We have 888 Crystal Grids in our Atelier. To celebrate Ruby has decided to share a couple of 888 Crystal Grids for free, for you to try them out.

The goal is to help you build your crystal use, knowledge and tool kit. Coming with a body map for where to place the crystals, a mantra to base your intention & meditation focus on, Ruby has aligned them with the month energies. Above you can see we have the 888 Crystal Grid used in March and below for April both in 2022.

When treating yourself by gridding with crystals, an intention gives you a focus point and gently guides the healing direction. You can simply relax, rest, letting the crystals get to pulsing with your auric field. If you meditate, some gentle music or piano instrumentals are a good base for audio and will work with the crystals and your intention activation. Not long term practised at meditating, no problem. Simply rest with your crystals in place, gentle tunes in the background, in a room that lets you have a quiet 30 minutes. Read the intention and allow yourself to contemplate it. What does it mean for you? How can you be kind to yourself in engaging in activating or following the intention? Then let your body soften and breath as deeply as your able. Let all the energies of the moment provide protection and alignment.

Remember to give yourself a moment to re-engage in the space where you are as you close the meditation and grid session. Drink a glass of water and have a small bite to eat. Keeping any foods as natural and unprocessed as your able. This can be a piece of fruit, a serve of home made meals, the key is not to over eat. Eat slowly and with gratitude.

Try these two grids out. Ruby has over 3 decades experience as a Healer and Energy Worker. From this vast experience, she creates the grids to synchronise with the current energy patterns. Meaning they are best used from the dates they are for, not previous. So the 888 March Grid is suitable and aligns well from March 2022 forward. We hope you love using them as much as we do.

A note from Ruby –
“ I started using grids in my 20’s. They let me feel rested, safe and still enough to really let the meditation slow my monkey mind. For several years I was using them on myself, then my kids to help them sleep and synchronise their coordination. As they grew it also developed their ability to articulate and stay calm. Eventually making its way into my Healing practise, working with new Mum’s and their babies, new borns love crystal grids. I have had chefs use them to support physical fatigue as well as staying calm in a busy kitchen during service. Other healers have found them to be so helpful in creating a restored auric field and comprehension of spiritual downloading of information. Now it is my easiest go to for restoration and healing. I use them when travelling also. I really hope you all enjoy these grids as much as I’m enjoying them and creating them for all of you. Much peace and big love”.