to calm indoors.  Gardening in the morning or late afternoon, will support release deep breathing for meditation, grounding & a relaxed awareness for processing.

As we reach a peak in pressure, actively remind yourself to be kind, speak calmly & allow everyone dignity, including yourself.  Take a moment to consider responses & circumstances.  This can include email over phone calls, mail gives you time to construct your response from a neutral position, to continue to communicate & progress.  Think about how to make it possible to include everyone in looking after each other to feel connected.  As we reprioritise, be patient, willing to let go of what is no longer a high priority & concede to the evidence of what is a new priority.  Staying fluid in your approach, suspending judgement & respectful kindness will serve us all well.

This full moon’s energy will ripple for 2 weeks.  Safe Passage.









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Together & Keeping It


Let’s start todays message with a re-referencing of challenges.  Let’s consider calling them check points.  An opportunity to address how we are, how what we are engaged in achieving is going & a spot to creatively resolve for more ease, better outcomes & stamina of mindset.  Over the last 3 decades I have had an office where I see clients & a private office in my house.   Below you will find some tips & tricks for helping us keep that stamina mindset & creative resolution working healthily.

Most importantly, in the beginning, you will be interrupted, especially if you have kids at home.  This is okay, if you allow yourself to start with this as part of the ‘routine’ of working from home, it will make the entire day & your focus remain flexible & attentive.  It is also a very good idea to within parameters to let kids have longer time on devices, get some things themselves, for example already cut up snacks in lunch boxes in the fridge or from the dining table.  Tactile activities will engage children for longer, from helping to sort washing to crafts with paint & pipe cleaners.  Water play, if your child has no allergies, adding food colouring to water in the bath can be fun & relieve stress to play in no time.  Set up a work space for them, within sight of where you are working & they can draw while you email.  Give your self a chance, if it gets hectic, take a few minutes, reset & go again.  Also, make the most of nap times depending on their age & high chairs are great for working with Mum & Dad, while not being under foot.  Be creative around this & have the older kids give some ideas, I always found good balance when I included the kids in resolving lengthy time allocations, it makes it so much easier.


With considerations to ages within the house the following are suggestions or start points for what may add to ease of work in your home.

  1. Create literal boundaries to support switching from home to work mode.  I like to shut all bedroom doors.
  2. If you start your work day with a coffee or tea at your desk, do this at home.  Even if it goes cold in my case.
  3. Piano music is great for focus.
  4. If kids are watching their shows, agree to a volume limit.
  5. For phone calls, have kids play off device.  This may be setting up a tea party for after the meeting.
  6. Plastic table cloths are great on the dinner table, kids can mark it up with pens and paint & you get to wipe or hose it down, or recycle after.
  7. Ask other parents for app’s or show ideas, you may find a couple of gems.  Share these with your co-workers.  Find some old clothes & let the kids play dress up.
  8. Keep chores to a minimum, during work hours.  Sit facing the door.  Sit where you can see outside.
  9. No netflix for you.
  10. Walk outside in your yard bare foot, even for a couple of minutes or take the call with you.  It is grounding, restorative & walking meetings improve creative resolution.
  11. Create an end of day ritual, for me I like to go outside & watch the sun set. Other suggestions include, turning off the power in the office at the wall, pushing in the chair, closing the door, tidying the area or desk & taking shoes off if you wear them at home.
  12. Set up an alter where you are working, on the desk, in your pocket… this last one is more like a crystal in your pocket, perhaps hematite which is great for meetings.  It can be small like the photo at the top, this is off my desk, I use the oil blend to stay aware & present [its a 888 signature blend called 528 Miracle, email us here to place your order, a light citrus scent with uplifting qualities to brighten your mood, $30 excl gst. & delivery via AusPost].  Feathers are in here as I collect them & have birds in my yard outside the window near my desk, they also represent freedom, crystals of course, they are placed around my home & office.  The pendulums are here for client work & they recharge as they rest.  The dish is placed on the left top corner of the desk, for abundance.
  13. Remember to take lunch breaks.  Proper nourishment & stepping away from the screen increases productivity & diminishes fatigue.
  14. Get up & dance or stretch for your 15 minute break.  This is usually what I will do around 2 or 3 in the afternoon, refreshing my brain & stretching out of seated desk position as well as waking up the brain.
  15. Be brave & if you need to move furniture or change the layout of the lounge room to make it work for you & kids to have comfortable breathing space, do it… I rearranged recently as a housemate is now working from home & I wanted more space as more of us are in house daily.
  16. If the room is dim put the light on at the start of your work day & then switch off at night as part of end of work day.  This can include the kids as a que for asking to interrupt with ‘excuse me’ & as an okay now my time is yours at the end of the day, in their minds.
  17. Get dressed, not necessarily pj’s.  Casual is fine, but not that casual that you end up going back to bed 😴
  18. If your part of a team, use group chats to stay in touch & keep information flowing for keeping timelines & feeling integrated like at the office.
  19. Stay organised, this can be 5 minutes at the end of the day to tidy the desk, or look at what you need to schedule & put it in the diary.  Minimising stress here is a great way to not feel behind the ball.
  20. Drink water.


Crystals that support work, meetings & lowering EMF’s.

  • Hematite.  Good for meetings, financial & legal matters.
  • Clear Quartz.  Focus & staying clear headed.
  • Lapis Lazuli.  Great for esteem, consideration & being treated well.
  • Amazonite.  Great for women in business.
  • Citrine.  The merchants stone.
  • Obsidian.  In the car for courier drivers, cab drivers or if you travel a lot for work.
  • Banded Agate.  Supports finances, can be carried in purse, wallet or pocket.
  • Chrysophase.  Good for difficult climates in regards to office politics.
  • Flourite.  Decreasing pressure & increasing clear thinking.
  • Moonstone.  Uplifting to the mood, allows hope.



A couple of extras, I like to burn incense or have a humidifier on with essential oils to support feeling calm & focused.  Set it up how it works, function over form, it needs to work more than look perfect.  Sending you good working from home vibes.












Awareness in Healing Covid19.


Our 2020 energies are not here to get the best of us, be mindful in your healing, body mind & spirit.  Together these aspects of us can work in composition to navigate illness, stabilise & heal through recovery.  Throughout my work as a Healer, this is the true magic of our universe.  Beautiful symmetry & magic, for our benefit.  For us to literally shine.  This is homeostasis.  To remember this, please consider the following.  All my love & safe passage, R.

Generating this in particle ignition for the body to fulfill uninhibited health in the auric shell, requires many aspects of my daily work, but for some others it can be a ‘last option’ or the point of trying anything, I want to say thank you for allowing your defences in the right sense to soften, for you to perhaps experiment in self care on a much deeper level.  This is you looking after yourself with boundaries to have in reserve a generosity in overflowing to share with others or in this case, to address good behaviours for benefiting the fitness & health of us all.

There is in the energy waves of this virus a time line of efficacy.  Firstly then, be patient, you can maintain habit for 4-6 weeks, as this is the base line for time line, relate this to your city circumstances, rate & type of spreading conditions, with the special consideration, good hygiene is good ongoing.  Set up in your habits a rhythm of repeating good hygiene.  Be silent in your mind when doing these habits.  Washing hands, suspend thoughts, address body care.  Keeping simplicity engaged adds to your efficacy in staying safe & healthy, supports good immunity & healing through recovery.  Good if you have pets, a young family, persons unwell.  Finding this rhythm supports keeping the habit in a positive light in your internal dialogue.  Keep it simple & keep it going.

If you want to use the image above, start in the middle of the gold star & think on the paragraphs above.  Breath deeply, anytime of the day, candle light is better for before bed, remember to blow out the candle, before settling your energy into rest.   This is a great option if your caring for others, a short very restorative 5-10 minutes, supports release of exhaustion & brings in a deeper connection for vitality.

Things we do in my house for homeostasis.

