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Welcome to 888 Intel. Having had a short break in posting cycles, it felt like a good idea to share some 888 mantras for you to use at home, work or any old time you feel you want to support yourself in living the life you love.

When working with clients, I channel appropriate energies in support of the client, topic & resonance requirements for the consultation. To maintain good energetic hygiene & enjoy work without exhausting myself or creating illness, I often utilise mantras. These video examples are written on the go, then my water glass placed on top. As you may or may not know, water holds memories. If we look to the work of Masaru Emoto, we also know that water takes on the energetic property of a message in physical contact with the glass. Hence our mantras work for us when we drink them. Adding to our health resonance, as the mantra water in the glass mixes with the water content in our body. Think of it like we are the message we drink.

To breakdown the mantra & its connected intention for the body to process, let’s take a look at todays example.

Our current culture disengages us from our natural circadian rhythms, lowering our immune systems, impacting critical assessment & altering our acknowledgement of the need for legitimate rest. Many have forgotten, how even in stillness there is necessary activity. Remember being still is not doing nothing. Our entire systems require stillness for feeling good. Recent studies have shown direct improvement in brain function with regular intervals of silence. Not having this can create a type of distress internally, causing different types of chaos in our day to day activities. Overall we become like a computer that goes into sleep mode, without ever shutting down (sleeping or resting) to reboot, fresh & with systems synchronised.

This can look like, being in a relaxing activity or space but your mind is still jumping from place to place, a lack of clarity or cohesion & talking negatively. Making it difficult to enjoy the relaxing part of where you are. Taking the rejuvenation that should be part of this moments story.

Letting go of always gotta be doing something – Consider this statement. Can you remember the last time you were still enough to take a look around? Didn’t wonder where your phone was? Even let it ring without answering?

Our cultural extreme fatigue leaves a lot to be desired. Much unfulfilled. Even if you love the hustle, a battery running 24/7 eventually stops. Letting go of always… lets you come up for air. This provides valuable subconscious synchronising throughout your bodies systems, physical, emotional & mental. Sometimes the nothing is the something your doing. How would you like to feel more cohesive, internally, with your environment, with others?

You can use the mantras above, write one of your own or find a quote you have a positive physical response to. Place your paper under the glass, allow it to sit for a couple of moments & enjoy. Cheers to you having more peaceful moments.

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