Right Place Right Time.
This 888 Meditation Moment, is about considering that you in fact are in the right place at the right time.
I would ask you to challenge yourself in a positive way to cultivate the idea, that any current parts of where you are, actually are in alignment with your higher self and universal synchronicity.

Yes this includes all major imperfect challenges, parts or yourself your not fully in love with and things that annoy you. These elements of current time and place are a part of what needs to be addressed. Even the very key to change with ease. The universe will repeat elements ignored by us, until we address them. Our aversion to the discomfort of wading in to navigate is not irrelevant. It is to be acknowledged. However its not a reason to stop. To sell yourself short or to distract.

With this meditation moment I ask you to consider the benefits of learning how to address not the challenging event or person, but to address yourself and how you engage. Meditation gives up a moment to look within finding intuitive solutions to new and old challenges. Building trust in ourselves. With this trust new opportunities avail themselves and from here we are in a position of choice.

Amber crystal, is made from natural resin, solidified. See how when light shines through, we are able to grasp the inner beauty. Illuminated and available. We have inner beauty. To illuminate and utilise it as a benefit, gentle consideration serves. Take a moment to think about a current challenge. What does it call forth from deeper within? Ideally how would you like to address this?

When working with clients, meditation is encouraged to support working on the soul spirit to enhance a fluid presence. This benefits day to day activities from work to emotional iq. As well as active listening, creativity and joy.
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