  • Mindfulness of the breath.  Complete air exchange for the lungs, supports stronger immunity.  As simple as sitting with relaxed good posture, take a moment to listen to your breath.
  • Cut onions in all spaces & rooms, especially in bathrooms & toilets.  Bacteria absorbing, they help keep it clean.  Throw out when they look full, wash the plate, replace.
  • Depending on the weather, water the garden & settle dry dust & particles from becoming airborne.
  • Smudge rooms, white sage, palo santo, lavender, rosemary, thyme are all good herbal inclusions.  Alternatively they can when fresh be added to hot water in a bowl, then sit at the table with the bowl still, breath in deeply over the bowl, through the nose mostly & also the mouth for a couple of full rounds in & out.  When cool, pour over your garden to add more good vibes for health & prosperity in your home.
  • In an empty spray bottle 500 mls, 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of white vinegar, add tea tree essential oil, 3-4 drops, add a drop or two of eucalyptus oil to filtered water.  Spray on surfaces to clean, including in sick rooms, bathrooms & toilets.  Tea tree & eucalyptus oil can also be added to the washing as you would softener/rinse aid to end of cycle.  Great for towels, bed sheets, pet beds, cushions & pillows are lovely when sunned for an hour or two with or without the spray.
  • Clean up, general tidying, wiping of food crumbs & dust all support immunity.
  • Keep in the loop with virus updates. Follow social distancing, restricted outings & quarantine requirements for your specific area.
  • Eat well, garlic is a natural antibiotic, ginger is great for immunity, rosemary helps the body relax, sage is healing & restorative, thyme is great for the lungs, tomatoes have high antioxidants for healthy gut, lemon & lime in cooking or a cup of hot water, capsicum for keeping blood clean.  Eating fresh & raw foods, give the body loads of lovely vitality & a positive mental outlook.
  • Communicate with your inner circle & family.  Be kind, allow dignity.
  • Essential oils for comfort, on the corner of the bed sheet, on a collar or a scarf; lavender, chamomile, lemon, orange, tea tree, eucalyptus, jasmine, mandarin, lemongrass & patchouli. Please be aware some may stain & should not be in direct contact with the skin.  Humidifiers are also good here, cold water is best as it maintains essential oil integrity.
  • If your able, keep moving, its good for circulation, bodily repair, proper rest & keeping your mentality healthy, light & fluid.  Dance in the lounge, yoga or play with your pets.
  • Keep your pets clean, as well as bedding & lounges or cushions if you have them inside.  The tea tree spray & sunning is great for killing bacteria.
  • Meditate.  Meditation raises immunity, positive perspectives, helps the body repair quicker & eases discomfort.
  • Listen to gentle instrumental music particularly with cello, clarinet, violin & piano as these will aid lucid states in those feeling unwell.
  • Drink water.

In terms of mindset, picture an egg shell all around your body.  Inside is you, picture your body naked, have a soft place to lie down, imagine the body cushioned & comfortable.  Lay face up with your arms open.  Breath deeply in & out, add soft sunlight coming through the egg shell to let your body soften.  At night you can imagine moonlight, softly entering the shell.  Imagine the shell is impervious to anything else.  Only sun & moon light can come through.  Still the body, mind & spirit soul.  Imagine as clearly as possible.  In this meditation you are healthy, vital & present, safely.  In this space you are kind to self.  In this space you allow self & others dignity.  In this space you are connected.  As you prepare to come back to day to day, be mindful that your eggshell is complete, you awaken in your shell, intentionally closing the meditation space, while keeping the impervious shell alight, but turning off the internal meditation light, so to speak.  After, ground the body with your favourite crystal, a glass of water, a walk in your yard bare foot on the earth, in an apartment, water your plants, being sure to touch & talk with them.

The activation sketches below are useful for erratic energies, felt in the person, home, office & in support for those when illness has left you fatigued.  You can use them visually on your wallpaper, printed & put up on the mirror, wall or the bedside table.  In the office I would recommend placing them in the bathrooms, in or on your desk, on a whiteboard.










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International Women’s 2020

These are a few of the words I associate with women.  As the women I see & speak with, it’s obvious to me are amazing. It really does not seem to matter how large the stage they stand on, challenges & lessons come, polishing us to shine.

Leading.  Not managing, not following, not unconscious truly no matter what is thrown.  Each morning we wake & find our why to follow the day.  We gather ourselves, when able we gather others, understanding that life has value & is not best under control, strangled until extinguished.   In light of the great spirits of sisters who came before me, I say keep stepping Ladies, I applaud you.

Alchemy, we are magical.

Victorious, we create victory & survive.

Inherent, we are permanent, essential & characteristic in life & our cultures.

Aware, of our feminine essence, its protection & nourishment.  We are connected.

Traveller Tidda’s, I want to pay respect to my indigenous sisters across our globe.  I recognise the divine in you.

Rich, in essence & in dollar dollar bills.

Creative energy personified.  We are resourceful.

Evolutionary, we survive & thrive.

Successfull.  ‘Nough said.

To the Ladies in my life day to day, you all help me be a better woman.  Thank you.

A post note, the artwork above is by Paul McGregor, & great artist who gave me this piece after I modeled for him.  We can all be feminists. R xx.

Keeping Calm


Hello Lovers of Life,

Finally a cooler afternoon 🌴🌴🌴one cup of coffee down & thinking on our vibe today.  Overall this week has an opportunity for levelling our perceptions, in terms of health, hygiene, hygiene, hygiene as well, if your interested in trying some old school remedies I recommend the following.

1. Cut onions placed in key spaces in the home & business.  For example, bathrooms, foyers, kitchens, in rooms where people are ill & convalescing.  The onion removes bacteria, you will see when it is ‘fulll’, bin & replace on a clean plate.

2. Tea tree oil, 1 cap of oil in a 500ml spray bottle, spray into the room as an atomiser.  Do not spray the face.

3.  Smudge with sage, incense if that’s what is available, resin on charcoal discs, white sage is a great treat all.  Place in a safe/non flammable space in your home or business, can be done after hours here, do not leave unattended.

4.  Keep it tidy, as in clean.  Throw out the rubbish, wipe & or wash bins changing bags, vacuum often in the nooks in your spaces, wash filters, wipe sills, switches, handles & counter tops with the tea tree spray, wipe with paper towel if illness is in the space, then throw away towel.  Eucalyptus oil can also be added to the spray, half a lid tea tree with half a lid eucalyptus in a 500 ml spray bottle.  This spray works well on security screens, very important for air quality, also for counters, reception desks & student desks.

5.  Exercise, a wander in your neighbourhood, dance in the living room, spend time in your backyard.  Yoga is good to open & relax body, mind & spirit, supporting strong immunity.

These steps support a quality in our spacial engagement, in holding our emotional intelligence, our spaces reflect & enhance our tactile nature, enabling positively keeping calm.  Staying in tune with our bearing as we navigate collectively, where we all are, what we are all dealing with & our accountability, as per my mention in the annual forecast for 2020, sabotage & accountability are part of our energies throughout the year.

As above; keep calm & collect your thoughts, gain control of your inner images; appease & be in the moment, bring some sensory perception back to your outer limbs; lungs open & moving with deep breaths in & out, 3 cycles; mingle & continue your work, keep on your path & continue with micro steps if this is all you are able, talk to your inner circle.  All steps count, have value, build immunity & integrity, supporting you in fulfilling your vitality, presence & resolutions.

Sending you safe passage.









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Olafur Eliasson & Well, Everything.


Did you see the Netflix special, Abstract?  I’ve been absorbed, its an inside look at art professions and how this dances with our culture as a society.  In season 2, episode 1, Olafur Eliasson’s art is highlighted, for good reason.  It’s clever, questioning, proposing & amazingly beautiful.  My favourite are the waterfalls.  Structure, grace & wild.

Firstly the exhibition, Water is on in Brisbane at QAGOMA in the South Bank Precinct.




His discussion begins with examples of work with Olafur quickly showing his innate understanding of art and its place in our culture.  Watching his on the spot working through the discussion is marvellous.  He is very generous, humble and very inquisitive.

Looking at Ice Watch, large glacial ice pieces from Greenland, hand captured and placed at The Tate, for us to have a spacial, tactile and immediate perspective based response, is piercing in its brilliance and clarity of thought through to execution.  Eloquent.



With The Weather Project, 2003, the Turbine Hall of the Tate Modern gallery.  A micro climate created sepia toned silhouettes causing an array of responses from the audience interactions, from yoga, lying down flat, talking with strangers in the mist and all participants in the miracle of art, becoming part of it.  Olafur is considerate in his approach to making us part of the pieces, bringing them and us to life, creating a conversation around the pieces as well as part of completing the work, by engaging through tactile aspects from splashing water, to ice melting under our touch.



