This week we look to Gecko, whose spirit we call on in meditation to support us in thriving and staying positive in times of adversity.  Teaching us about losing our sense of danger or reality to our sensual sides.  This includes where we leave our heads and follow our hearts to express what we desire.  Trusting in our ability to survive, even when analysis shows things stacked against us, is part of experiencing freedom and our sensuality, vulnerability and honesty.

Helping us to address being fearless, being bold in our passion and present in sensuality, awakening prioritising pleasure, self care and connection.  Gecko’s key message is based on the understanding that to attract the right person or path into our life, manifesting our desires, we choose to show our full colours and sing our own song.

When aspects of ego are unaddressed, we start to stretch our true nature into directions that can alter how we are perceived, responded to and our own interpretations; all influence what we manifest and how we feel.  Living up to what our ego sets up for us is different to what we can and do manifest.

In a simple view Gecko is about how we treat ourselves and others.  What state are we in and what state do we bring that becomes part of the collective interactions?  Is it pleasurable?  For everyone?

In taking a meditation moment, consider what feels good, where you feel good, where do you bring joy?  Breath deeply thinking about how you find pleasure in your care of self and care in regards to others.

Sending you peace.