Our stories are stored memories. We repeat, re-enact and generate internal dialogue for them. Trying to reshape ourselves into a version that works better, is more appealing, more successful. The list of more can be never ending. It comes to my attention lately, the phrase of: it’s the journey not the destination. It used to mean something so different. Old stories would have me focusing on aspects like remembering to smell the roses along the way, but I would wonder where to? Different pressures would distract or confuse how to remain present, how to not be swept away. How to get out of my head and the repeat.

These days, it seems the journey not the destination has lost its cheesy-ness or perhaps I’m better at dancing with my inner cynic. Either way, the tone of this message is now freed from stories. Past stored memories that trying consciously to address or heal or correct or view as unique and desirable are therefore not needing correction. Aiding me in dancing through this idea of the journey. Theses stories, these old memories that work to dictate in the now, all just seem noisy. My priorities have shifted, in turn so has the view. Now defining the journey includes no story. No need to have answers. No need to push. No repeats. My knowing listens to what is my nature, how does it work best, what supports it the most? Where does it feel good, content, lush in peace of mind?

So much of my personal healing has been about the stories, all in the beginning relevant and helpful. Over time became a burden. A reminder of what hurt. Releasing the need for stories, lead me on a journey defined in a simple thought.

‘The journey is not the destination: Is about the understanding that once you get the inspiration, you still have to be present for decisions. Decisions equal focusing on the journey. The inspiration is not a guarantee’.

As always working on changing the game, in service and for safe passage.




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