I found the image below so charming, it is Olafur’s first installation if you will.  He flooded the space on purpose.  I adore that this image is black and white.  No extraneous noise, play and creativity surprising an opportunity to interact with our life force, water.



This is the Glacier Melt Series.  Photographic series around melting ice with drastic differences in nature.  All the work centres around our perceptions, that these are individual & our interaction with our spaces and nature.



This is a photo capturing workings in progress in the studio.



Overall, I was totally captivated throughout the discussion, I love that he plays with shapes and light, has an affinity with nature and our position as caretakers.  Leading into how as artists we are a valuable part of all cultures and it is part of our due diligence to keep creating, thoughtfully.

Check out the exhibition, in Brisbane till April 2020.

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Annual Forecast Year of the Rat 2020

Welcome to 2020 Year of the Metal Rat.

Annual Forecast by Ruby Brown 888.

Our Rat characters are quick witted, resourceful, smart, versatile, kind and lovely, intuitive, curious, great learners, beautiful in positive aspects.
Negative aspects can include quick or heated responses, lacking in courage, narrow mindedness and defeatist.

Auspicious                                                         Inauspicious
2, 3.                                                                    5,9
Blue, Gold, Green                                             Yellow, Brown
SW, W, NW                                                        S, SE
Lily, African Violet


Our charts for 2020 Year of the Rat, indicate for work, a serious approach will be beneficial, eye on the prize, keep focus without anxious burnout. Don’t allow the little things to gnaw away at you. Mindful of details, be meticulous & address fussy issues. In regards to health it is obvious to advise look at diet & consistent exercise, but would be more helpful this year, would be to address with kindness what causes you pain. Address any area of sabotage you are able to, but make a start. In supporting your diet, eat more salad & vegetable combinations.

Proper rest will go a long way to feeling you can navigate your path.
In relationships, if you want exclusivity keep eyes open for infidelity, sudden break ups & new romances. New friends are on the horizon in 2020.

Good opportunities for increasing income & profits for this year. Economies have an opportunity to grow, displaying aspects of greed, disrupting patterns & growth. Loyalties & expectations are also under the scope, be as clear as possible with communications, contracts, terms & conditions. Educate, read, ask questions, knowledge adds to success, do your homework.
This also means, that it is possible for pitfalls and loss, keep home secure.

As you have all seen the Coronavirus by now, hygiene is crucial this year. As illness enters from the East. Boost your immunity by cutting white onion in half and placing in rooms where people are sick, recovering as well as spaces where any decor product is off gassing for example new paint; new synthetic carpet, upholstery treated & scotch guarded; plastic tubs; public spaces like foyers, receptions & doctors surgeries etc; babies room; bath and toilets. Change out when full.

Time acts as a tide, this means, energy transforms, this includes our perception of time, timely and on time etc.
Slowing down to gain perception, depth and accuracy are good choices throughout the year. Supporting cooling quarrelsome energies. Wise when in situations that require diplomacy.

This years energies include an evolutionary adaption on mass, re-education around biases, assumptions, prejudices & proclivities. A reluctance to relinquish control presents on a global scale, following through from last year. Be aware of the company you keep, along with any lingering influences. Practicality gains value for all ages. Growing the understanding that practical is wonderful for benefits & rewards. This can add to a mass shift of not being able to pretend, resulting in discomfort for some.

While it does look as though things will be getting somewhat worse before they get better it is important to understand, more will awaken & more needs to be seen for it to change.
Sending good vibes, safe passage & loads of luck for your year of the Rat.


Full Moon December 12/2019.


For our full moon this month, on December 12 at 4.12pm AEDST, it would be wise to consider finalising, completing and consolidating what you have been working on and towards.

As tensions build to create adjustments based on behaviour, karma and adjustments being made, keep in mind being patient, renewed respect and commitment for your goals.  This moon brings energies of clearly seeing relationship dynamics that are negative & unhealthy creating disharmony.  There will be uncomfortable and unpredictable tensions to tip for karmic balance to restore.

There are karmic consequences for manipulating, guilt tripping and subversive tactics.  If you can meditate or have subconscious awareness, it will decrease the emotional and energy drain, as well as over coming obstacles supporting impartial and balanced views, especially around intimate relationships.  Be aware of feelings of jealousy, possessiveness, infatuation, spying, even falling for negative or dangerous people as instant attraction has active potential.  Give openly with no catches or hidden agendas in support of calling in what you desire.

Call in patience and determination as we are in a phase of lesser resources and time, for extra responsibilities that can land unexpectedly.  Forcing us to look at what is not working.  Learn what to let go of, as loss, hardship and disappointment come in, if its broken fix it or release it.  With critical points creating events to restore balance, especially around relationships, can look like an argument to affairs, internal imbalance around body image and self love.  As cravings rise keep in mind its best not to over indulge, as actions have karmic repercussions right now.  Cultivate thoughts around mothers here, to help resolve overall during this time.

Emotions heightened are emotional coldness, guilt, fear, heavy work load, emotional vulnerabilities, personal and professional imbalance, your needs and the need of others and imbalances.  Self control is tested as is patience, dedication, trust, loyalty, forgiveness however they can if addressed, create a renewed commitment and restoration.

Female warrior energy is amplified for your needs right now, bringing courage, energy, renowned and eminent friends, fighting spirit, strategic talents, quick decision making, advance and success.  Particularly on the 12th, be aware of aggressiveness, belligerence, tendency to fight futile or lost causes and danger of sudden dishonour.  Supporting female energies brings in, good fortune, assertiveness, a mighty tongue, be aware to men this can appear as nasty and bad tempered aggression.  Stay as grounded as possible.

Overall what we are working on is our perspectives around being strong, dignified, self controlled, constancy and inconstancy, arrogance, violence, impiety, danger of treachery and prosperity in trade especially by voyaging national or internationally.  These aspects all relate to our nourishment, hence the mother aspects to be considered.

There is luck in hunting, wealth, military prowess, traitors and deserters, revolts, borders and boundaries disputes, positive outcomes in regards to construction, think a good time to sell your property, development etc.  We are addressing our structural culture as a people, in regards to male dominance, patriarchal systems, power and success from forethought and strategy to rapid moving conditions.  Adaptability is a female base in energy, strength with flexibility, calm considerations, speaking from truth with compassion, allowing time required for actual change and dealing with the uncomfortable.  These are shifting to karmic balance, keep it clean to keep your good karma and fortune in play.

Keep it fluid, light stepping, a little goes a long way.  Much love for your full moon.

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A Midas Touch with 888.


Midas Touch if you haven’t heard of it, is from Greek mythology.  Referring to King Midas of Phrygia part of the ancient Kingdom of Anatolia.  It was the dominant kingdom in Asia Minor from c.1200-700BC.  Having Persian and Roman borders at the time.  Centring on the Sangarios River, eventually being part of the conquests of the time.

Phrygian power reached its peak late in the 8th century under King Midas.  His story is a tale of avarice.  He was granted a wish from Dionysus for finding Silenus sleeping in Midas’s rose gardens.  The following morning, after being granted the ability to turn whatever he touched to gold, King Midas understood the warning around his wish.  His food turned to gold, as did his daughter on embracing her.  Adoring of his daughter the King became distraught, in fear and despair he prayed for the wish to be removed.  Dionysus directed him to wash his hands in the Pactolus River, returning his hand to normal, as did all things he touched.  This resulted in a great shift within King Midas to love and appreciation.  He grew to become more generous and grateful.

Not being able to recognise what is a blessing or a curse is often a central part of how we try to process and create solutions.  Midas was blinded by desire that he did not willingly control.  This in turn lead to what could be called an imbalanced negotiation.  The results on him became devastating, through the mercy of a second chance he was able to see clearly what was of real value to him.

If your looking to engage and give yourself a second chance, there are several gratitude actions to support your goal.

  1. Look after something else, water plants, play with your pet.  Responsibility supports learning.
  2. Fuel your body mind spirit.
  3. Release guilt and shame.  Spend time in gentle sunlight.
  4. Be kind to yourself.
  5. Drink lots of water.  Staying hydrated supports clear thought, as does Flourite crystal.  Hold the crystal as you drink your water.

When we are building habits that step us into our Golden Path… our Midas touch, we are best served by keeping things simple.  Simple planning, thoughts, words, actions and appreciations.  Where do you see value in your world?

Remember hold the crystal while drinking your water.

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Breakfast with Ita Buttrose AC, OBE


The joy that is Ita Buttrose AC, OBE.

On walking into the room, the warmth of spirit embraced you.  Adding to the morning’s surprises were friendly faces and moments to catch up.  Citing the guest of honour, was a quick moment that is embedded in my brain, part clarity, part blur.  There are few people that stand out through presence & legitimate bearing, Ita Buttrose is one of them.



Her stories are generous, inclusive & delightful.  She is warm, immediately engaging, a fountain of knowledge her stat’s were amazing, from her days with Cleo; with sales from approximately, 860 000 a week, to now, magazines in print combined selling 300 000 on average per month.  You become very aware of the scope of knowledge at Ita’s disposal.  She is encouraging, motivating & honestly delightful, I was a fan before, but it wasn’t long into her speech when I realised I had fallen in love with Ita.  When I saw that her notes were hand written I was smitten.  Obviously I’m a fan.  It seemed to me, that each person in the room was grateful & appreciative of being in company with Ita.  With an ease & grace that was relaxed & highlighting of her comic timing, Ita is relatable, hilarious, discerning, playful & a true representative of & for our country.

An icon for her career & achievements, Ita Buttrose is good company to start the day with.  Simplicity with honesty & integrity spot the story lines, displaying the depth of her character.  Humbling to say the least.

If you get the opportunity to listen to Ita Buttrose, stop, be present, listen & recognise the joy & greatness you are in the presence of.  Bow down to Ita Buttrose.

Ita if you read this, Thank you for the photo.





An abridged list of Ita Buttrose’s accomplishments.

  • Women’s Editor the Telegraph at 23.
  • Woman’s Own, Great Britain, national magazine.
  • Telegraph on returning to Australia.
  • 1971, Founding Editor Cleo magazine.  Launched in 1972, with a sealed section & the first nude male centrefold, Jack Thompson.
  • 1975-76, Australian Women’s Weekly.
  • 1976-78, Editor in Chief Cleo & Australian Women’s Weekly.
  • 1979, Officer of the Order of the British Empire, OBE.
  • 1978-81, Publisher of Australian Consolidated Press Women’s division.
  • 1981-84, Editor in Chief Daily Telegraph & Sunday Telegraph.
  • 1984, Board of News Limited.
  • 1980, Television appearances.
  • 1984, Variety Personality of the Year.
  • 1984-88, Chairwoman National Advisory Board on Aids [NACAIDS].
  • 1988, Officer of the Order of Australia, AO.
  • Launched Capricorn Publishing & ‘Ita’ magazine.  As well as being Chief Executive Officer.
  • Variety Clubs Personality of the Year.
  • Australian Academy of Broadcast Arts & Sciences Most Promising Newcomer to Radio.
  • 1993, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.
  • Australian of the Year.
  • Amarant – National Menopause Foundation.
  • Sydney Women’s Festival.
  • Safety House.
  • National Institute Secretaries & Administrators.
  • K G Murray Leisure Group.
  • Director Australian Advisory Board.
  • Director Prudential Corporation Trust Australia.
  • Director Television & Telecasters Pty Ltd.
  • Awarded the Hartnett Medal.
  • President Chief Executive Women.
  • President National Opera Festival.
  • Buttrose & Dominguez Design.
  • Ambassador & patron to Women of Vision, World Vision Australia, University of Third Age.
  • Member Federal Government Conference for Older Australians.
  • Chairwoman of Australian Services Nurses National Memorial Fund.
  • Director Smith Family Australia.
  • Member Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code Complaints Adjudication Panel.
  • GST Customer Advocate Woolworths Supermarket Chain.
  • Director Terraplanet Ltd.
  • Inducted into the Victorian Honour Roll of Women.
  • Chairwoman Terraplanet Ltd.
  • Television appearances between 1990 & 2016 across all major networks in Australia.
  • 2001, Inducted into the Victorian Honour Roll of Women.
  • 2003, Centenary Medal.
  • 2011-2014, President Alzheimers Australia.
  • 2013, Australian of the Year.
  • 2014, Honorary Doctor of Letters Macquarie University.
  • 2015, Second Honorary Doctor of Letters University of Wollongong.
  • 2017, Kennedy Awards, Outstanding Lifetime Achievement for Excellence in Journalism.
  • 2018, University New South Wales Honorary Doctor of the University Degree.
  • 2019, Appointed Companion [AC] in General Division Order of Australia for eminent service to community through leadership in the media, the arts & the health sector as a role model.
  • 2019, Chairwoman Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

As you can see Ita Buttrose exemplifies the mantra of working woman, leading the way, breaking ground & raising others as she goes.  I look forward to her embodiment of the ABC Chair & the inevitable advancements that will follow.









Tara Moss & Dead Man Switch.

Listening to Tara Moss being interviewed by Cass Moriarty, several things are apparent from the beginning, Cass has great questions, Tara is whip smart, totally engaging & a great author.  Easily she shares her thoughts on favourite authors and why, as well as where to look should you be into great storytelling.

As Tara discusses her extensive research and how this influences character development with explicit detailing being a nod to excellence in the genre, as well as taking the journey with us, allowing luxurious embellishment in imaging the story as it unfolds.  In person she is immaculate in detail, including ‘Wolfie’.  Check @taraandwolfie on instagram for more info on her use and awareness raising on using mobility aids.

She is passionate about the genre of crime, keen for authenticity and promotion of our beautiful land and in ‘Dead Man Switch’ represents our illustrious sisters and their accomplishments in the era of the 1940’s.  Hearing her read excerpts is charming in the most positive sense and leaves you hungry to hear what happens to Billie.  Changing protagonist features for this novel, is timely genius.

I highly recommend any of her books, fiction or non fiction.  You know you’ll find me reading with a cup, delighting in being transported into ‘Dead Man Switch’.

Find @taramossauthor & @cassmoriarty & @rubybrown888

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888 Vibe

888 Resources include freebies on Youtube like ‘THE VIBE’.

The Vibe is a monthly download from Ruby, insight to support ease of navigation through your world.  These videos are designed to be quick, information packed & thought provoking, to encourage your engagement in feeling connected, facing challenges & a heads up on what to look out for.  No matter what stage of development these freebies are designed to serve you wherever you are at.  That’s why its free.

’In my mindset, meditation raises awareness around states of being I am working to progress & deepen.  The Vibe started with me doing a quick download for me to reference the month & see what opportunities where presenting for my development, emotional IQ, families well being & synchronising with attraction of prosperity & profit.  It struck me that if I was looking for this, others were also.’  Ruby.

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Lunch & Elle Macpherson.

Lunch with Elle Macpherson, is a little breath taking, she is obviously tall, has a long stride & works at being present when addressing the audience and creating discussion within the room.

She is in a career that from the public view, is sun kissed.  What we see is a composed business woman that listens, is earnest in relating why she is invested in founding Welleco, what it promotes in health and well being.  In sharing her go to product for this tour, Welleco Boosters are it right now, supporting her immunity while travelling and working.

More info on them here.

As Elle was interviewed by Sophie Formica, we were in a place of seeing an icon of courage share her steps in learning, growth and family.  A masterful demonstration of understanding the commonality between each person in the room.  Discussing how each level of success brought idiosyncrasies, how if your able to keep yourself in a position of staying open, having a willing heart and finding the right team to create, you are part of knowledge that is life changing.

If your looking at the aesthetics of the brand, it joins seamlessly with product, clean clear lines and colour tones to look at home in any space.  Welleco’s HQ is in Australia, as the company curates a cohesive line of products, since its inception in 2014, with Co Founder, Andrea Horwood.

Personally, it caught my attention that Elle self professed non public speaker, was gracious, authentic and enigmatic for business acumen as much as her presence.  A wonderful example of a light heart.  Restorative is the word I’m left with to sum up the experience.

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Hunters Moon October 13/2019.


Hello Astro Gliders,

This month is a Hunters Moon.  Here are 888’s top tips for feel good things to restore and recharge your soul this full moon.  Keep in mind light hearted intentions and feels for this one, creating a little magic suspending and surrendering pressure stress & the grind of day to day.  Call in feels of owning your actions with ease, understanding and willingness to learn.  See where you have been missing information with this full spectrum illuminating our sky on Sunday evening AEST.

888 Top Tips for Hunters Moon 2019.

  • Charge it up… crystals, water, lay your body on the ground, charging the auric and physical bodies.
  • Cleanse your tools… athames, mirrors, wands, bells, bowls, card decks.  Let them attune encompassing the ‘all’ vibration.
  • Spend time outdoors, moon bake, swim, meditate, hike, camp, sit by the fire.
  • Look at the stars, remind yourself of the magic of being an intergalactic star being.  Allow perspective to adjust.
  • Crystals specifically for Hunters Moon… Serpentine, Rainbow Moonstone, Lapis, Obsidian, Amber, Turquoise & Pyrite.
  • Cultivate aspects of personality around… respect, humility, flexibility with specific reference to yielding & surrender, wanderlust, consistency, maturity, adaption, versatility.  Mastery.
  • Overall, be willing to step out into the future you want for yourself.

Happy Hunters Moon Year of the Pig 🌛🐷

❤️ Ruby.

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Gold Coin… Meditation.

If your looking to meditate & would like to grow a deeper connection to abundance, this quick 3 minute meditation can help.  Ruby has kept it light & quick so you can listen to it in the morning with your coffee, on the ride to work, when your quiet at the end of the day visualising & dreaming of improvements you want in your life.

When listening to Gold Coin Meditation, consider your relationship to money, self worth, self esteem & happiness.  Happiness is important here in the context of what truly adds to your souls happiness, this is often not money.  It can be what the money allows in terms of freedom, spontaneity or security, for example knowing the bills are covered.  Include as aspect of feelings like being relaxed, open, at peace with abundance.

Statements & affirmations like; I accept abundance; Abundance is in my gratitude; I Gold Coin 🙂 [actually smile here].  These support your body mind working with your spirit.  Like turning on a generator.  Generating a better relationship with abundance.  How would you feel with this support in your journey with abundance?

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Mindfulness & Keeping It In Your Pocket.

Keeping your Mindfulness in your pocket relates to the mobile oriented world we are in, for me it has to be mobile so it goes where I go, home, office, around the globe.  As well as keeping it in play.

Our purpose in mindfulness is to support a healthy perspective, to creatively resolve, to stay calm, to think clearly from a neutral space within, to hear our inner voice over the roar of ‘them’, to keep the spirit engaged while we work towards our goals, to name a few.  Especially in relation to expanding your mindset, adapting it to new terms, understanding a new and or conflicting perspective and to grow.

In light of having this practice at your disposal, even in times where space, time and maybe your regular routine are not available or if the old methods need new energy we have the following tips.

  1. Don’t get caught in symantics.   Let go of distractions.
  2. Have options.  Rather than one favourite practice, have a few options.
  3. Give yourself some time alone.
  4. Cut yourself a break, if you break routine, restart.
  5. Breath deeply.  Often.
  6. Remind yourself that you are learning.  It’s called practice for a reason.
  7. You don’t have to be at Guru level.  Wherever your at is completely fine.
  8. Whatever the feelings or thoughts, they are temporary.
  9. It’s okay to give yourself permission.
  10. Try.

Carry with you an understanding that your worth grows when you water mindfulness, just like a very beautiful flower.  It’s okay to be a work in progress.  It is not necessarily naive, a mistake, or crazy, to address the shadow self.  Mindfulness is an interpretation of if nothing else, the inner selves true feelings.

Sending you loads of chill vibes and inspiration in your walk into mindfulness.  R.

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Intel, Week of July 16/2019.

A note in support of navigating the week, this week we look at the 7 Swords, utilising Malachite, Quartz, Amethyst & Nature.  Distillation is in our week, use consideration with reason, think as clearly as possible, as muddy waters make it hard to gain a line of sight, while communications, as in communing with your thoughts, nature & integrity.  If like many of us, your feeling tired, overwhelmed, lost & unsure of how to keep moving forward, consider distillation your ally.

If you have been walking your talk, then this week will be helpful in showing some truth about what is actually happening, who is being upfront, who is keeping their word, where the risk is & if looking closely why.  However if you have not been walking your talk, I recommend copping to what ever has the potential to blow up in your face.  This is your best plan of walking away with somethings in tact, dignity and possibility of second chances.

Be mindful that aggression, argumentative or combative behaviour is not your best option this week.  Step toward what you are wanting to build in the world, whatever that may be, keep it kind, respectful, present & on topic.

Have a lovely & peaceful week.  R.

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The Oddness of Creativity & Working It.

Our creative souls often sing best in the right environment, calm, lots of time to think and conceptualise, dance with the nuances of the project, research, define, plan, execute all while hoping it will be relevant and well received.  In terms of the market climate in which we the creatives find ourselves, it can be daunting and also negative for the environment we require to create and fulfil our projects.  Inspiration is a delicate flower.

Keeping this flower healthy and prosperous is key for a multitude of reasons.   Inspiration requires attention to manifest.  Read on for Ruby’s top tips on Joy, Inspiration and Creativity in a time where the wild is being deconstructed.

  1.  Be selfish and create your quiet space.
  2.  Keep colour around.
  3.  Pace is important.
  4.  When working, stay out of playtime mindsets, allowing a relaxed focus.
  5.  No need to justify your creative process.  Keep this present, especially if for example your a Mum, have an open door policy or live and work in the same space.
  6. Eat properly.  Cooking for yourself, studies have shown, builds a stronger immune system, gives more fuel to the body and you can spoil yourself with your favourites.
  7. Think about how you like to work.
  8.  Deep rest and sleep.
  9. Take breaks outside, no devices.
  10.  Storyboard.

As always, creation can be a weird and wonderful beast, it may not always look like perfection, ahhh but perfection can be boring and the artistic results don’t really speak to our souls.  If your a creative and find the current climate overwhelming, I encourage you to keep your practice alive, increase self care,  remind yourself of truth, walk away from the negative places and people, believe in you!

888 Bespoke Coaching is available.   Ruby is an internationally exhibited artist, ask questions from within the creative space.

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Winter & Business 2019.

This Winter is particularly mention worthy, as throughout the last year or so ‘loops’ have been being closed down, leading to normal patterns and trends within the market altering.  In our season of Winter, it is wise to consider the above.  As we seat ourselves within a quantum field, the energy patterns, seasons and working conditions shift, creating the need for us to be fluid and stepping lightly to take the curve balls, in stride.

Understanding the market calls on your experience, talking the tough topics and making decisions, often right now without a clear line of sight.  This is where intuition has a major part to play in business be it trade or services.  Relationships play here also, when we address political climates, the added pressure to terms, expectations and results can belie the on the ground terms, often leaving some business community members thinking they are missing something.  The number one tip here would be to assess systems, as well as finance and keeping within a true budget or spending terms, depending on the amounts and time constraints around manufacturing, storage, shipping and growth.

Stepping into the Dead of Winter in a few weeks, for August, give yourself the opportunity to be timely over pushing or desperate for results.  Engage a full spectrum of you when engaging in your future, be grounded, cultivate rationality and let some intuition flow in.

Wishing you and your business endeavours a fruitful winter, R.

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Style Biting & Insecurities.

Hello Peeps,

Over the past gazillion years 🙂 I have seen people bite at my style, copy & trying to fake it till you make it, people run with the assumption that its okay, as they were inspired or masking their fear, as well as the perspective that it can be afforded by me, even to my face, while dismissing what I do including that its not relevant as it can include a spirit aspect.  These are all misnomers.

What it did draw my attention to was that usually it comes from a fear base & insecurity.  Within this space are some statements that may be used to justify actions, for example ‘they’ can afford it, ‘they’ will not know or see it, I can put it down to flattery, on & on the list grows as it is used to mask and deny fear & insecurity.  The more you realise what your doing & continue to do it, the longer the list gets.  Adding to Karma, not taking away.

As fear & insecurity grow to panic, more decisions are pushed into this space, creating an equal response inside & outside of your body.  Leading to more of the same, over resolving the issue & moving into a more secure and love based future.

What we address here is our philosophy & beliefs on life & whether or not we are living up to them.

Are you walking your talk?

In light of this, I want to state publicly, that I have never found it flattering when people dissect my style & copy over using the inspiration to find & embrace their own unique beauty.

This is a major part of the purpose of the work I do.  To support & facilitate the journey into clearing fear, finding love, finding own style with cohesion & implementing.  It’s a totally different thing to what copiers will defend & justify their actions with.  I do understand the dichotomy of being in the fear seat & the constraints that may leave you feeling you have no other option, or it will be unnoticed.  This is not true, it is noticed.  I am living proof that it doesn’t have to be that way, one of the ‘tricks’ is giving true & direct recognition to who inspires you wanting to do & be better, to move forward, to grow, to be brave, to find courage, to be willing.  Hence I do the work I do & it includes the love of spirit.  As a Clairvoyant, spirit has been with me for a gazillion years 🙂 & I honour it, every day.


My goal for inspiration is for you to find YOUR cohesive journey, having all of your life fulfill your purpose.  This is my purpose, this is the reason I have survived assault, bankruptcy, divorce, child birth, growth, love, loss, grief, being weird, deceit, betrayal & being a single parent, studying & the list goes on.

But please consider, if I can survive these, it is no ones place to diminish & then copy my style, it is also not going to yield the same results as these are cohesive to me.

All that shared, if you are wanting to grow & transition from a life of fear to one of love, to step into the life you dream and feel knowingly within is yours… Make your booking HERE.

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Finding Balance in 2019.

We all understand the benefits of having balance, however as we step into the current speed and relentless nature of overwhelm we find ourselves trying to cope with, trying not to feel numb or blanked out by, its imperative to remind yourself to actively engage with options that help our sustenance, sustainability and willingness.

Here are some of my tips for helping ourselves to make it through.  Just as we require activity, we also require rest and time to recompose.

  1.  Learn to recognise when you are overwhelmed, stop attempts to dismiss the truth of how you are feeling.
  2. Schedule time and space to recompose.  This may be booking the baby sitter, having a cup of tea outside, soaking in a bath or taking a walk in silence, listening to the sounds of the day.
  3. Reduce screen time, even if temporary.  It is recommended that every 90 minutes we step away from devices and screens.  Drink water, walk around the room, recompose.
  4. No feeling guilty, often we may have to recompose while others are ‘still at it’, drop this out of your mental landscape, it is okay to take the time you need as it is available.  You need it whether or not you have company.
  5. Give yourself what you actually need.  Be specific about what is actually going to help, guilt and stress free.  If you need sleep, allow it, need food, go grab some take away if your to tired to cook.  Bear in mind where your energy levels actually are.
  6. Be kind to yourself.  Often we are least compassionate with ourselves, this is your opportunity to put your emotional well being first, then you will be more able to allow and give towards others.  Even in the current climate.
  7. Make plans based on the time you do have available, if you have 5 minutes, breathing exercises are good,  15 minutes, a walk around the block, 30 minutes yoga.
  8. Include company if the person recharges you, gets you laughing, allows you to be and feel relaxed.
  9. Be still, this can look like a pyjama day, lazy breakfast, not doing the washing up, stepping out of home chores, letting a friend or family member or colleague help.
  10.  Be sure to make it happen, don’t let the busi-ness of work and life change your plans.  Keep your health in mind as your first wealth.

Understand that you are always your best version of self when looking after yourself, even when its crazy busy.

GOMA – Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art.

After spending an afternoon wandering through the Triennial at GOMA this year, I was moved by the dedication, execution and peaceful nature of the art, particularly when you consider that some of the topics were not comfortable ones.  To those who question why Art is important, I say Pshaw!

Below are some of the pic’s I was able to take.  Enjoy.


Honestly it was the themes that got me, part of me wants to keep it silent, internalised… and then the questions start. How did we get ourselves here? Why are we treating each other the way we do, so many questions. With the access we have, to these art works, it is so in our face, that it reminds us of the undeniable truth, it is possible to focus for results in dedication, complex critical awareness and love. Each piece was so unusual in explaining the story, that it was palpable, calling out of me a feeling of what had been witnessed. What we are all witnessing. These pieces are enlightened, sophisticated and really beauty in motion. Just let it wash over you. R.

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Be Intentional.

Allow the body to feel Joy.

When we discuss intention, we address the everyday. The thread travelling through you and the day. Where we co create.

As you ponder, consider how to engage the most oxygen in this day. Are we relaxed? Self caring? Generous in our Spirit? If the feeling of disconnection leaves these with the volume down, what would you give to remedy this? For me, as many of you, disconnection can lead to a part of self that is small, insecure, wanting. When we are intentional in our living, we are engaging with large, secure & having. It is important to note that definitions play a part, as does action, as does recognition. Living with an awake intention, alleviates boredom, distraction, while adding trust and of course magic.

Magic brings the Spirit alive. Its like walking barefoot through the Earth. A sense of other, a rational composition of self referencing. Active listening, coupling to magic, awareness & intention can create relief from what ails. How could this serve? Perhaps even just to allow sleep to come, easily. Perhaps its to be able to watch the news without dismay knocking on your door. Reducing stress & positioning you to advocate for the healthier option, to be part of the construction, over the mass of deconstruction. Perhaps its to stand in your body & not feel like an impostor. Owning your space. Finding courage to step forward, to support ourselves. What would that day to day look like?

What resonates in the now, is a genuine desire of a large number of us, stepping into caring, supporting healthy change & cleaning up our messes, all in the appreciation of what we do have. From here all things are possible. Look forward to walking with you.


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888 Annual Forecast 2019

Ruby Brown 888

Annual ForecastYear of the Earth Pig 2019. New Year February 4. 

Positive Aspects / Auspicious. Colours – yellow, grey, brown and gold. Flowers – hydrangea, daisy. Directions – SW, E. Dates – 17th + 24th each month. 2, 7, 10, 11 month. Numbers – 2, 5, 8. Personality Traits – trusting, helpful, diligent, calm with trouble, generous, high concentration, responsible, careful, compassionate. 

Negative Aspects / Inauspicious. Colours – red, blue, green. Directions – SE. Dates – 4, 9, 12 month. Numbers – 1, 7. 

The overall aspects to consider this year include, self care, integrity, sharing of differences and communication, creativity, resourcefulness, true perceptions, application of resources, consideration, wisdom, governance, humility, equal exchange, distillation of processes, clarity and transparency, recognition of capability.  There is prosperity within 2019, there may be small setbacks to begin, keep in mind these will be clarifying and with purpose, and will ease as you move forward.  The end of the year brings fulfilling goals with a sense of achievement.  Keep your eye on the prize. 
As our planet shifts, so does our climate, in the Southern Hemisphere, February is traditionally our hottest month, beginning in 2019 that month will shift to January, bringing a wetter February moving forward.  This looks to add to a return or balancing with nature of tropical climates.  Get ready for some old school humidity at the beginning of 2020.
New social orders open up in 2019, as a response, but also as action is now the primary tool, this moves out of the ranges of ‘some’ to ‘all’ with a more conscious way of living in tune with nature, each other & with a mindset of being of service and leaving all better than we found it.  As certain demographics in our societies become willing to address changes in behaviour for safety and fulfilling the position of care-taking our people & our planet.  Consideration begins to come back in trend.  A growing relay of action around systems emerges with specific attention to food, tech and energy.  New inventions and platforms create openings for traction in improving the problems we create and with direct links to mental health, altering patterns and working environs and schedules for our improved health, bringing in greater compassion & empathy. This will include a transition out of might is right, an altering of our bullying mentality and predominance.  The beginning will be slow, as Pig likes to consider up front, to have less to rework later, a strong foundation, means miner tweaks as we see adjustable imperfections & course corrections. This includes an addressing of knowing our Shadow Self, demanding a seat at the table.  Adding to creative industries, practises & leaps in development across our masses.  A little of realising the cost, as Pig is the gentlest we will get this.  Addressing ego in our culture, as well as its decrease with some devastation in the transition.  A revolution of consciousness with action.

The key to health this year is balance. Management of your actual energy levels and taking time to ground and disengage from electronics, stress & excess.  Listen to how the body responds, not just at time of eating, but for the following morning, a couple of days.  Spending time in or by water soothes the soul and fortifies clarity.  Fermented and light foods, with texture and herbs for flavour are a good place to start.  Eating in line with exertion is important, meaning an awareness of how actually hungry you are is good.  Herbs like ginger, dill, coriander, mint, greens, and citrus, juice or rind.  Roots and vegetables are good inclusion for meals this year.  Honey tea at the end of the day, to support the body through fasting overnight will add to feeling composed, vital & happy.

Our head space is going to require some work for focus, clarity and taking the time to think things through, consideration.  This can look like meditation, time out in silence, watching something hopefull or meals without electronics, delaying when you look at your devices first thing in the morning.  Have you taken your morning coffee with neighbourhood birds, singing in your morning.  A walk around the block at sunset. Think relaxed inner vision, with space and time, literal and figurative.  Look for ways to spend time with beauty, Pig has an appreciation for the loveliness of life which can help us heal and remain balanced in terms of mental health.  The shadow self is not our hinderance, it is one of our greatest powers, when known.

Emotions this year will be supported by practical engagement, reduce the mountain to a mole hill and give your self a chance to deal.  Be forthright in addressing your feelings and give yourself moments of cool reflection to understand what you are witnessing. Consideration is key as each scenario will have unseen factors.  Processing of information is with an understanding that we are more than our history, and not all repetition means the same thing.  Keep your hopes up and creatively connected.  Look for reasons to engage, especially with challenges around those who are valuable to you. 

The job; is an asset and it is worthwhile reminding yourself its a tool that adds to your life, style, manifestation.  Gratitude and willingness will pull, as you are called upon for fluid adaption within moving parts.  Pace and stamina will play an important role.  Build your network, the Pig is a social animal and this bodes well for adding to connections. As does her calm with impromptu situations.  Think longer term, add practicality to planning and remember to see the challenges lesson, when you are underway. Connect with how you can be of service.

Finances have room to grow, be conservative with spending.  Rethink where you allow money to flow and address the long nagging thoughts about what you would like to do, but have not yet put into action.  Keep it simple, it may be dropping one take away meal or coffee a week, with the caveat of putting that cash into the fund of choice.  This year is a great opportunity to change up your finances.  Focus on the thought of paying self first, this can be small change into a bowl, the coffee example or reducing credit card debt, completion of loans, even an extra payment to put yourself ahead.  Think light on your feet here, through lessening stress.  Be brave and address what you are willing to action for change.

Socialising this year is good, keeping it selective to suit energy patterns, available resources and engaging over distracting yourself.  Consider social aspects as part of your reward system for  the focus of keeping pace.  This is where you can let your hair down, restore, share & connect.  Spend time with people who have you feeling calm, secure and who support your ways of wanting to improve.  A great opportunity this year to step out of any ruts around being social.  Be a little experimental and ask some lovely friends to come along.  Inclusion is a working aspect here.

Family have us discussing real terms, whats working, what is not & feelings.  Cultivate finding a grounded approach here, Pigs have great hearts, but this can challenge boundaries.  Remember why you have them in place, and remind yourself of the worth of putting self care ahead of others care.  Concentrate on authentic representation, of your inner voice, dreams, ambitions & desires.  Try to avoid procrastination, if unsure, create small steps to action with a check in before moving forward.  Keep communication going when it is relevant, considered & with respect, from and for you.

The Pig will expect that you are speaking your word and know how to keep it, bear this in mind when reaching agreements. Overall while the Pig likes continuity, it is grounded enough to understand that rolling with life is often advantageous as well as fun.  Pig likes being playful, cute and cheeky, but can also be relied upon to stay calm, endeavour to work out what works & always includes the array of life and its beauty, inclusion.  Be honest about where you want to be included and endeavour to be of service in that light.  Ritual has a seat at the table, to keep centred bearing and as a celebration through aspects of devotion.  Understanding that real time is required for real change & stability. The Pig attracts success in all spheres of life.

The Animals of The Zodiac in the Year of the Earth Metal Pig.

– In 2019 is in a place of being able to set goals high, prosperity & new opportunities are around for you, eyes open.  July and October are great months this year.  Remember with team work, the key is to keep it simple, no over thinking and include the team, to create a cooperative climate.
Ox – this year looks good with aligned prospects for money and career shifts.  Be confident & flexible in your thinking when presented with challenges.  Your ability to be considered will serve you when presenting your position.
Tiger – has a mixed year, asking you to be considerate of others.  Keep your temper cool, as you find your way with being generous for the sake of it.  Be aware any slowing down is in line with avoiding burnout.  October & November are good months for you. Cultivate your relationships with consistency & listening.
Rabbit – Hop to it, this is a good year, no major obstacles, find ways to manage stress and anxiety.  Time out can help here, recognise when & action soft ways to restore. There are opportunities for you, ears open.
Dragon – Find your remedies, allow yourself enough space to flow.  Your efforts will be rewarded.  There is an aspect of small delays towards the end of the year, plan accordingly, give yourself some wiggle room.  Give yourself what you actually need, from your shadow self.  Find what comforts to support calling in success.
Snake – Find your ambition and begin to cultivate towards your desire becoming manifest.  Keep your head & wits about you, to stay on track.  When coming across delays, shed the old & outdated, even when it is within.  Being sure to rest for what the body requires over time available.  Grow.
Horse – 2019 looks to be a better year than 2018.  Attention towards energy levels and full recovery from events from last year are a good idea.  Look for improvements in relationships, keep company that allows you to address your needs as well as theirs.  A two way street approach to relations is a good bearing.  Amethyst crystal will support consistency for you.
Goat – A mixed year, but with your agility there are no major problems.  Keep your temperance even, try not to be combative as the only way to resolve issues and keep communications open, for ease and understanding to develop and grow.  Setting high goals is a good option, you will be able to achieve your outcomes, keep a steady climb, and adjust as you go.
Monkey – Try not to think of discipline as a dirty word, where you can have it you will find you are better situated for actual results.  Keep it real as you address issues and don’t let your imagination run away with you on every topic.  Keep imagination for areas that it is not a distraction, but a tool to call in your success.  Team work is a great option for added success this year.
Rooster – Your goal is to pay attention this year.  Money is good for this year.  Health is an area to address, while a sun up, sun down clock works well, keeping you engaged without exhaustion.  Don’t over estimate your energy reserves.  Call it as you see it, with a minds eye on working within a frame work of people, places and time.
Dog – This year asks for your effort, be of service, companionship may be at the Universe’s discretion, over what you would like.  Keep your health even by getting enough rest.  Lazy days can be good days, allowing opportunity to include inner circle to grow bonds & appreciation.
Pig – Our emblem for the year, allow & receive help for joyful outcomes.  The support will add to less stress and more recognition for your efforts and abilities.  Your calm nature will be called upon & challenged, stay grounded, engage in exercise, while managing your energy levels.  Diet will play a large part here.  Consider what your body needs over indulgence.  Moderation is an entry point for expansion in other areas aligned with goals, over your waistline.  Keep boundaries engaged to restore your reserve & increase prosperity.  You are seen.  

Would you like to know more for your 2019?

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Oroki & Moving Forward

Oroki January 8/2010 – September 19/2018.

Last week my beautiful compadre Oroki left.  He had been working with me for nearly a decade.  We lived together, swam, ate, played together & with that in mind a few points come with new clarity. Lets share about grief.  Because it would be remiss of me not to.

As he was such a sweet soul, who literally went where I did, people find me in the office, by seeing him.  They would also stop by the office, not to see me necessarily but to visit with Oroki, he calmed us all, treated us with excitement and vivacity.  Reminding us all what ever the bother, it would be alright, as cuddles and connection with him allowed us to breath easier, smile more & play.

If your grieving right now, for a place, person or job or thing, a memory, a time held special in your connection to it.  If you don’t feel like letting go, like its not supposed to be time, unprepared to move forward without a love being part of the picture, please consider the following.

You are now a newer version of you, carrying in your centre a love that is intimately entwined into your life, untouched by any drama or trouble, any point of false importance, if you can allow it.  I’m no advocate for it being easy & it will call on every ounce of willingness you can muster, but if you can hold on to the purity of the care, affection & love you have, it will be okay to move forward.  

I want to leave space for more love & kindness to come into my life, how else will I survive?  I want the freedom to hold dear the one that I miss, uninterrupted.  This will require that you create time for being present in the space of now without them.  Recognition.  Of what is missing, how I truly feel & loving myself enough to give myself what I ask for to recover, as time passes.  Not so fast though, that I disrupt or fade my memory.

Keeping it simple lets me process & I recommend finding your way to do this.  When they leave, an energy is left for us, from a base of love, connect to this energy, feeling, memory enjoying the gift that was given & allowed you to be.  I think of him all through the day, he was completely embedded into my life.  All that washes over me now is a sense of love, fully open and joyful, with a vision of clarity that the true priority is love, as a base, as an expression, as a gift.  He was a gift in my life.  How grateful I am to have had him.

If you are grieving right now, I wish you big love, ease of acceptance & great kindness. R xx.








Feng Shui 101’s

Annual Forecasts A History

The Hierophant

This weeks card is The Hierophant.

The Hierophant comes with the core meaning – Living faith in everyday life. Your every word, thought and action expresses the truth of your soul.

Our cards title comes from the word ‘Hierophany‘ meaning, the manifestation of the sacred.  Teaching us to live in accordance with our sacred beliefs, also known as the Pontiff, meaning ‘bridge’.  The Hierophant is the bridge between theory and practice, creating a connection between spiritual belief and daily life.  Including tradition, roots and wisdom gained through the ages.  As with all teachings, it is up to us to take them into our hearts and minds for inclusion into our daily life.  The question is… How is what you believe matching what you think, say and do?

The warning here is awareness of surrounding events, there can be a misuse of power, deception, or spiritual manipulation present.

Here’s to a great week. R x.


What We Can Do.

In our final case study for this mini series, we are looking at a Reading for a Client.  Looking to improve their work situation, they had a skill set and a desire to build a small business, but were unsure on how to proceed and what type of business was the right kind.

As our discussion developed we unpacked the Clients skill set, past experiences and hesitations around starting a business and where they were lacking in practical knowledge and strategy.

Our outcomes were for the Client to advance their love of gardening and re-align there current work into a new small business idea, with strategies around how to get it off the ground on a small budget with key points addressing grants and industries that would fit for a regular client base.  The Client had an epiphany during this discussion understanding and seeing where their skill set would work easily, into opening a gardening and maintenance business with the main focus for clientele being the child care sector and schools, in which their wife had experience and he had experience with gardening and landscaping.  This business was up and running within 6 months and greatly added to their confidence and income.

Interested in finding out how RB888 could add to your world with insight? You can make a booking here.

Enjoying Your Rewards.

If you follow our Instagram you would have seen the card for the week…  the 9 of Pentacles.  With the 9 of Pentacles comes the mindfulness around gratitude for rewards of hard work, dedication, skill and perseverance.   Looking at this, it is important to have in your mindfulness an aspect of gratitude, even when things are not in an ideal position.  You are present, turning up and a work in progress, I would dare to say perfection is overrated.  Consider perfect imperfection, it sits well with aspect of being fluid for this year.  

If your in a long distance plan you understand the hard work, yeah it’s what it takes.  However over the long run, it can still fatigue and dry your creativity, be sure to restore your inner vision with new inspirations.  

With dedication, skills and perseverance, remind yourself where you are doing better, where you are at a point of difference that is positive and state out loud that you are more capable and willing even than you know or remember.

Stay grounded and be your own cheer squad.  I’m off to refuel with some art 😉




What We Can Do.

In this our second case study we are looking at a property with a couple of issues and how Clairvoyance and Feng Shui work together to harmonise and  improve the property to suit the owners circumstances.

This property had a history of nearly a dozen tenants becoming behind in rent and with each tenant escalating in issues as the owners tried to remove them from the property.  This included children in the property while substance abuse was happening, increasing arrears in rent and culminating in lengthy legal issues.  As well as addressing an entity that had been seen by several tenants and were adding to the feeling of discomfort around this house.

Our goal was to create a property that addressed all these issues with positive outcomes and create financial relief for the owners.

After cleansing the house and yard to a harmonised state, applying a few remedies to the yard and addressing the entity of a young boy attached to the house, the outcomes were very favourable.  Timelines were given to the owners and all results were meet on time or a little early.

Our outcomes were, the new tenant were in the property within 4 weeks, inside another 6 weeks they were as many weeks ahead in rent and  the entity was released within 3 weeks.  This also created a doorway for the sale of this property that yielded $20 000 above the asking price.  Needless to say the owners were overjoyed after the rigours of several problematic tenants.

If your buying property, renovating a current abode or looking to improve your current investment property, you can make a booking here.


Be Magical…

Be Magical… 

It’s a good statement, a nice thought, but what does it mean day to day?

Being magical, is understanding the uniqueness of each day and the enjoyment that comes from it.  It is being aligned with your will and engaging in you purpose.  It can also be connecting with another person, strangers, who are generous enough to stop and ask, ‘Are you okay’?

It is also seeing the wonder of our world and working the natural energies to support you body and soul.  For me magic is the relief in someones eye after a healing, the joy of receiving information in a clairvoyant consult, the breathing space added to someones home after a feng shui consult.  It is the information that comes through when working on new born babies and how this can clear the body and give everyone more sleep.  It’s when intention and breath combine to create a new space and more options for peaceful and progressive resolutions.  

At the end of the day its the peace that rests within me, that answers all the hard steps to get to where I am now.  Its the wonder of being the person who is in the position of offering options that make a difference.  When your stretched beyond recognising who and where you are, and are then able to use that to serve something bigger, magic.

Everyday I work to bring magic to peoples everyday, its glorious, it heals, it supports, it saves.  I am grateful for being chosen to bring magic.

Want more magic in your everday?

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What We Can Do.

Seer, Fortune Teller, Psychic… I like Clairvoyant.

We are the ones who are gifted with an ability to peak beyond the veil that supports this world and spirit.  As time flows by, it is our agents who assist with smoothing understanding, translating messages and following threads.  Delving into time and space for our adelphi [brothers and sisters], is a time honoured tradition.   If you have not partaken in this tradition or perhaps aren’t sure about how it can support you or your business, take a look at a couple of case studies in this 3 part mini series.

Case 1.

Working with this Client, included reading the political landscape, shifting market trends for business development plans, building personal confidence  and addressing work life balance to align with a promotion.  This included assessing position descriptions for successful outcomes, interview insight, language and body language descriptors, competition and negotiation.  Our outcome was an increase of $30 000 to the core annual income with bonuses and superannuation on top.  This within 12 months of the previous successful promotion through working with RB888.

RB888 is always happy and excited for our Clients success.  Together we work to your better future.

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Change of Address

snoopy moving house.jpg

Dear 888’s,

I’m so happy to let you know our new website is up and running.  Woohoo!

We are now publishing the 888 Blog from the site itself, bear in mind it is in the early stages, so we will be adding and updating as we step forward.  You can check it out here. Our new home online is where you can find all our social media, contacts and up to date info for RubyBrown888.

We at 888 love that you follow along either by popping back or adding us to your email subscriptions.  Please continue to do so by clicking over to our new site.

We greatly appreciate your continued support.  R.


It’s Autumn.



I love this time of year, the summer heat is softening, cool breezes start to find you at night and in the early morning & I get to wear scarves.  The other part of this time of year is boosting my immune system and adding to my house hygiene to ward off sniffles and the glums that can lead to dis-ease.

Here are a few of my Autumn tips to keep it light, bright & healthy.

  • Wear scarves, everywhere 🙂
  • Place a cut onion in the toilet and bathroom & in the room if someone is sick.  They absorb bacteria, keeping the air quality fresh & hygienic.  They can be hidden, change as they discolour.
  • Smudge, keeping your intention for health & throw in mindfulness for protection also.
  • Wipe down the kitchen with eucalyptus in water, again antibacterial & it smells delicious.
  • Air & sun pillows, cushions & couch throw rugs.  If your able let them get rained on after washing, they dry super soft.
  • Add a small amount of eucalyptus to your washing instead of softener, it is cheaper, makes clothes soft, has them smelling great, is antibacterial & is good for pretty much all fabric types.
  • Get out in the sun, a little Vit D is great for your health.
  • Drink tea & lots of water at room temperature.  Personally I love ginger & lemongrass, peppermint, chamomile – great for busy days when you don’t get a moment to centre & green tea with jasmine or lemon.
  • Moisturise your skin, olive oil, macadamia oil & coconut are good for all ages, with the first two especially good if your skin is dry.  Of course you can add essential oils, consider chamomile, lavender, rose or lemon verbena.  Be sure to patch test if your new to using oils.
  • Remember to laugh & dance 😉

That’s it for today, I’m off for a tea… green of course 🙂   R.